Avo.. Avocado!

I know what everyone is thinking…avocados have high fat content! However what a lot of people do not understand is that it is a healthy fat that helps you lower bad LDL cholesterol without affecting good HDL fats.

Avacados are rich in minerals and have nearly 20 vitamins like C, K, B6, pantothetic acid , niacin, folate, potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese!

They have the highest fibre content of all fruits too!

Did you know!?…

If you eat a high fibre diet, you have lower risk to get coronary heart disease, as avocado’s support the heart and blood vessels, its anti-inflammatory, regulates blood sugar, lowers the risk of getting Incidence or Type 2 Diabetes and the best of all it has Anti Cancer Benefits!!. Aha?!

Warning: Don’t over eat it though!

Check out one of my favourite recipes:

Avocado and zucchini soup with cucumber salza! …enjoy!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



How Kind Are You?

We live in a world where good and bad exist side-by-side. None of us are immune to misfortune. All of us would love to live a stress-free life, but this is the exception rather than the rule. At any one time, there are millions of people who are agonising over one problem or the other. When you meet anybody anytime, remember they are facing a battle and kindness from you will help!

But there is a question that you need to ask yourself “are you giving enough kindness?” Let us begin by emphasising that we all need kindness. As human beings, we cannot live alone, especially when misfortune strikes. Sooner or later, you will need people who can bring cheer into your life. For this reason, you need to start being kind to others.

Think of the orphaned child who does not know what the future will bring. While you are thinking about the delayed promotion at work, there is a child that has a bleak future unless you intervene with kindness. Remember that child that will never enjoy the warmth of a mother’s touch or her comforting words during scary moments.

The person you sit next to in the plane or train may be undergoing the stress and agony that accompanies divorce. After years of living together with another person and believing in ‘happily ever after’ sad reality suddenly dawns. That women or man could be a parent that does not understand what will happen to their children after divorce. Are you being kind enough to them?

Despite advanced medicine, we are witnessing more chronic and deadly diseases than ever before. There are countless people suffering from the physical and psychological effects of being HIV positive. Many of them have been rejected by their families and friends. They are regarded as outsiders. They are not welcome into social events as before. How kind are you to such people?

The cancer epidemic is devastating the world. The best medical care is unable to prevent people from contracting this dreaded illness. Somewhere in your neighbourhood, or in your family, there is someone undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy. The cost of these therapies and pertinent medicine is too high for some. Others have been transferred to hospices to spend their last days, secluded from society.

Is praying for them sufficient or you need to visit them and donate money or other materials for their treatment?


Recently, the world witnessed the unfortunate incident of a journalist in Eastern Europe who, instead of helping a refugee and his son to reach their intended destination safely, stuck out her leg and floored the poor guy and his son. How is that for kindness? We have become so callous that the suffering of other people fills some of us with joy. But how different are we from the camera lady?

We condemn refugees fleeing war in the Middle East without bothering to understand their predicaments?

 Are you giving enough kindness to your spouse or partner? This person expects you to understand them more than anybody else. They go to work and come home tired. They want to have a tasty meal and have a peaceful evening. It is possible that this person had a bad day at work. Some have quarreled with their bosses and workmates. Others messed up important processes and have been warned. What does such a person expect when they arrive home? A querulous partner? A demanding and nagging spouse?

Some parents are also not kind to their children. Not all children will bring excellent grades all the time. Sometimes the grades will fluctuate. Unfortunately, some parents are harsh and even violent to children who seem not to perform well in school. Quarrelling the child and threatening them will only worsen the situation. This child needs a parent who will listen and understand. After all, if someone went behind the scene and checked your performance at the same grade as your child, you may have no moral authority to question their performance!

There are many examples that one can cite of situations when you need to exercise more kindness. Always remember that you can be the person in need of kindness in the examples we have cited. It is for your own good that you learn to be kind to other people, whether you know them or you don’t. You may ignore that old man who cannot cross the road by himself, but sooner or later, you will be in a similar position.

