Spiritual Travel To Amazing Osho Meditation Resort!

One of these days you may come across a donkey hauling luggage, take a good look at it, because that could be mirroring an image of you. Life is an ironic struggle where we often rush to meet deadlines and targets while forgetting to ‘feed the cow that produces the milk’. You work your ass off in the quest for a king’s life only to die a pauper that never enjoyed life!

Losing contact with yourself is the worst mistake you can make in life. Often we search for the solutions to loneliness and lethargy in other places while the real source of these complications is in our detached soul.

What you need is a trip into your inner self and the best way to do this is to take a spiritual journey to the Osho Meditation Resort…

Appreciating Osho Meditation Resort

I know you are likely to dismiss this as yet another boring article by a yoga enthusiast who has nothing more to do but stare into emptiness, but before you do so let me tell you about the Osho Meditation Resort.

First, it is in India. I can see weird thoughts crisscrossing your mind already – tropical sun, saris, robes, rice, onions, spices, monkeys, rickshaws, traffic, monks, vegetarians, imposing temples and so on. I would be lying if I said you will not come across these real and imagined images of India.

However a 15 minute flight from Mumbai to Koregaon Park in Pune will do you good! Yes, rickshaws are not the only means of transport in India – there are airplanes too! The beauty that awaits you will erase all your lopsided impressions about India and its people; more importantly, this camp effortlessly blends nature and modernity.

Walking in marble

Have you ever walked on marble in the midst of elegant buildings and green vegetation, along a swimming pool only fit for Olympic champions? That is the Osho Meditation Resort for you. And the surprise does not end there. This is virtually an international meeting point if the meditators from over 100 countries are to be considered. This resort gives you the opportunity to not only interact with global yoga enthusiasts but also relax, swim, rest, meditate or simply be yourself.

Not for nut-heads and hermits

I often meet people who think that yoga is a dark art; a mystical oriental ritual only fit for nut-heads and hermits who have lost touch with humanity! This resort will help you understand and practice basic Osho Active Meditations, which are designed for the modern person who has to contend with a lot of stress and psychological strain.

Whether you are the neophyte trying to learn how to salute the sun or you are the experienced meditation expert that needs no prompt to fall into a trance, Osho Meditation Resort is designed for you. There are numerous methods of meditation at this centre including traditional approaches such as Vipassana and more modern ones like Osho Kundalini and dance meditation.

A Multiversity

The Osho Multiversity is also open for eager learners. Please don’t develop stomachache because of your fear of exams – there are none here! At least the founders of the centre knew you would visit one day and did not want to scare you away!

The Osho Meditation Centre also has workshops that you can participate in to enable you develop your mental and spiritual capabilities. At the end of each day, a spectacular evening of celebration, dance and even silence awaits you.

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 18.08.39

Daily and in-house programs

By the way, you do have the choice of going to the centre daily for meditation or pitching tent at the resort to soak up all the meditation knowledge and benefits available, like a human sponge!

What happens when you visit Osho?

Your wonderful experience at the Osho Meditation Resort begins at the Welcome Center right at the entrance where you register. This helps shield off busy-bodies and I am guessing you are not one. Please don’t visit the Welcome Centre unless it is between 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm daily. It amazes me as to where staff members get their infectious smiles and the resourceful answers they give. Registration takes place up to 12.30 pm for the morning session while afternoon registration activity takes place up to 3.30 pm.

What do you need for registration?

The Osho Meditation Resort is a law abiding entity and requires interested visitors to present valid identification papers. Don’t come with your boutique, supermarket or airline receipts please. Keep them as souvenirs and only present your ID or passport.

Mandatory HIV /Aids Test

This may be scary depending on your sexual history and escapades, but prepare for a HIV test before being admitted into the Osho Meditation Resort. You don’t have to read for the test – it is just 15 minutes of waiting and you know your fate. The resort will reward you with a Meditation Resort pass once you are deemed fine.

