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Grace Guru is all about sharing inspiration towards a healthier lifestyle, mindfulness and spiritual growth! We are now welcoming submissions from guest bloggers so our community can grow and allow other bloggers the chance to share their opinions and experiences of their #gracegurulifestyle!

We would love your thoughts (800-1000words max) on the following topics:

  1. Healthy Eating
    • Vegan/vegetarian lifestyle or recipes
    • Experiences of gluten-free/diary free and recipes
    • Organic or raw food diets
    • Natural teas, detoxes and cleanses
  2. Spiritual Growth
    • Mindfulness (opinions of/benefits/experiences)
    • Meditation practices
    • Secrets of a positive lifestyle/experiences to achieving more happiness
    • Mindset to success, law of attraction, positive affirmation etc.
    • Self importance, self love
    • Yoga, nature, outdoors
    • Creating a calming environment

If you would like to have one of your articles posted onto please follow these guidelines:

  • Please email your article to under the subject of ‘GUEST BLOG’ as an attached in a word document format.
  • Express your own original opinion or experience on your chosen topic, with a unique angle rather than regenerating content.
  • You must include a landscape featured image – and we would advise including visual content throughout your article as this will attract the most attention.
  • Include subheadings/bullet points etc. to break up the article and make it easy for the reader to identify your call to action.
  • Include a strong introduction to capture the audiences attention.
  • Include a short author bio at the end of your article – no more than 140 characters addressing yourself etc. for example (This article was written by Grace Guru, a yoga and mindfulness enthusiast who also owns
  • Do not include any affiliate links in your article.
  • Please include at least one link to an article already published on, and please do not include more than three links in the content and byline.
  • You can include a link to your own content in your post (i.e. in the bio or within the article).
  • But the post will belong to, it will be fully credited to you as the author but cannot be republished anywhere else to protect from duplicate content issues.

We are looking forward to reading your articles and growing our community!

With Love,

The Grace Guru Team