How To Be A Conscious Leader

In leadership, every guru has his or her own approach and readers and students often end up confused as to who is telling the truth. The fact is that the best leadership approach is the… View Post

At Home With The Aadneviks!

Fashion phenomena Kristian and Hila Aadnevik invited me to spend the day with them to discuss all things stylish and spiritual! Creators of one of London’s hottest and edgiest womenswear labels, the Aadneviks have collaborated with… View Post

Stars Celebrate The Launch Of!

Image: Anna Grace – Davidson, Brix Smith Start, Yasmin Mills and Lisa Snowdon Wednesday 17th June 2015: Launch Wednesday afternoon was sure one to remember! Celebrating in style I launched my new online lifestyle… View Post

How To Make Decisions

In life you cannot avoid to make decisions. We are rational beings, with freedom of choice, which we must utilise countless times in a day. Many factors come into play when making decisions, and this… View Post