Osho Meditation Resort - HIV Test - Grace Guru

Daily Stickers for entrance

After registration, all you will need to exist within the resort are daily stickers which you can purchase when entering. You may also opt for seasonal tickets if you become a fan – or are you a meditation and yoga fanatic?

How about buying items in the park?

Please leave your cash and notes at home – nobody is interested in your poverty or wealth at the Osho Meditation Resort! Grab some vouchers (of course you have to pay for these) at the Welcome Centre as they are the legal tender there.

The Welcome Morning

Avoid the temptation to oversleep and be at the centre by 9.00 am to participate in the Welcome Morning, which introduces you to the campus, the programs of the Osho Multiversity and Osho Meditations. In the unfortunate event that you arrive at 9.01 am, don’t despair because you will listen to a brief introduction audio in your language of choice. But do not be cheated because you still have to arrive at 8.59 am the following day for the Welcome Morning.

What about residents?

You can register and live in the camp. There is a Living in Program for those on a long pilgrimage. Getting to know fellow meditators is an extra incentive for zero grazing yourself. This is a good option if you are allergic to traffic and rickshaws that characterise the life of a day scholar.Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 18.12.16

Can you stay off campus?

You can stay at any of the affordable and comfortable hotels in the vicinity of Osho Meditation Resort. But as one of my friends found out, you may arrive at the resort after some important activities have taken place.

How much will it cost you?

A meditation pass is the guarantee that you can remain in the resort between 5.30 am and late night and also access the OSHO Teerth Garden, the OSHO Auditorium and the evening programs.

Those with entry stickers are allowed into meditation programs for the entire day. They also attend the Buddha Grove open-air classes.

Stickers are available either for 1-10 days’ period or for an entire month. 1-4 days; entry stickers will cost you 1560 INR every day if you are not a resident of India, while citizens and residents have to pay 760 INR for the same package. If you opt for tickets to allow you access for 5 to 6 days, you will get a 13% discount if you are a foreigner, which means you will pay 1,326 INR. For residents and nationals, this package will cost 646 INR.

I almost forgot to tell you that the cost of food, drinks, accommodation and courses and workshops offered by the Osho Multiversity are on the Osho website!

Communicating with the outside world while at the resort?

You can visit the cybercafé within the Osho Meditation Resort and pay a little fee for Wi-Fi internet. You can also make calls but only in designated areas. Nobody wants to be disturbed by long noisy and hysterical calls when they are meditating. And forget about selfies as all sorts of photo taking activities are prohibited.

Who is allowed to visit?

Everyone is welcome! The resort receives people from more than a hundred nations on the planet. Whether you are a businessman, policeman or an artisan, you will find relaxation and fun at the Osho Meditation Centre – And age does not matter, too. Both young and old will realise that their needs are well taken care of at the centre. Don’t be surprised if you find you grandfather walking around the resort in a maroon robe!

Majority of those who visit this centre are university graduates. So if you thought meditation was for lowly-educated and superstitious oriental people think twice. But education is not a requirement for meditation! Don’t be cheated into thinking that you are the odd one out because you see people at the centre greeting each other, half of the people whom you will meet here are first-time visitors just like you.

Why should I go?

Countless people find time to visit this resort for the sake of enjoyment. If you feel you need time to shed off some of your pent-up emotions, visit the centre and relax both in mind and spirit. There are those who come to the park for the purpose of learning at the Osho Multiversity. There is no better place to understand meditation than this resort. You may also want to pop in if you have come to India on a different mission. You will never regret walking through the doors of this resort! The sheer numbers you will find here will convince you that you need to have visited sooner.

What kind of a product is envisioned?

This may sound like rocket science for the uninitiated, but the resort has a vision for the human race in this age. The intention is to come up with a human beings who are well-grounded while simultaneously reaching for greater heights. The Osho product is a jovial person, who interacts readily with others, but also retreats to meditate in silence. It does not matter what values you believe in, your space is preserved in this special garden.