Need I remind you that karma is a bitch?


Cultivate kindness while remembering that the universe is one. We are interconnected. No one is independent of the other. Fate and destiny are real. Whatever good or evil you do to others will eventually come back to you. You have a free will but you must exercise it in doing good to others. Our life on earth is transient. Today you are here but tomorrow you will be gone. Do good such that those who remain will have a good reason to remember you.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to exercise kindness that impacts others powerfully. Kindness can become an effortless attitude when you begin to embrace it. Find people in your family, neighborhood and society who need your help. Some of the items you don’t need any more could be precious to others. That sweet and comforting speech you are keeping in your heart could gladden the heart of another person.

Cultivate kindness while remembering that the universe is one. We are interconnected. No one is independent of the other. Fate and destiny are real. Whatever good or evil you do to others will eventually come back to you. You have a free will but you must exercise it in doing good to others. Our life on earth is transient. Today you are here but tomorrow you will be gone. Do good such that those who remain will have a good reason to remember you.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to exercise kindness that impacts others powerfully. Kindness can become an effortless attitude when you begin to embrace it. Find people in your family, neighborhood and society who need your help. Some of the items you don’t need any more could be precious to others. That sweet and comforting speech you are keeping in your heart could gladden the heart of another person.

Whatever you do, endeavour to be kinder through you actions and words, for your kindness will come back to you in equal measure when you need it most, and that could be soon.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



The Importance Of Letting Go

The marvels and limitations of the material world can serve as a motivating factor or a hindrance to the realisation of your dreams. Depending on your experiences, you might be tempted to think that you will never make it or, alternatively, that you have the power to achieve anything you want. Where exactly do you stand?

One fact of life is that we are limited. However, there exists another greater and infinite power that can help us deal with our weaknesses. It is a personal choice, therefore, whether to sit and whine about your troubles, or to unite with the higher power to achieve your dreams.

Picture These Scenarios…

How many people do you know who always find a reason why they cannot take on a certain challenge? “I can’t finish this course because I don’t have money.” “I can’t travel to Bali because I don’t have money.” Or “If only I had been born in a rich family…” You’ve heard such statements, or even made them, for so long that they now sound like clichés. Unfortunately, what you affirm with your mouth repeatedly eventually becomes true. Now you know why you cannot make it through a problem or a challenge once your brain tells your heart that it is not possible.

Business man showing his empty pockets

Limiting Divine Power

Apart from those who call themselves atheists, most of us belief in a Divine Being. We all have names for this infinite power. Some call it God while others prefer to use the term Supreme Being. I mentioned this already in my article about Prayers (can we add a link here to the prayers article?)Whichever name you prefer, you acknowledge that there is a higher power that influences and controls your life.

I will call this power God for the purpose of this article. I want to suggest to you that God not only has power over the universe but can also give you part of this power to overcome your limitations. There is a catch, though. It is possible for you to limit what God can do for you through the restrictions you place on yourself.

Most of these limitations are in your mind. In most cases they are created and nurtured through repeated negatives experiences, negative affirmations and erroneous beliefs. For example, if you were taught, directly or indirectly, that you are weak and incapable of rising above your troubles, you are most likely going to remain in the same situation until and unless you acknowledge that God can give you the strength to overcome your challenges.

girl thinking

How Exactly Does It Work?

Divine power is unlimited energy that created everything you see and know. It works in unseen ways in your life to provide you with the things you really need. Remember there is a difference between needs and wants. In out finite wisdom we sometimes confuse needs and wants but God does not.

God brings into your path the persons, situations, places and scenarios which are meant to transform your life for the better. Unfortunately, owing to your limited thinking and predetermined expectations you fail to see these signs of fortune even when they are placed before your eyes. You fail to notice coincidences and obvious signs that can lead to unbound universal blessings.


