What is Quantum Physics?

Quantum physics (or as some choose to call it, Quantum Mechanics) is  a branch of physics concerned with the way energy and matter behave, particularly in relation to molecules and atoms as well as nuclear and other smaller levels of matter.

Physicists themselves have described it as an impossible science because it defies conventional knowledge of cause and effect and relies heavily on probability. It has been described as the science of the ‘very small’.

It revolves around the idea of isolating objects from the surroundings and attempting to study such objects. Now that some objects are too big to be removed from their environments and analysed, quantum science takes place in the world of atoms, molecules and other microscopic elements.

This line of physics became of concern to scientists when it was established that the laws that dictate how larger objects operate do not apply in the same way where microscopic objects are concerned.

A concept image of a woman's spirit drifting from her body and floating towards a light.

The word ‘quantum’ refers to quantity and is derived from the Latin language. In quantum physics, matter and energy can be broken up into discrete units which are not only observed but also predicted. Indeed, everything that exists can be studied in quantum physics. For example, even though one cannot see time and space, quantum physics studies and describes them.

Brief History Of Quantum Physics

Quantum physics has its roots in the early 20th Century when physicists discovered that at the macroscopic and microscopic levels, the laws that govern objects were different.  With time, scientists developed more precise methods of measuring matter, and that is when they began to observe unusual trends.

In terms of documentation, though, quantum physics is said to have been spawned by Max Planck who wrote a paper on the subject of black body radiation in 1900. Other experts who played significant roles in the development of this field of inquiry were Niels Bohr, Erwin Schroedinger, Warner Heisenberg and the renowned Albert Einstein.

It is important to note that while Albert Einstein is renowned for his ground-breaking and significant discoveries in science, he was opposed to the tenets of quantum physics. Einstein dedicated a lot of his time to experiments and discourse meant to discredit quantum physics. Credit to him; the proponents of this line of thought put in more research and came up with the discoveries we have today.

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The Uniqueness Of Quantum Physics

This field of physics holds that the moment you begin to observe something, you begin to influence the physical activities that take place around it. Waves and articles act in similar ways and may be confused for one another. The movement of matter happens even where there is no intervening space.

Moreover, transmission of information also occurs over infinite distances. The main discovery in quantum physics for most people is that the universe consists of sequences of probabilities.

Some Important Issues In Quantum Physics

It is true that many people find this field of study rather complex especially because of constant reference to unseen matters. For scientists, it may not be much of a problem to visualize the claims of quantum physics, especially because the right technology exists to measure the links between various phenomena.

However, for the general public, quantum physics must be explained in simpler terms if it is to be appreciated. Actually, this area of knowledge is somewhat complex and weird even for the physicists who study it, but this should not imply that it is entirely incomprehensible for those willing to grasp its gist. Here are some fundamental issues that underlie this field:

  1. Quantum Physics Revolves Around Waves And Particles

Matter has both particle and wave elements and the two natures are mutually existent. It sounds rather weird to have an object that is simultaneously a particle and a wave. In actual sense, quantum physics deals with an object that is not entirely a wave or a particle, but a combination of the two.

The basic unit of quantum physics has wavelength and frequency, thus sharing the characteristic of a wave. On the other hand, the same unit is countable and can be domesticated up to a certain level, which means it shares the elements of a particle. The moment one begins to understand the dual nature of the object of quantum physics; he or she is on the way to understanding what quantum physics is all about.

Elementary Particles series. Interplay of abstract fractal forms on the subject of nuclear physics, science and graphic design.

  1. It Is Distinct

The very nature of quantum physics implies that it is discrete. All models consist of measurable amounts. For example, light is measure with wavelengths and frequencies, all of which can be quantified. The energy contained in light is similarly quantified based on the wavelength and frequency of the respective light ray.

  1. It Is Probabilistic

It may sound contradictory or ironical (after learning that quantum physics is discrete) to realise that the same science is probabilistic. In essence, it is not possible to be certain of the outcome of an experiment when using a quantum system. There are many possible outcomes of an experiment and probability is applied when trying to establish the outcome of each attempt.

Even when finding the congruence between theory and practice, it is only through probability that the relationship can be inferred. The final outcome is arrived after carrying out several experiments over some time and trying to find out which one is closest to the expected outcome.