Do you need to be a member?

This is a ridiculous lie propagated from those who have no understanding of what it means to visit this resort!! The centre does not belong to an exclusive club. There are no special people who must be admitted and others rejected. All you need is to be prepared to come to grips with you inner self and to develop a deeper and beneficial understanding of who you really are.

You may have heard that people who come to the resort are initiated into “sannyas”, which is another misconception. It is upon the individual to decide whether to enrol or not. Personally, I find no problem with Smith assuming the name William if only to come to grips with his inner self and begin a new fulfilling life.

When you decide to engage in “sannyas” Osho tells you that you have committed yourself to his guidance and he will not interfere with your life. Just dedicate yourself to transformation – while acting responsibly. Only through courage will you achieve your meditation goals.

Are visitors required to join movements or cults?

By its very nature, meditation is not a crowd activity. Osho Meditation Resort encourages you to join your inner self in order to grow into a more conscious and happier person. You cannot meditate effectively unless you appreciate and practice some form of solitary living.

Osho methods are transformative – requiring a personal paradigm shift. Osho advocates for are meant to destroy the misconceptions you have about yourself, thus leaving your soul utterly naked and ready for a new experience. He opines that you can only understand the truth by being alone and that truth is you. He believes that no great spiritual teacher can teach you the truth because the truth is found in you – by engaging in meditation. Meditation is not practiced in market places, football stadiums or politically rallies!

However, realising this dream is not like drinking water or eating a favourite meal – it requires courage. At Osho Meditation Resort you have all the tools you need and the concomitant environment to meditate. Interestingly, there are many other people at the centre pursuing the same goal, and being alone with them (if you can comprehend what this means), is not only easy but also enjoyable.

Is there a dress code?

Here is the interesting part, especially for men who cannot wear women’s clothing! At this renowned meditation centre, visitors wear lose-fitting plain maroon robes (I can hear you breathe a sigh of relief that it is not a skirt or dress). This is mandatory for everyone within the resort and especially during meditation. You will wear this robe between 9 am and 4 pm, while performing daytime tasks. It is also the attire that you will wear when performing OSHO Kundalini Meditations and OSHO Dynamic.

Do you want to know why people wear maroon robes at the resort?

  1. Maroon robes act as uniform attire and make people feel part of the resort and of one another.
  2. Unlike wearing different clothes, uniformity enables you to focus on your inner self instead of the outside.
  3. There is mutual meditative energy that emanates from collective wearing of the colour maroon.
  4. If you are a woman (and this also applies to some men) you will not need to worry about matching the colour of your clothes in the morning, hence giving you more time to focus on the more important task of meditation.
  5. Pune is in the tropics and temperature can hit the extreme north and south.
  6. This attire will free your body from the bondage of belts and other constricting body accessory that makes breathing and meditation problematic.
  7. If you are not from India, you can at least boast to your folks back at home that you survived for some time in a robe!

What others are saying about Osho and the Osho Meditation Resort

You are not the first person to discover Osho Meditation Resort! No medal awaits you for that. At least not for now! Osho’s teachings and methodologies have over the years been commended by religious leaders, actors, politicians, musicians and writers among others. These include Tom Cruise, Madonna, The Dalai Lama, Tom Robbins and Dr. Manmohan Singh to name a few. I am not sure whether you can become a clone of Madonna or Tom Cruise at your age, but I am sure meditation and this experience at the resort can give you a new lease of life at any age.

Time to visit

Don’t read history any more – make history now! There are few pilgrimages that can transform you the way a visit to the Osho Meditation Resort can. Make a commitment today and visit the Osho Meditation Resort!

With love,

Your Grace Guru 



Need Some Sex Drive?

When I first realised that Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs had listed sex as a basic need, I thought the man must have been a pervert. I was young and naïve then. Today, I know he was right. It is for this reason that I find the topic of sex drive necessary and interesting even though some people consider it taboo. But there is a problem we must deal with, whether we want to speak about it or not.

