Is Your Workspace Spiritual?

One of the most fallacious and detrimental ideas I have come across is the belief that you can separate your life into distinct physical, spiritual and metal spheres. It is like separating an engine and the chassis and claiming you still have a car. This happens especially in relation to our working environments.

I come across people who believe that they cannot meditate in their workplaces. While there are many in offices who want to curtail stress and connect with their inner souls and the Divine Being, they often lack strategies for doing this. Actually, there is no better place to look for peace like your workplace because you experience a lot of stress in this environment.


Acknowledging Your Spirituality 

All this would change, if we realise that you are a spiritual being even before you become a worker. I don’t understand why you can consider yourself a spiritual being at home and feed your spiritual needs, yet when you go to work you become a physical being exclusively. The tragedy is that your job steals your energy to the extent that you begin to prioritise your physical needs above everything else.

How does this make you feel? Don’t you think that is the reason you sometimes don’t feel like going to work? Your mind, body and soul consider the work environment to be hostile to your spiritual needs. You wonder when working hours will come to an end so that you rush home to meditate. Considering work is an integral part of life, don’t you think you need to introduce your spirituality into your working environment?

Spirituality Is A Philosophy And Lifestyle, Not An Event!

From the onset, you must realize that spirituality should imbue your life. It is not a one-off event that happens when you arrive at home. If you understand this the environment you are in will not be a hindrance to your connection with yourself and Divine Power. Your soul needs to be nurtured at the same time and rate as your body and mind. Have you ever come across people who are very spiritual during the weekend and who become tyrants and sadists during the week?

How To Carry Spirituality Into The Workplace

The best strategy is to create a regular meditation plan. This is your ticket to an improved life as well as satisfaction and happiness in your place of work. You can accomplish this by having a number of reminders in your working environment:

  1. Life is larger than your work: Work is just part of what you need to live well but it is not everything. You are a human being who enjoys and requires happiness, encouragement love and support. Actually, you only feel fulfilled when your spiritual life is thriving.

As a spiritual being, the need for spiritual nurture should transcend all others because a weak soul is detrimental to your entire being.

  1. You need to meditate in order to release stress and thus improve performance: Stress kills productivity and efficiency. Meditation helps you to be innovative, creative, cooperative and communicative, which are important characteristics that every worker should have to deliver expected results. You come first: When you meditate or relax in silent contemplation, you learn to appreciate yourself in a profound manner. You then become a better decision-maker because you understand exactly what you need.

 Meditation is the best strategy for dealing with stress, which is a key reason for poor performance in your workplace. 

  1. Stop the hurry: You may deliver all your tasks before time, but the cost of doing so may affect your ability to function optimally tomorrow. Often what you deliver in a hurry turns out to be of poor quality. When you feel you are not in the right state of mind, it is better to slow down and return to the task when you are rejuvenated even if that means being late.

Learn to slow down in your workplace because most of what you accomplished when in a hurry is not fully completed or may leave you with burnout. 

  1. You need to feed your soul just like your tummy: When you are in optimal spiritual health, you can concentrate on the present because you have dealt with the past. The future will not bother you because you have the confidence to face it. Take the example of the Bible where Christians are urged to seek the kingdom of God first and all their other needs will be fulfilled.

You are created with a spiritual faculty that requires to be nurtured irrespective of where you are and the time.

  1. Meditation is a potent power for change: You can give your spirituality a boost by meditating in your workplace. It is a proven strategy for normalising your blood pressure, finding tranquility and boosting your breathing. When you meditate, you discipline your mind to concentrate and this is important for your professional life.

There is no mandatory time and place to meditate if you really care about your inner self.

 Your body, mind and soul are equally important and mutually interdependent. Meditating in your workplace will help you to realise who you really are. By understanding yourself, you will make it easy to perform your professional duties effectively and efficiently. Neglecting your spiritual needs for the sake of delivering your work on time is a weapon for destroying yourself and your professionalism.

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 15.41.16

Tips To Take With You To Your Workspace:

  1. Your professional life is as important as you spiritual life. Do not neglect your inner self for the sake of your job.
  2. Just as you have time for eating, create time too for meditation and other forms of spiritual nurture. Even 3 or 5 minutes of putting your headphones on and listen to a meditation APP or relaxed music will make a huge difference.
  3. Place reminders in your workplace so that you don’t forget the importance of your inner, self, meditation and their interconnectedness:
  4. Remember to breath
  5. Use positive affirmation
  6. Place some refreshing room sprays near your desk, and spray when you feel you need to wake up or to calm down.
  7. Happy Family, friends or beautiful art photos and pictures, they are always mood uplifting and bring comfort

But don’t overdo it all by creating out of your desk an altar and your office a temple. Make sure you place all your reminders with style and chick. Even if you have a Fortune Buddha sitting on your desk, a funny pictures of your children or a beautiful affirmation., don’t be shy that other people or colleagues will notice, be an example and inspiration for them. People will look up to you and its always a good start for an easy conversation before a serious meeting.


With love,

Your Grace Guru!



The Importance Of Getting Your 8 Hours!

I am sure you already know all that stuff about how important sleep is for your health? But I think a little reminder is always good!

Its not a secret, that if you like to feel much more harmonised, happy and balanced, to be energised and to loose some extra weight in a quick period of time but on a regular basis! The only thing you need to do is to get a solid average 8 hour sleep everyday! You can schedule a short afternoon nap too if your like me and love your sleep! There is even more to come from having an amazing sleep – you can regulate your hormones, metabolism and make all your organs work much more productively with an extra bonus of boosting your immunity and be in a good mood!