Probability is also applied when trying to conceptualise the existence of particles in multiple states. Any predictions are based on probability.  Before any calibrations that would lead to an outcome, the system in question is said to be in intermediate state. In essence, quantum physics is probabilistic in as far as outcomes are concerned.


  1. The Result Of Quantum Mechanics Are Not Tied To Prevailing Circumstances Only

According to quantum physicists, the result of experiments in this field is non-local. This means that respective results can depend on the characteristics of an object that is far removed from the object being measured. Moreover, one cannot explain these results using the same logic employed when explaining the movement of signals at the speed of light.

However, one should not misconstrue this to mean that one can transmit information at a rate that surpasses that of light. Some experiments were done in the attempt to employ non-locality of quantum mechanics to surpass the speed of light. As would be expected, these experiments did not succeed.

  1. In Most Cases, Quantum Physics Deals With ‘Smaller’ Objects

One of the unusual things about quantum physics is that whatever it predicts often goes against conventional experiences. The larger the object you study the lesser the effects. In essence, this field of study is concerned with minuscule objects, like particles and wavelengths, all of which diminish as the size of an object increases.

  1. It Is Real…

Many people, on coming into contact with the assertions of quantum physics, often assume this is an intangible issue – like magic. Simply because one cannot conceptualize waves and particles does not mean that they don’t exist. Similarly, the fact that quantum mechanics works in an almost invisible manner does not mean it is magic.

Quantum physics is ingrained in scientific thought and it supported by definite and infallible laws of nature.  Mathematical procedures and methods exist to support the claims of quantum physics. It is also true that human beings can study and exploit the teachings and principles of quantum, physics but this does not make the latter is magic or mysticism.


Application Of Quantum Physics

It is important to understand that quantum mechanics is not just an abstract kind of knowledge. It can and has been used in practical ways to develop technology and items that human beings use every day.  This is especially in the electronic and computer world, which is always in flux, thus implying that the quantum science is alive and necessary.

Some of its applications include LED lights, computer monitors, florescent bulbs, MRI scanners, bar-code scanners, semi-conductors, super-conductors, transistors, spectroscopy, digital cameras, fiber-optics, photocopiers, solar cells, DVDs and CDs. Further, it is estimated that developed countries derive 25% of their GDP from quantum science-related activities.

Not Yet Fully Understood

Interestingly, many physicists who have spent time researching on quantum science opine that no one has ever fully comprehended what this area of knowledge is all about. Indeed, Niels Bohr one said that unless one is shocked by quantum theory he or she is yet to understand it.

This assertion should be taken seriously considering Bohr was one of the scientists who first realized that unlike what classical theory had led many to believe, quantum physics was replete with chaos and murkiness, not precision. In other words, this is a field that requires greater inquiry and experiment before any plausible conclusions can be made.

That said, humanity continues to enjoy the marvels of quantum science. While one may not fully comprehend what exactly happens with particles and waves in matter, this does not prevent one from enjoying the benefits of such knowledge.


With Love,

Your Grace Guru





BOOK REVIEW: “Calm. Calm the Mind. Change the World” – Michael Acton Smith

The author Michael Acton Smith has been cited by some magazines and organisations as one of the most influential personalities in the digital industry. He co-founded Calm, founded Mind Candy, and created Moshi Monsters. Calm. Calm the Mind. Change the World. Is a handbook sharing the many ways and means by which one can have calmness in daily life.


Truly, the world is becoming a ball of tension. In daily life, in anywhere, at work, at home, in politics, there is nowhere to run. The calm revolution is precisely a revolution to fight the hysteria going on in each of us. This trughly beautiful handbook intends to share expert knowledge contributed and shared by neurologists and gurus of mindfulness brought together by the author for the purpose of bringing it to the mainstream, thereby reaching more people.

What’s in it for You?