Do you need some sex drive? What kind of question am I asking? The innuendo surrounding issues of sex has made people to suffer from lack of libido for many years. I am not ready to bet my money because people rarely want to talk about their sexual experiences and needs, but I am sure most of the people you will meet on the streets today are sexually starved.

Stress and mental fatigue are responsible for the sex-less life many of us lead today. There are so many cares and people have to attend to so many concerns on a daily basis that they have no time for sex. When the man and woman of the house finally finish taking dinner and send the kids to bed, they (couple) are too tired to have some fun in bed. All they want is to catch a few hours of sleep before embarking on the next day’s activities. Sex can only be enjoyed when people are in the mood for it. There is no way your libido will spike when you are thinking about financial problems that await you when you wake up.

There are also many of us in broken marriages where there is no communication as would be expected. These are marriages that are on their deathbeds because of unresolved issues. The partners cannot see eye to eye and those who are together are simply doing so because they have children to take care of. Even when they sleep in the same bed, the two marriage partners are simply strangers. In such a case, unless each of the partners takes decisive steps to save the marriage, sex will never be discussed. But when the sex drive of each of the two is revived, there is hope that the relationship will be given a new lease of life and the partners can begin to enjoy being together once again.

But there are also those who have no problem with one another yet they cannot find the spark that would make blood boil again. They are not enemies. They are doing well in their careers. They are happy with life as it is. But sex appears to have taken a flight. How do you revive sex drive on this case? Remember, sex is essential to a successful marriage and going without it for long will lead to partners drifting apart and eventually divorcing. Some people may not agree with this assertion, but the fact is that sooner or later one or both of the partners will have to seek for sex and consolation outside marriage.

Admittedly, sex cannot solve all marital problems. Partners who are incompatible may eventually leave their relationships. Differences that can be resolved must be brought to the table and discussed amicably. Compromises must be made. Sometimes relatives and marriage counselor must be called in to mediate. Despite all this, the issue of libido, if unresolved will bring all the other solutions to naught. It is for this reason that we must find ways of reviving sex drive in marriage and other intimate relationships.

giphy-1 (2)

The first point in addressing issues of libido is to understand that hormones play a great role in determining whether you are in the mood for sex or not. I agree that you can light candles, eat a delicious dinner, play the most romantic music and wear some lingerie before you dive under warm sheets, but this cannot by itself give you the sex drive you need. Spiking your sex-related hormones is the most assured strategy of putting you in the mood for passion, not just today but for a long time. I need to caution you, though, that using synthetic substances to revive your libido may work momentarily but this may lead to hormonal balances that will harm your body.

That is why I want to suggest that you use natural methods which have no side effects if taken in the right quantity and quality. To this end there are herbs, fruits and other food substances that can greatly boost your libido without you having to turn to popular but harmful substances that can even cause heart attacks.

Let us have a look at some of these important super-foods that can bring you happiness, passion and good health, and more importantly, provide you with more moments of unbridled romance.

  1. Strawberries

These abundant fruits contain antioxidants, which in turn boost blood circulation in your heart and arteries. By now you know that efficient blood circulation is a prerequisite for great sex. Need I add that they contain vitamin C which helps to increase the amount of sperms in semen?


  1. Avocados

This is a super-fruit that is full of antioxidants, vitamin B6 and potassium. These nutrients are crucial in preventing you from getting heart diseases and also boost blood flow. A strong heart is the best medicine against erectile dysfunction thus boosting your libido.

ripe cleaned peeled avocado sliced

  1. Mucuna Beans

These beans are packed with L-Dopa or dopamine which is a potent aphrodisiac. L-Dopa is effective in stimulating the secretion of testosterone, the male hormone that boosts libido. Mucuna beans also replenish jing (or vital essence) of the body thus boosting sexual activity.