Trust Is The Key

I do not blame you if you think the ways of God are too complex to comprehend. After all you are used to visible things. You see first and believe later. You have no ability to see the future and you, therefore, cannot see the blessings Divinity has placed before you in the days to come.

That is why you need to have trust. You must believe that even though you cannot see it, God is opening your way and preparing abundance before you. You must let go your feelings and beliefs of inadequacy and allow God to illuminate your path. By surrendering yourself to Divine presence you will attract countless benefits. You will also become a conduit for many to reach out to God seeing how your life has been transformed.

Free From Limitations

It’s never too late to free yourself from negative feelings and thought and reconnect with divinity. Let go your weak will and begin to live from your soul. Only then will God release unfathomable blessings that were created for you in particular. Take heart because you don’t have to make animal sacrifices or pay millions of dollars to reach this ideal.

All you need to do is to create a positive affirmation on your desire to receive from God while also expressing your trust in the life set out for you. Write down the affirmation in a present time.


“Self-love helps me make positive changes easily.”

“Money is a state of mind that supports me. I allow prosperity to enter my life on a higher level then ever before.”

“My partner is the love of my life. We adore each other.”

(affirmations by Louise L. Hay)

Read it loudly every day after waking up and before going to bed, while you are still a bit sleepy. Now that you have kindled the fire, listen and watch keenly as you will get clues and hints from all directions on which direction you should take to change your life for the better.



  1. The life you are living today may not be what you have always wanted but it can change if you so desire.
  2. Although there are many reasons to be despondent in life, you have the ability change your situation.
  3. The many negative things you affirm to yourself eventually become reality. Be every careful what you believe and say about yourself – it will always come true.
  4. We have been taught and socialized into some ways of thinking that are limiting and this needs to change if we are to have fulfilling lives.
  5. It requires great effort to change your thinking and philosophy after many years of subscribing to negativity, but you have no choice if you must desire a better life.
  6. Divine Power or God created the universe and continues to sustain it. This is the power that is available for you to tap into and change your life.
  7. When we believe we cannot accomplish some things and that our fates are sealed, we limit the power of God to change our lives.
  8. Only through trust in Divine Power and its willingness to transform our lives can we transcend our limitations and achieve unimaginable things.
  9. You need to let go your feelings and thoughts of inadequacy and open yourself to the spiritual world where Divine Power will guide you through daily challenges.

Create a positive affirmation about your life and see how God will release his power and providence everyday into your life. Recite the affirmation every day.


With love,

Your Grace Guru



Balance Your Hormones Naturally!

The human body is a complex system. A lot of activities and changes happen every second in your body. If you were to feel and react to all of them, you would be a very miserable human being. One of most fascinating aspects of our bodies is the functioning of hormones.

I know women who would rather not discuss hormones. I am talking about women in reproductive ages who experience painful cramps and mood swings among other complications. There are also those who endure night sweats, weight gain, hot flushes and mood swings when in the premenopausal stage. In the first case, experts explain that these are symptoms of PMS or premenstrual syndrome. The painful symptoms results from imbalances in the levels of progesterone and oestrogen.

Now you understand why Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is popular with women. The fascination with HRT owes to the fact that you don’t want to experience pain when you can control or avoid it. It does not matter that this pain may be as a result of natural biological processes. If it can be controlled, then you will go to all lengths to do so. You must understand also that no woman wants to spend painful days away from work and the public.

A Natural Method?

It is important to understand that women often spend a lot of money buying various medicines to ease the pain occasioned by natural reactions of various hormones. This is not only applicable in PMS. Even women in menopause are forced to invest in HRT to make sure their levels of progesterone, oestrogen or testosterone are optimal.

However, HRT has proved to be not only expensive but also detrimental to many women. In essence, while it helps to effectively manage painful symptoms, these benefits cannot compensate for the repercussions. This is evident from recent studies involving HRT drugs. Consequently, you may be asking whether there are natural ways of balancing your hormones without causing you so much pain.