This beautifully-crafted handbook illustrates so many practical, easily doable, and creative activities or strategies that promote calmness in daily life. There are so many little things that can bring us calm and rid the tensions, pain, even anger. A walk to nowhere, without an agenda in mind, nor a goal, is a very simple and inexpensive act that can relax our mind and therefore our bodies. The benefits of learning how to overcome anxiety and stress are priceless. It’s not just the increase in productivity at work, it’s improving your health and life expectancy, increasing the quality of relationships, and countless others, all of which lead to a more peaceful and happy life. All of us are after all, still earthly creatures. We naturally aspire for self-preservation. We only want what’s best for us, we only want to be happy. Being calm and happy means we can give more of ourselves to our loved ones and to anything we work on. Calm begets calm, quality begets quality. Hop in the bandwagon and spread the calmness! The world needs it, that’s for sure.

Get a copy now and get a gift for yourself. The gift of calm. The gift of happiness.

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” – Joseph Murphy

The subconscious mind has been the subject or inquiries, research, discussion and debate for many years. Hundreds of books have been written to explain how this part of the brain works. But there is one text that will expound greatly on this topic especially because the writer was an incisive researcher who spent years lecturing and preaching on spiritual matters. It is called The Power of the Subconscious Mind.

It is important to understand the author before we delve into the text. Dr. Joseph Murphy was born and spent his early years in England and Ireland. He later moved to India where he was a research fellow and dedicated his time to the study of Eastern religions. He also studied and became an expert in I-Ching, which is a highly regarded Chinese book on divination. His life would later be dedicated to preaching at the Church of Divine Service in the city of Los Angeles, where he worked for 28 years.


Apart from ministering to over 1,300 people in his church every weekend, Murphy had a radio program that broadcast teachings daily. This was a very popular program that won him many admirers. In a span of about fifty years, he travelled the world teaching, counselling and lecturing. He created a name for himself as a believer in enlightenment and amassed thousands of followers. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is his most acclaimed and popular work. Since it was published in 1963, millions of people have bought and read it.

In his own words, Dr. Murphy said he had witnessed miracles in the lives of people who had used the power of their subconscious minds. He believed that he had discovered the unbelievable power of the subconscious mind. His book is meant to present empirical strategies that emanate from the subconscious and which can be used to bring healing to the body. And the miracles are not just restricted to healing of the body. Dr. Murphy claims that you can use the Law of Attraction to get money, win friends, experience peace of mind and meet the dream soul mate.

Numbers Within

Murphy also outlines how you can use your own dreams to find solutions to life’s problems and also to crack complicated issues. He believes that dreams also serve as warnings on a negative events that are about to happen. All these issues take place in the subconscious mind, which one can use to achieve anything they want in life. He opines that when one uses the power of the subconscious mind they can experience perfect wellbeing, joy and success.

According to Murphy, the subconscious mind has powers that transcend culture and time and it contains secrets that everybody should understand. I am sure you know the traditional method of developing photos in a darkroom. This was the approach that Murphy adopted. He believed that the subconscious mind is some kind of a darkroom where the images of the life you will leave are developed. Your conscious mind normally sees something and records it and remembers it when you need it. However, the subconscious perceives things before they happen.

The interesting part about the teachings of Dr. Murphy is that the subconscious mind interacts with and reacts to our patterns of thinking and behaviour. It does not differentiate between good and evil. It adopts the thoughts you feed it with. Do not be surprised when negative events happen to you because you fed them into your subconscious mind and it actualised them. As you read this article, you may be actually creating negative thoughts and actions that may haunt you later.

night dreams

It is important for you to understand how the subconscious mind works so that you replace negative thoughts with good ones thus creating good habits and events. Murphy considers this a very simple act. Your subconscious will pick the positive stimuli and turn it into good fortune.

This book is created for those who want to emancipate themselves from the power of habits and also cultures and religions that enslave people. It holds that whatever you believe is what will happen to you. Whatever happens to you is not accidental because you have attracted it through your thoughts. In this regard, your subconscious mind does not understand when you are joking, which implies you must avoid joking negatively about yourself.Dream big!

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind has two main sections. In the first part, you will read about the subconscious mind and its modus operandi. The second part is the practical area where you learn how you can use this power to change your life. There is no way you will read this book and remain the same. You will realise that your thought patterns are an essential component of your personal success.

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5 Must Read Books That Will Change Your World!

