The GraceGuru edit is about sharing the things that I love, some things that I learn, my experience of life, food, travel, fashion, things that helped me to change my life and still do today, happy and fun moments, the beauty of the world, cool experiences and touching moments.

I am a spiritual coach, trained at the world-renowned consciousness and meditation school for transforming human kind – the O&O Academy in India.

I believe in sharing and the energy that we give out will come back to us! But most important is that it makes me feel really amazing when I am able to share with you the good stuff and help you to make changes in your life and to make your life better, if I can!

“I believe that sharing and helping others, gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction, helps us to live longer, happier, with joy and love in our hearts”

Everything you read is 100% from my heart and soul, something that I toughly believe and love!

You can also help me to grow and please feel free to share your thoughts, experience, comments, opinions and your tips with me and my fans! We are all here to help each other and to make our life incredible and amazing! Always expect the best of the best!

With all my love & light,

Anna Grace – Davidson