BOOK REVIEW: “Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” – Robin Sharma

Reading Robin Sharma’s “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” is like sitting at the feet of a guru and imbibing timeless and precious wisdom. It places you among a select few living wholesomely – enjoying life in all its facets.

Who is Robin Sharma?

He is an international best-selling author and motivational speaker whose writings and speeches have given readers and listeners the impetus to start again and achieve crucial life goals. So successful is Sharma in his career that his writings have been translated into over 70 languages and published in about 60 nations globally.

Why “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari”?

This book contains 101 motivational, challenging and practical lessons that will forever change your attitude towards life, people, parenting, careers and spirituality. Actually, the alternative title for the text is, “Who will cry when your die?”

Forgetting The Essence Of Life

From the very onset, Sharma asserts, “We live in an age when we have forgotten what life is all about.” Do you ever make money yet not enjoy spending it because you have too many struggles and worries? Have you ever wondered how you can balance your career, family, personal goals and community responsibility? This book was written for you.

Short Snippets Of Practicable Wisdom

Unlike many mundane and abstract ‘motivational’ books, “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” contains short chapters (between one to three pages each). They include: Discover Your Calling, Keep a Journal, Don’t Pick Up the Phone Every Time It Rings, Model a Child, Learn to Be Silent, Get Up Early, Always Carry a Book with You, See Your Children as Gifts, Build a Library of Heroic Books, Drink Fresh Fruit Juice, Find Three Great Friends and Plant a Tree.

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