The world moves by the wisdom of gurus and sages who lived years of yore. They may be no more but their words keep on inspiring generations. The best action that these people and those who lived during their time did, was to immortalise their words in books. Modern wisdom is also encapsulated in books. In essence, books contain knowledge and information that can transform the way you live.

The following five books will change your world in terms of your worldview and conduct:

  1. The Denial of Death, Ernest Becker

This book won the 1974 Pulitzer Price for non-fiction. Becker based his writings on the literature of Sigmund Freud, Soren Kierkegarrd and Otto Rank. Becker intends to inculcate reason in his readers. The title of the book encapsulates the thesis. We are so much afraid of death that we deny its existence.

To Becker, human beings are fearful, finite creatures who are nothing without another person affirming what the former believe. When we receive constant affirmation, we begin to understand who we really are. Having realised ourselves, we overcome our beliefs of insignificance. According to Becker, we set out on an immortality project; believing that we are inherent components of something that will last forever. He forces us to face reality and become heroes in a manner that infuses our lives with meaning and significance as opposed to living under the shadow of death.

  1. Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

One of the most provocative books ever written is Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche. This famous German thinker considered this the best book in as far as capturing the facts that underlie the life of man. He believes that he has given the world a precious present that will bridge centuries of knowledge. Nietzsche attempts to turn the soul of man inside out. His rationale is that the soul can be transformed by accepting the ‘facts’ he is propagating.

He is bold enough to go against the grain and proclaim the death of God. This prose-poetry text is told by Zarathustra, the embodiment of Zoroaster, the Persian prophet. Nietzsche is of the idea that independence and the ability to overcome are hard to attain but without them, culture and individuals are vulnerable and in danger. Insecurity leads to conformist tendencies and people go to great length to preserve herd mentality.

  1. The Nature of the Soul, Bill Plotkin

This book by Bill Plotkin will help you to understand yourself as a human being. He opines that self-doubt is as dangerous as self-inflation. The challenge for every human being is to live up to their potentials and bravely bringing out the inimical talents that lie hidden within them. Here you will learn about the eight Eco-centric or Soul-centric phase of human development.

You will realise that all of us go through The Innocent in the Nest, The Explorer and in the Garden and The Thespian in the Oasis stages as part of initial human development. Find out also why many people fail to advance beyond these three phases and why such people never really become adults or authentic elders. Each of the other five stages has unique characteristics, but those who go through them successfully become better human beings.

  1. Finite and Infinite Games, James, P. Carse

In this book Carse opines that the only way for human beings to become free and have greater ability to achieve their dreams is to realise that they are limited, not by what they see, but by their ability to see. This writer presents a brilliant and incisive analysis of the human condition by subjecting human beings to game theory.

Here we find two opposing players– the Infinite versus the Finite Player. Opposition is defined by existing frontiers. Your life depends on how you view your boundaries. If you are a Finite Player, you always play inside frontiers and you don’t want to venture outside. On the other hand, Infinite players love to operate with boundaries. The former is after power while the latter plays using power. The Infinite Player continues within the game forever because this is the game of life.

  1. The Rebel, Albert Camus

If you have never appreciated rebels or the idea of going against the grain, you need to read this book. Camus appeared to have been writing an essay, but ended up creating a book. This writer creates a picture of a human being who has revolted against society. His work is based on the works of other eccentric scholars and writers such as Georg Wilhelm, Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky, to name a few.

Camus believes that people rebel when they realise that society is parochial and outdated in the execution of fairness. They would like to find meaning in their actions, but the world they look up to is meaningless. Camus, however, warns that the rebel is in danger of being carried away and failing to live by the real intentions of his or her revolt. Are you looking for revolutionary education? Read this book.

Happy Reading!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



9 Empowering Books That Will Change Your Life!

Are you aware that certain books can change your life right now?

Knowledge is empowering!

So read as much as you can and make your life unique. Open your mind and inner universe! Someone once said “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light”.

Why do you think this is so? Which leads me to another quote by Edward Morgan that says “A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it”.  Books shed more light on something in the dark, providing the reader – and the world, with enlightenment. Remember that the world as we know it today, is a complex one! The famous teenage book author John Green said “Great books help you understand, and they make you feel understood”.


So what are you waiting for? Reading can turn your life around in such a good way!

