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If you are a believer in cosmic energy, you need to visit Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland. For the uninitiated, the world is said to have seven energy plexus. People travel to Wawel Castle because it is one of those points on earth which radiate positive energy. Allow me to give you a background to universal energy plexus and to take you through the story of Wawel Castle. This will be important if I am to convince you to make a pilgrimage to this very significant place on earth.

What Are Energy Points?

I will begin by giving you an alternative term to energy pints or nexus – chakras. Legend has it that the globe has seven energy points located in Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, Delphi (Greece), Delhi, Velehrad (Czech Republic) and Wawel Hill, which is the subject of this article. Lord Shiva is said to have scattered seven energy rocks or stones which landed in those seven areas. Wawel Castle is said to contain the seventh chakra.


Electromagnetic Field Or Space Travel Concept

Those who understand the importance of chakras travel to all the seven points where they experience magical powers and rejuvenation. For some reasons, Wawel Castle is the least known and understood of these. However, this does not mean that it has less energy or significance. Spiritual experts associate this chakra with life generation and passion. Wawel Castle dates back to the time when history was not recorded.

Background Of Wawel Castle


Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland 

Before we delve deeper into the important issue of how to identify the energy spot at the Wawel Castle, let us get some history of the castle. This important structure is also a Cathedral and is an outcrop on the Vistula River. It occupies about 15 acres of rocky limestone. Wawel Hill is the place where it was deemed fit to construct a fort on the Vistula plain. It is estimated that Wawel Hill has had human inhabitants for over 50,000 years now.

Wawel Castle has had different occupants since the 8th century when it was a tribal headquarters. From the 8th century, the castle became the home of royalty. In addition, all the bishops of the city of Krakow lived in the castle. More significantly, when the Polish people decided to make Krakow their capital, they started to anoint and bury their kings inside the Wawel Cathedral.

The current cathedral is the third one, the previous too having been demolished or modified. Work on the present structure began in 1320 and ended in 1364. To their credit the Poles have maintained the structure in almost the same form. However, the baroque and Renaissance chapels were constructed later to complement the original edifice.

Did You Know?

Pope John Paul II (or Karol Wojtyla) was a native Pole who conducted his first mass inside the Wawel Cathedral’s crypt in 1946? He later became the Archbishop of Krakow and as tradition would have it, became the head of the Wawel Cathedral. From that time, it took him a decade and a half to become the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the world. It is possible that he owed his strength and charisma to the energy radiating from the castle.

Benedict XVI – ‘John Paul II

What To See At The Wawel Cathedral

Keen travellers and tourists will find a lot of interesting features at this important spiritual site. To begin with, there are eighteen chapels inside the cathedral. Each has its share of religious heritage dating back to the pagan era. Most of these chapels were built by renowned architects of the time. Moreover, some of them are actually tombs of different kings of the past.

Many tourists are quick to notice the façade of the golden dome of the Sigismund Chapel. This is what many consider to be the most refined Renaissance worship place in the areas on the upper side of the Alps. If you love art, you will be mesmerised by the stuccos, sculptures and paintings inside this dome. These artworks are attributed to famous architects of the time. This chapel is a marvellous work of artistic ingenuity.

As you tour Wawel Cathedral you will notice the St. Stanislav’s mausoleum. He is the patron saint of Poland. This is also the resting place of King Boleslav II who was a Krakow bishop that was killed in the 11th century by King Boleslav II. The clergyman’s coffin is decorated with a dozen exceptional reliefs taken from his days as a priest and also the miracles that took place when his name was invoked after he had died. While the bishop’s tomb is made of silver, his successors’ resting places are made of marble and are placed next to their predecessor’s.


Krakow – Poland’s Historic Centre

You will also be surprised to know that Wawel Cathedral remained the resting place of the rulers of Poland even after it was decided that the national capital would be in Warsaw. Out of 45 kings, 41 were buried in tombs that are found in the chapel. Poland did not stop its tradition of burying its heroes at the Wawel Cathedral even after becoming a modern nation. Here you will find the tombs of national greats like poets and freedom fighters whose remains were interred in the 19th century.

Another important feature that awaits you as you visit the cathedral is the museum. There is also a library and archives. Don’t forget to visit the Sigismund Tower and the Sigismund Bell which became operational in 1520. This bell is tolled when there are solemn occasions like when Pope John Paul II died in 2005.

Magical Energy

It is evident that there is some magical energy in this location. The activities that have taken place in the cathedral for so many years indicate that this is an extraordinary place. While common Poles may consider Wawel Castle a great part of their heritage, followers of lord Shiva prefer to see it as the dwelling place of the seventh chakra. The latter claim that there is verifiable evidence that this place has mystical power and divine energy, which that radiate to all who visit the chapel. Lord Shiva is considered the transformer and this energy point is meant to give people vitality to live better lives.

It is no wonder that pagan worship was practiced on Wawel Hill a long time ago. Worshippers sacrificed to idols and engaged in pagan mythology along River Vistula. The fact that the castle later became a religious centre for Catholics is evidence of the magnetic nature of the place. This is attributed to the seventh chakra that many, even tour guides at the site, are unaware of.


Royal Castle On Wawelu.Poland

Is The Chakra In The Entire castle?

No. As we observed earlier, the seven energy stones were scattered all over the world and one fell at Wawel Castle. The real chakra is found in the Castle which is in the courtyard on the eastern side. Remember, you will not see the energy but you will feel it. It is located in the depths of the earth from where it radiates towards the surface.

Challenges Posed By Other Religious Beliefs

As you travel to Poland to visit the seventh chakra, you need to remember that not everybody shares these beliefs. In fact, there are very many Poles that have no idea about the chakra in their land. You need to appreciate the Catholic and Christian background of Wawel Hill and the Cathedral. Not many people will share in your excitement and desire to find energy in this place. Even when you think you have evidence of the manifestation of chakra, people may consider you a lunatic of some sort.

Screen shot 2015-09-11 at 19.02.25

In Eastern Europe, a religion that does not correspond to Roman Catholicism is not highly regarded. Unlike other parts of the world where Catholics have incorporated the mysticism and relics of local religions, Catholicism in Eastern Europe is still the orthodox variety. The fact that majority of the citizens of these countries are Catholics makes it even harder for them to understand chakras.

This combination of factors may make your experience unpleasant especially if you engage locals in discussions about the seventh chakra which is supposed to be in their land. Anything you say that is not connected to the religious beliefs they are used to will be greeted with sarcasm and skepticism. Others may even refuse bluntly to discuss anything like chakras with you.

Know Your Mission

During your visit, ensure you enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of Wawel Hill. As you imbibe the rejuvenating energy of the seventh chakra, do not bother so much with what the hosts or other tourists say. Remember what has brought you to Wawel Castle is to enjoy the energy that emanates from deep down the earth. All other issues should be relegated to the periphery.

When all is said and done, you will do yourself a big favour if you take this important pilgrimage to the place where lord Shiva placed the seventh energy stone. You will return home energised and also having visited a place whose significance only few people understand.

Wawel hill at night

Wawel Hill At Night

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



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