  1. Orchic (Bull Testicles)

Please read on before you think I am deranged. I am talking about a supplement that is made from bull testicles and is available in capsule form. This substance contains hormones that will boost your sex hormones and libido.

  1. Deer Antler

This is an extract from some of the most ‘romantic’ animals on earth. This product contains powerful hormones for boosting your libido. Specifically, the contents of this substance aid calcium movement, ease muscle movement, regulate blood pressure and smooth inflammation.

There are many more natural foods and supplements that you can use to boost your libido. Take time to know and use them!!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Super Healthy Snacks On The Go!

Snacking is a common behavior considering the many times we eat between meals. This is particularly true when one is travelling, although some people simply cannot stop eating. While a snack will save you much time that could have gone into preparing a real meal, it is important that whatever you eat is healthy.

The market is full of snacks that do more harm than good to your body. Unfortunately, we tend to choose grubs that have excess unsaturated fats, processed sugar, salt and preservative – never mind we are living in an era when obesity and related diseases are killing more people than ever. Travellers are particularly guilty of making wrong snack choices because they do not plan adequately for the journey.

For this reason, you need to choose your snacks carefully when you are on the go. Fortunately, there is no dearth of grubs that are packed with essential nutrients and energy while at the same time being delicious. Some of these snacks can be prepared at home before you set out on your journey. Others can be bought from food stores along the way. Regardless of your situation, you have no reason whatsoever to eat snacks that have poor nutritional content and which can send you down the road to obesity.

10 Healthy Grubs Handy For Travelling:

  1. Dried Fruits:

    Carrying dried fruit will be advantageous during your journey because you will get various nutrients. Research has shown that this snack contains iron, potassium, fibre, antioxidants, sugar and calories. Some of the best fruits that you can dry and carry as a snack include apricots, cranberries, golden raisins, figs and chopped dates. If you can add these fruits to yoghurt and oatmeal, the better for you. It is important to remember that a snack is a stop-gap measure before you reach a place where you can eat a real meal. Consequently, you will need to eat dried fruits in moderation. Some people discourage this snack claiming it has a lot of sugar, but you should be remember that it contains natural sugar, and when taken in moderation, no harm will befall you.


  1. Energy Bars:

    Not all processed products can be dismissed as unhealthy snacks. There are a lot of energy bars that can give you the strength you need while travelling. These bars come in handy particularly when traffic delays you from reaching home to prepare a real meal. I am sure you know very well that hunger pangs have a way of surprising you when food is not in their vicinity. You will need to be careful with energy bars, though, because their nutritional contents vary. Generally, energy bars have little fibre, a lot of calories and sugar. To ensure you eat healthy energy bars, look for the one with a combination of fibre and proteins of about 5 to 7 grams. 

Homemade granola bars

  1. Nuts:

    These are some of the most natural foods – if there is anything like that. Our lives would be significantly healthier if we learned to eat nuts in abundance. Even in the wild, animals like birds, rodents and apes eat nuts as part of their diets. I have in mind raw nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts and almonds among others. Nuts contain minerals, proteins, fats and few calories. You can also buy packed nuts, most of which have additives. Watch out not to eat nuts that have a lot of salt as this may harm you. You may also want to roast some nuts slightly to give them a desired taste while preserving their nutritional content.

Selection of dried fruits

  1. Ground Flaxseeds:

    This is yet another healthy snack that you need to try out when travelling. Flaxseeds contain antioxidants, omega-3 fats and fibre among other nutrients. Very few snacks can compare to the nutritional value of this wonderful seed. I would advise that you eat the organic type although the other variety is also not all that bad. The fiber in flaxseeds will make your tummy full thus preventing overeating, something you should avoid especially when travelling long distances. You obviously won’t like it when your stomach begins to grumble and ask questions while you are in a long distance overnight bus. If you happen to have yoghurt as part of your travelling food package, flaxseed powder can greatly enrich the former. The same can be said of smoothies and salads.