Get into the habit of reading everyday and learning something new. I love my friends and I love going out and spending time with them, but there are just certain things they cannot teach me which a good book can. They are good people and great to be around however it is smart to seek the ideas and perspective of others. It is good to have a balance, by having some alone time and this can be spent reading at least 10 pages a day!

Let me recommend 35 books that everyone should read! I promise these books will change the way you think – and if you allow it, will surely change your life!

Remember that you can lose everything and anything in this world but knowledge is forever yours to keep; Nobody can take that away from you – ever!

So don’t miss out on these great books! They will transform your life!

1. The Alchemist by Phaulo Coelho ( literary )

2. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne ( Spirituality )

3. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle ( Self Help )

4. DMT The Spirit of Molecule by Rick Strassman ( Spirituality )

5. 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene ( Spirituality )

6. The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma ( Self Help )

7. Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman ( Spirituality )

8. The Awakening by Kate Chopin ( Romance )

9. Women who run with Wolves ( Education )

With Love,

Your Grace Guru






BOOK REVIEW: “Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” – Robin Sharma

Reading Robin Sharma’s “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” is like sitting at the feet of a guru and imbibing timeless and precious wisdom. It places you among a select few living wholesomely – enjoying life in all its facets.

Who is Robin Sharma?

He is an international best-selling author and motivational speaker whose writings and speeches have given readers and listeners the impetus to start again and achieve crucial life goals. So successful is Sharma in his career that his writings have been translated into over 70 languages and published in about 60 nations globally.

Why “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari”?

This book contains 101 motivational, challenging and practical lessons that will forever change your attitude towards life, people, parenting, careers and spirituality. Actually, the alternative title for the text is, “Who will cry when your die?”

Forgetting The Essence Of Life

From the very onset, Sharma asserts, “We live in an age when we have forgotten what life is all about.” Do you ever make money yet not enjoy spending it because you have too many struggles and worries? Have you ever wondered how you can balance your career, family, personal goals and community responsibility? This book was written for you.

Short Snippets Of Practicable Wisdom

Unlike many mundane and abstract ‘motivational’ books, “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” contains short chapters (between one to three pages each). They include: Discover Your Calling, Keep a Journal, Don’t Pick Up the Phone Every Time It Rings, Model a Child, Learn to Be Silent, Get Up Early, Always Carry a Book with You, See Your Children as Gifts, Build a Library of Heroic Books, Drink Fresh Fruit Juice, Find Three Great Friends and Plant a Tree.

Grab your copy today!

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Your Grace Guru



BOOK REVIEW: “F * * k It, The Ultimate Spiritual Way” – John C. Parkin

Ironically perhaps, the author John C. Parkin is in the business of spirituality. He lives in Italy and manages a retreat centre there. Many are probably shocked by the title, but even more are probably intrigued and curious. Why would a spiritual and good man have something to do with this careless and gross urban expression, let alone advocate it?

The Purpose

Mr. Parkin is a modern-day spiritual adviser who offers general information in his attempt to provide help to those who seek emotional and spiritual equilibrium. A book can reach the mainstream of society, and the practical and easy means by which the healing techniques are done can apply to everyone. They can be fun and are laced with dark humour to add. The world is such a tense place, and a sense of balance within ourselves needs to be struck soon.

F**k It - Grace Guru.net

What It’s Not

Fuck It: the ultimate spiritual way is not the ultimate eastern spiritual way. The expression is all western in the first place. It does not require as much time as traditional meditation does. Time after all, is an expensive commodity. Instead, the very simple and practical techniques can be looped into one’s daily routine without upsetting it.

The Principle

How does “fuck it” work? It works both ways: relax and release pain and tension, and energise. The book teaches you of letting go, of acceptance, of not giving a fuck, of giving up and knowing it’s ok. It is a shortcut to the long process of the eastern way, but gives results just the same. It takes away the tension over things that are hard to control at the very moment. But it can also bring in energy depending on how you say it. ☺

F**k it: Grace Guru.netGet A Copy Now!

Go get yourself and those you care about a copy now! This unconventional and therefore refreshing book is worthy of your time and money, if only because it is the first of its kind. No new language to learn, just two power-packed words.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru