Tips For Practicing Mindfulness!

n my previous article, I have described, ” What is Mindfulness? “ ( and how good and bifacial it is for us to be mindfully aware of our lives and ourselves. So if you have… View Post

At Home With The Aadneviks!

Fashion phenomena Kristian and Hila Aadnevik invited me to spend the day with them to discuss all things stylish and spiritual! Creators of one of London’s hottest and edgiest womenswear labels, the Aadneviks have collaborated with… View Post

Do You Need Spiritual Help?

We live in a world full of activities. Every day has its own struggles, joys and sorrows. Sometimes we win; other moments are spent agonising over defeat. In all these things, there is one aspect… View Post

Yoga Can Heal Your Body!

Annually, millions of dollars are spent by people seeking medical assistance. But did you know that yoga can heal your body? It is ironical that one can go to all lengths to find treatment, while… View Post

How To Create A Good Karma

Karma is a never failing universal principle that rewards us for good deeds and punishes us for bad ones. Perhaps ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ are not accurate terms here. Let me put it in different terms.… View Post

What Are Chakras?

In Sanskrit the word “Chakra” means a disk or wheel. Chakra basically refers to wheels of energy that are located in your body. Ayurveda and meditation hold that there are seven key chakras that are… View Post

Are Our Minds Connected!?

We live in a world that we know very little about. How dare I say that? Haven’t we landed on the moon and discovered many other planets and heavenly bodies? We know virtually every animal… View Post

Can God Hear Our Prayers?

Billions of people on earth pay homage to one Supreme Being or the other. This devotion to the unseen is manifested both at individual and collective levels. Think about the temples, churches, shrines and different… View Post