  1. Rice Chips:

    Many of the snacks you will come across, particularly if you prefer to buy from stores, are made from wheat. This presents a problem if you are gluten-allergic or have celiac disease. One way of avoiding such a scenario is to snack on rice chips. You will enjoy great crunch and taste with this grub. Getting the calories you need during a journey is as important as avoid any stomach upset that might ruin your travelling experience and that is why rice chips should feature on your list of preferred snacks. Look for various flavours like fiesta lime and wasabi to make your experience even better. Consider complementing rice chips with spreads, dips, nut butters, guacamole and jam. 

Stack of grain crispbreads

  1. Granola Bars:

    Granola contains a lot of fibre and this is very important for your digestion and satiation as you travel. Unlike normal granola, granola bars are more convenient to eat. To make sure you enjoy this snack as you travel, break the bars and mix them with yoghurt to make them crunchy and smooth. You can achieve this if you pack granola bars and yoghurt separately and blend them as you travel. Alternatively, you cam crumble the bars and carry yoghurt with you. To enrich this snack, you can crush several granola bars and mix them with raisins and pretzels, then package them in a plastic bag for use during the journey.

Several Granola Bars Isolated on a White Background with Narrow Depth of Field.

  1. Apples:

    Whoever said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away was not wrong. When you consider the nutritional value of an apple, you will classify it with super foods. You can understand this more if you consider the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar, but that is a tale for another day. For travelling purposes, apples are some of the healthiest and convenient snacks you can carry with you. These fruits will refresh and hydrate you because of their high water content. They also contain a lot of fibre, which means they will make you feel satiated even when you are not, thus preventing you from binge eating, which is possible when you are traveling. Apples also contain carbs hence providing you with the energy needed to carry out different tasks as your journey. What more? Apples are very convenient to carry as they occupy little space in your bag.


  1. Nut butter:

    As we observed earlier, snacks can either be prepared or bought while one is travelling, but the bottom line is that you eat healthy food. One of the best snacks you can carry as you journey is nut butter. The high amounts of proteins and other nutrients contained in this snack will ensure that you are energised throughout the day. If you plan to go sightseeing or trekking, this is a snack you cannot avoid to carry. The good thing is that the market has many different packages of nut butter to fit your needs. Moreover, they are easy to carry in a backpack or a small container. Nut butters can also be eaten with crackers and fruits to give you even more nutritional benefits.

Raw Organic Almond Butter

  1. Berry banana cups:

    The world is full of berries that contain loads of nutrients which can give you the energy you need as you travel. When you blend these berries with sliced bananas, the snack that you will emerge with cannot be matched by many ready-made snacks available in stores. I am talking about strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. You only need a few fresh ones, which you will toss with cut bananas and keep in plastic containers, and seal the latter. To make sure the banana does not appear brownish, take the berries-banana blend and add lemon juice to it. The final package will be a potent mix of antioxidants, potassium, starch and great taste.


  1. Oatmeal Cookies:

    Cookies are often condemned because of their sugar content but this happens when people lack creativity. You don’t have to avoid cookies; you only need to prepare healthy and nutritious cookies especially using oatmeal. What you must do is pack them in airtight jars once you have baked and cooled them. I advise against buying cookies in stores when you are travelling because the average cookie is all about sugar, margarine and wheat. Instead, bake your own cookies at home and give them the exceptional nutritional magic of oatmeal. Grab one as you drive but don’t get carried away and eat more than you should. I can assure you that once you get used to homemade cookies you will think twice about buying sugary snacks as you travel.


Homemade oatmeal cookies with seeds and raisin

 With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Is Your Soul A Mature One?

The spiritual world is full of surprises particularly in relation to how our souls measure up to expectations. I must admit that it took me time to understand that there can be mature and immature souls. I am sure you have heard the expression of an “Old Soul” before? So like me at the beginning, you may also be wondering how an unseen entity, like a soul, can be considered mature or immature. However, it takes a critical personal examination to understand exactly what it means to be regarded as an old soul.

The spiritual journey is a long and complex one. It involves growing from one level to another during all your lifetime and most of the time it is replete with challenges. Along the way you must pose important questions to assess your progress and remain committed to your goals. Chief among the crucial questions you must ask yourself, what is it you really expect from life. The importance of this question cannot be overstated.

The moment you decide to ask yourself what your expectations in life are, the answer you receive will indicate how mature your soul is.

Before we go deeper into the issue of soul maturity, we need to emphasize that you must be honest in your answers. The problem with us as human being is that we have become so vain that we can lie to ourselves! We are used to lying all the time so much so that lying has become our second nature. However, the worst form of lying is to deceive yourself. This means that while you know your weaknesses, strengths and potential, you deny these facts and decide to live like other people. You must have heard that a lie can be told so many times that it begins to sound like a fact.

Who am I philosophical question

After all nobody is there to check whether you are right or not. Moreover, is not a matter for discussion. You also must bear in mind that you don’t have to publicise your answers. Similarly, you have always told people not to judge you because they have never lived your experience. Now you have the opportunity to be your own judge.

Now that we have settled the question of honesty, let us delve into the answers that you give when you ask yourself about your expectations in life as you seek to know whether your soul is mature. Your response to this important question has a direct correlation with the maturity of your soul. Human expectations are significant because they reveal what is in a person’s heart and why they live the way they do. I like to deviate by saying that if you want to know the essence of a person, ask them their expectations in life. One can only expect to achieve that which is tandem with their deeply-held beliefs.

Let us now compare and contrasts the maturity and immaturity of souls using the concept of human expectations. If you are the kind of person that has innumerable desires, aspirations and goals that you are keen to achieve, you are an immature soul. Wow! That definition categorises you as an immature soul already – right? By the way, it does not matter whether these desires are of a lower order, like power and money, or more complex ones like being more devoted to your spiritual life. In essence, as an immature soul, you are always striving to achieve what can be seen and felt. You obsess about becoming richer and famous. Success becomes your mantra.

In this regard, mature souls operate within timelines. The future holds a lot of significance for them. I am sure you cannot argue about this because you are always saying that you will achieve this or that in some days, weeks, months or years to come. Immature souls have to achieve certain material objectives at certain times and this is the driving force behind their thoughts and actions. They always feel that they are pressed for time since time is a limited resource. People with immature souls dedicate a lot of time to the achievement of material goals at the expense of spiritual ones.

However, do not imagine that an immature soul does not have spiritual objectives – it does, in some cases. The only difference is that those spiritual goals are supposed to be achieved today or in the present dispensation. The present is only a launching ground for achieving the pleasures of tomorrow. You may have met people whose only motive for helping others is because this will result in a better to qualify for a blissful afterlife. You probably know someone who lives well today simply because they want to escape future apocalyptic judgment. Their desires may seem to have a spiritual angle, but in real sense, if the possibility of damnation or future good was removed withdrawn, these people would be the worst crooks you have ever met.

Let us now turn our attention to mature souls. From the onset, you need to understand that a mature soul has ambitions and desires, but that does not becloud the need to embrace nobler ideals. This soul is closely linked to forms and shapes. If you have such a soul, you don’t just think about the present; you have the cosmic good at heart. You are not bound by what is seen but your eye is fixed on what the immature soul cannot see. You are conscious of your role as a catalyst for good in the world and not just a conduit for material gratification.

Retro key and opened book

Mature souls take cognisance of the fact that material achievement and satiation of physical needs is not the only objective in life. In fact, a mature soul feels empty and unhappy if its only success is linked with material needs. When you have an immature soul, you feel happiest when you are surrounded by wealth and success. To a mature soul, physical success does not even come close to defining the essence of life. Life has more meaning than parading your achievements before people. Soul maturity means transcending current definitions of prosperity and embracing a cosmic view of the interrelations between different elements that make up the universe. Being happy temporarily is the domain of the immature soul.