How About Bio-Identical Hormones?

These are hormones that are manufactured in labs and which have the same molecular structure as natural hormones secreted in your body. Bio-identical hormones are made from yams and soy extracts. Although they are gaining popularity there is no scientific evidence to suggest they are better than conventional HRT.

Natural Therapies For Hormone Replacement

If HRT works for you and you have no other method of dealing with painful PMS or menopausal symptoms, do not discard it. However, there is strong and tried evidence that an Ayurvedic approach can rebalance your hormones and reduce or eliminate your need for pharmaceutical therapies such as HRT.

According to this approach, instead of dealing with the symptoms only, you need to address the underlying causes of your PMS or menopausal pain. In fact, your pain presents an opportunity for you to deal with spiritual and life implications, even as you transition from one physiological stage to the other.

A Strategy For Balancing Your Hormones Naturally:

  1. Eating foods rich in indole-3-carbinol (I3C), particularly broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels and kohlrabi. Once these foods are metabolised they produce dindolylmethane (DIM), which helps to regulate oestrogen and also fights breast cancer.

Assortment of cabbages

  1. Eating foods with phytoestrogens such as flax and sunflower seeds, soy products, legumes and bean sprouts. Phytoestrogens are effective in balancing hormones in your body naturally.
  1. Making use of herbal medicine:, an Ayurvedic herb, for example, is very effective in dealing with the moods swings and irritability caused by PMS as well as the hot flashes of menopause. You can also use herbal therapies to overcome other psychological and physical symptoms of these stages. It is important, though, to consult and expert before adopting herbal therapies for your health complications.

Herbal Medicine

  1. Managing your weight: When your body has healthy weight it will not overproduce oestrogen. This happens especially when surplus adipose tissue plays the role of an endocrine gland.
  1. Practice deep breathing: You can ease the effects of night sweats and hot flashes and enhance your general wellbeing by engaging in about 15 minutes of breathing from your belly. This method has been proved to work through clinical trials.

Woman breathing deep fresh air in the morning sunrise

  1. Practice meditation: Train yourself to perform primordial sound mediation and other techniques that calm the mind as this will lessen stress hormones and make your body to work in a more efficient manner.

Business Woman Doing Yoga Lotus Position Outside Office Building

If HRT has not worked for you it is time to adopt natural therapies. This applies also to everybody else who feels that HRT is not safe in the long run. Check your diet, engage in physical activity, manage stress and consult your physician regularly as this will help to balance your hormones naturally and with little expense.

At a glance:

  1. Hormone Replacement Therapy has been used for many years to deal with hormonal imbalances in menopausal and PMS women for many years.
  2. The pains and inconveniences experienced by women during these crucial stages in their lives necessitate drastic measures.
  3. HRT is used to balance the levels of progesterone, oestrogen or testosterone in your body and thus bring relief to your body.
  4. However, HRT has been proved to cause more pain than the relief it brings to some women. You are better off with an alternative therapy if you experience more pain than reprieve.
  5. The search for a natural strategy to balance your hormones is informed by the harmful side effects of HRT and the belief that a natural approach would bear more effective results.
  6. Bio-identical hormones have been fronted as a solution because of the manner in which they are manufactured and how they affect natural body hormones, but their effectiveness is comparable to that of HRT.
  7. Ayurvedic approach is holistic and advocates for physical, spiritual and physiological wellbeing by addressing the causes of PMS and menstrual symptoms.
  8. It advocates for eating foods phytoestrogens and indole-3-carbinol which are known to balance hormones in your body.
  9. You can also manage PMS and menstrual symptoms easily by maintaining healthy body weight and practicing deep breathing.
  10. Herbal therapies and meditation are also proven strategies for balancing your body hormones, with the later helping to deal with stress.