When we sleep our brain and organs help to heal itself, as well as the cell reproduction, regeneration and even production of immune cells reach their highest point! A Healthy brain needs a good sleep!

All the busy bees work so hard during the week and sleep of an average 6 1/2 hours thinking they can really catch up during the weekends? One mistake is that during the weekend we go out and end up going to sleep even later then during the week, if you drink some alcohol, it will kill your sleep even more!
Yes it is true we fall a sleep very fast but during the night we wake up a lot and its not that long deep restful sleep what we like to call it! So catching up during weekend does not count, you need a regular everyday sleep!

Drinking lots of espressos and caffeine during the day will not fix it or improve your energy! I love coffee and the taste of espresso, but not because I need to wake up, well most of the time not, we all have the odd day!

If you don’t sleep enough it will just make you feel so overwhelmed with everything, sluggish, irritable, depressed and you will be overweight as your appetite will be increased and so the food intake increases! Why?! Because if you don’t get enough sleep cortisone and Ghrelin (this is the hormone that increases appetite) are going to be rapidly producing. Yep! This is the truth, i know you all didn’t want to hear it but here it is! so just in case….from cortisone we gain weight! Just in case if you didn’t hear that before haha?

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Crazy For Coconut Oil!

Like Chia Seeds and Baobab Powder, Coconut is the new Superfood product to be discovered that all of a sudden became so popular! It has always been there, but somehow we “green” people in Europe didn’t know anything about it! Or is it just me feeling that way?!

Coconut oil is perhaps one of the most undervalued food items! Considering its high nutritional value and the many ways in which it can be harnessed for our benefit, Coconut oil consists of a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medical properties!

Here are several of the many benefits of coconut oil which will leave you wondering why you never tired it before – Not only in the kitchen but you can also use the oil for your beauty benefits!

Did you know, that in 1970s, the oil started to become popular in western countries like the United States and Canada? However, there were western competitors that wanted to see their corn and soy oil businesses succeed, so created a strong propaganda campaign against coconut oil – How dare they!!!

Because of it’s highly saturated fat content, the amazing coconut oil was considered harmful to the human body, until lately when people finally began to question the case of the lies.

Luckily tropical people in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines etc., have used it for centuries!

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 16.06.24

There are many benefits of coconut oil that will leave you wondering why you never tried it before – and not only in the kitchen! Here are some ways the super duper coconut oil works and is beneficial for your body!

  1. Fatty Acids With Healing Properties

You may have been told that saturated fat is harmful to your health but recent developments prove otherwise. Coconut oil consists of 90% saturated fat – the beneficial Medium Chain Triglyceride. Moreover, most of these fats help produce energy quickly as they are absorbed straight into the liver from the digestive system. This also implies that coconut oil can treat complications such as Alzheimer’s because it aids healing in the brain.

  1. Coconut Oil Improves Our General Well-Being

Did you know that some of the healthiest people on earth are those whose diet consists mostly of coconut oil? The world’s best eaters of coconut oil are found in the South Pacific and they derive about 60% of their daily calorie requirements from coconut oil alone. The consumption of a lot of saturated oil is the reason why these people rarely experience heart disease and are, in most cases, at optimal health.

  1. Looking To Burn More Body Fat?

Billions of people around the world are fighting obesity. Millions flock to gyms and others engage in fancy diets to ward off extra weight. Well, coconut oil may be the solution you have been looking for! The amazing thing about coconut oil is that it increases your energy expenditure because of the medium-chain triglycerides in it. In essence you stand to lose more weight naturally following sustained used of coconut oil.

  1. Protection From Infections

Coconut oil contains Lauric Acid which is very effective in destroying viruses, yeast, bacteria and fungi in the body. Using coconut oil will help keep infections at bay, thus saving you a lot of time and money that is utilised while seeking medication and recuperating from common and chronic infections.

  1. Control Hunger Pangs

The reason many people cannot overcome their weight problem is down to an uncontrolled appetite. When you eat coconut oil, it takes more time before you feel hungry as the fatty acids in the oil are metabolised over a long period of time. This implies that you will not feel hungry as often and you will, consequently, eat less. In essence, you will enjoy all the other benefits of coconut oil while losing weight effortlessly…

  1. Help Reduce Seizures

Epilepsy is a worrying condition especially in children. One of the recommended approaches to overcoming this condition is to eat what is called a ketogenic diet. When the amount of ketones in the body is increased, the number and occurrences of seizures are reduced drastically. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which in turn contain a lot of ketones. This helps to reduce seizures especially among children whose epilepsy is not amenable to conventional medication.


Do you want to know even more……

I strongly recommended! Coconut Oil can help the following:

Act as a Stress relief, try to apply coconut oil to the head by a gentle massage, this helps to reduce mental fatigue.

Research has suggested that coconut oil reduces viral susceptibility for HIV and Cancer patients.

If you are a woman and are likely to have osteoporosis after middle age, then coconut oil is for you! It helps our body to absorb important minerals. These include calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for the development of Bones. Now that we know coconut oil assists the absorption of calcium into the body, it makes sense that it can help to grow strong Teeth.

Coconut Oil helps in preventing gall bladder and kidney diseases and it can even help to dissolve kidney stones as well!

If you are an athlete, body builder or on a diet – use the oil! –  it contains less calories than any other oil! Coconut Oil content transforms into energy, it does not settle and create problems around the heart and arteries.


With love,

Your Grace Guru