With love,

Your Grace Guru




The Importance Of Getting Your 8 Hours!

I am sure you already know all that stuff about how important sleep is for your health? But I think a little reminder is always good!

Its not a secret, that if you like to feel much more harmonised, happy and balanced, to be energised and to loose some extra weight in a quick period of time but on a regular basis! The only thing you need to do is to get a solid average 8 hour sleep everyday! You can schedule a short afternoon nap too if your like me and love your sleep! There is even more to come from having an amazing sleep – you can regulate your hormones, metabolism and make all your organs work much more productively with an extra bonus of boosting your immunity and be in a good mood!

When we sleep our brain and organs help to heal itself, as well as the cell reproduction, regeneration and even production of immune cells reach their highest point! A Healthy brain needs a good sleep!

All the busy bees work so hard during the week and sleep of an average 6 1/2 hours thinking they can really catch up during the weekends? One mistake is that during the weekend we go out and end up going to sleep even later then during the week, if you drink some alcohol, it will kill your sleep even more!
Yes it is true we fall a sleep very fast but during the night we wake up a lot and its not that long deep restful sleep what we like to call it! So catching up during weekend does not count, you need a regular everyday sleep!

Drinking lots of espressos and caffeine during the day will not fix it or improve your energy! I love coffee and the taste of espresso, but not because I need to wake up, well most of the time not, we all have the odd day!

If you don’t sleep enough it will just make you feel so overwhelmed with everything, sluggish, irritable, depressed and you will be overweight as your appetite will be increased and so the food intake increases! Why?! Because if you don’t get enough sleep cortisone and Ghrelin (this is the hormone that increases appetite) are going to be rapidly producing. Yep! This is the truth, i know you all didn’t want to hear it but here it is! so just in case….from cortisone we gain weight! Just in case if you didn’t hear that before haha?

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Crazy For Coconut Oil!

Like Chia Seeds and Baobab Powder, Coconut is the new Superfood product to be discovered that all of a sudden became so popular! It has always been there, but somehow we “green” people in Europe didn’t know anything about it! Or is it just me feeling that way?!

Coconut oil is perhaps one of the most undervalued food items! Considering its high nutritional value and the many ways in which it can be harnessed for our benefit, Coconut oil consists of a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medical properties!

Here are several of the many benefits of coconut oil which will leave you wondering why you never tired it before – Not only in the kitchen but you can also use the oil for your beauty benefits!

Did you know, that in 1970s, the oil started to become popular in western countries like the United States and Canada? However, there were western competitors that wanted to see their corn and soy oil businesses succeed, so created a strong propaganda campaign against coconut oil – How dare they!!!

Because of it’s highly saturated fat content, the amazing coconut oil was considered harmful to the human body, until lately when people finally began to question the case of the lies.

Luckily tropical people in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines etc., have used it for centuries!

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 16.06.24

There are many benefits of coconut oil that will leave you wondering why you never tried it before – and not only in the kitchen! Here are some ways the super duper coconut oil works and is beneficial for your body!

  1. Fatty Acids With Healing Properties

You may have been told that saturated fat is harmful to your health but recent developments prove otherwise. Coconut oil consists of 90% saturated fat – the beneficial Medium Chain Triglyceride. Moreover, most of these fats help produce energy quickly as they are absorbed straight into the liver from the digestive system. This also implies that coconut oil can treat complications such as Alzheimer’s because it aids healing in the brain.

  1. Coconut Oil Improves Our General Well-Being

Did you know that some of the healthiest people on earth are those whose diet consists mostly of coconut oil? The world’s best eaters of coconut oil are found in the South Pacific and they derive about 60% of their daily calorie requirements from coconut oil alone. The consumption of a lot of saturated oil is the reason why these people rarely experience heart disease and are, in most cases, at optimal health.

  1. Looking To Burn More Body Fat?

Billions of people around the world are fighting obesity. Millions flock to gyms and others engage in fancy diets to ward off extra weight. Well, coconut oil may be the solution you have been looking for! The amazing thing about coconut oil is that it increases your energy expenditure because of the medium-chain triglycerides in it. In essence you stand to lose more weight naturally following sustained used of coconut oil.

  1. Protection From Infections

Coconut oil contains Lauric Acid which is very effective in destroying viruses, yeast, bacteria and fungi in the body. Using coconut oil will help keep infections at bay, thus saving you a lot of time and money that is utilised while seeking medication and recuperating from common and chronic infections.

  1. Control Hunger Pangs

The reason many people cannot overcome their weight problem is down to an uncontrolled appetite. When you eat coconut oil, it takes more time before you feel hungry as the fatty acids in the oil are metabolised over a long period of time. This implies that you will not feel hungry as often and you will, consequently, eat less. In essence, you will enjoy all the other benefits of coconut oil while losing weight effortlessly…

  1. Help Reduce Seizures

Epilepsy is a worrying condition especially in children. One of the recommended approaches to overcoming this condition is to eat what is called a ketogenic diet. When the amount of ketones in the body is increased, the number and occurrences of seizures are reduced drastically. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which in turn contain a lot of ketones. This helps to reduce seizures especially among children whose epilepsy is not amenable to conventional medication.


Do you want to know even more……

I strongly recommended! Coconut Oil can help the following:

Act as a Stress relief, try to apply coconut oil to the head by a gentle massage, this helps to reduce mental fatigue.

Research has suggested that coconut oil reduces viral susceptibility for HIV and Cancer patients.

If you are a woman and are likely to have osteoporosis after middle age, then coconut oil is for you! It helps our body to absorb important minerals. These include calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for the development of Bones. Now that we know coconut oil assists the absorption of calcium into the body, it makes sense that it can help to grow strong Teeth.

Coconut Oil helps in preventing gall bladder and kidney diseases and it can even help to dissolve kidney stones as well!

If you are an athlete, body builder or on a diet – use the oil! –  it contains less calories than any other oil! Coconut Oil content transforms into energy, it does not settle and create problems around the heart and arteries.


With love,

Your Grace Guru



BOOK REVIEW: “A New Earth, Create A Better Life” – Eckhart Tolle

In 2008 Oprah Winfrey declared Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth: Create a Better Life” her club book for that year. For Winfrey to make such a proclamation, this text must have impacted her life profoundly. As a consequence, millions of her followers and other individuals bought this book and forever changed their philosophies about themselves for the better.

The Purpose

In the author’s own words, “The purpose of this book is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to convince you of anything, but to bring a shift in consciousness, that is to say, to awaken.” He adds, “This book is about you.”

What Will You Gain From Reading “A New Earth: Create a Better Life”?

One of the greatest benefits you will derive from this text is a profound understanding of your ego and why, untamed, it is the greatest source of human suffering and distress. If you are not the religious type, you need not worry because this is not a religious treatise. “A New Earth: Create a Better Life” is the reflections of a very knowledgeable author on the human psyche. Did you know that real happiness is found in immaterial – not material – things?

This book will broaden your perspective and give you nobler motives. The author posits, “Instead of seeing yourself as a famous actor and writer and so on, see yourself inspiring countless people with your work and enriching their lives.”

This was not Tolle’s first book but actually a sequel to another bestseller – “The Power of Now.”  Unlike in his previous work, Tolle adopts a narrative style in ” A New Earth” in order to bring you closer to him and to better share his experiences. In essence, the book is easy to read because you and the writer seem to be in a kind of story-telling session.

Get a copy today!

Are you perplexed by some of the things happening to you and are looking for answers? Are you almost giving up in life? Do you want to understand who you really are and then take control of your life? Get a copy of “A New Earth: Create a Better Life” and you will begin to look at life differently and get some of the solutions you crave so much.

With love,

Your Grace Guru