It is essential to realise that the old soul does not become ripe directly. No. A mature soul begins as an immature one. It experiences multiplicities of desires just like the immature one. The mature soul can attest, through experience, of the variability of life. It understands that the world has forms and shapes that are always in flux. Nothing in the material world lasts for long. The mature soul knows the futility of life and the apparent lack of sustainability. The immature soul also knows these things. However, the mature soul refuses to remain within the bounds of materialism and variability.

By leaving behind its finite desires and ambitions, the mature soul is willing to become poor. By poverty, I mean even material lack in order to achieve higher human good. In the spiritual world, sacrifice is very significant. The idea of denying oneself material possession to give cheer to another person is at the centre of every religion. Similarly, leaving behind one’s physical belongings to pursue spiritual good is a key dogma in many spiritual teachings. On the other hand, an immature souls is always seeking for more wealth, even when in human eyes, it has attained what it needs to live well. Even when an immature soul appears to embrace spirituality, the fact is that material desires are just suppressed and will soon arise. Religion and spirituality, as we observed before, are just conduits to material wealth.

The difference between maturity and immaturity of souls is found in the way the two express their egos. The goal of an immature soul is to satisfy the ego. Contrastively, the mature soul seeks to find the authentic center of life and to attain eternal happiness according to universal forms and shapes. The mature soul subjugates its desires and ceases to identify itself using the ego. It considers itself a formless Consciousness. The immature soul may want to attain higher levels of existence but only for personal gratification.

To change your soul form being immature to mature, learn to look at life from the real centre in a spiritual way. Your ideals must transcend the aspects of the conscious mind. You must live with people in a manner that does not accentuate the ego above everything else. Gradually, you will learn how to invite divine presence into your life even as you worry less about material sacrifices that you need to make.

Now you can tell whether your soul is mature or not. If you are immature (and many of us operate in this realm), remember it will take time to grow olds. Most importantly, learn to subjugate your ego to spiritual ideals if you want your soul to mature.

With love,

Your Grace Guru 



Tips For Practicing Mindfulness!

n my previous article, I have described, ” What is Mindfulness? “ (http://graceguru.net/2015/10/what-is-mindfulness/) and how good and bifacial it is for us to be mindfully aware of our lives and ourselves. So if you have not read it yet, I would recommend reading it first and then continuing with the tips of how to practice Mindfulness, if you have 10 more minutes?

The field of mindfulness has become very popular not only among psychologists and spiritual people, but also other professionals and the general public. There is a keen interest from the broad nation after people realised the amazing benefits of this activity. It is as if people have suddenly recognised the importance of mindfulness, yet this is a practice that has been ongoing for ages!

woman meditation on the beach

Having said that, we need to realise that practicing mindfulness is not that easy. Your brain is more likely to embrace mindlessness than mindfulness. Although the former is harmful in the long run, it appears to be more attractive perhaps because it consists of endless reveries, which lie to you that you are making progress when you are going nowhere. Mindlessness also expends very little mental and physical effort thus making it a favorite of many of us.

The reason I am emphasising on these issues at the onset is because any tips for practicing mindfulness must begin with the realisation that this is not a walk in the park. After being accustomed to daydreaming and drifting thoughts for a long time, it is not easy to suddenly embrace mindfulness and excel in it. The tips we are about to discuss are all informed by the fact that you need to be consciously aware of what you are doing if you are to tame your thoughts.

“When I practice mindfulness, I am able to connected to the present moment and let go of all the stress and worries”           

  1. Create Time For Practicing Mindfulness!

I will emphasise severely that this is a conscious activity that requires some effort. At the beginning when you are just about to start practicing, you need to treat it the way you do gym workouts, prayer or other routines in your life. Consider setting aside some minutes in your daily schedule during which you can concentrate on the present. You can do this at your workplace, your home or outdoors. However, ensure you are in an environment that is conducive for concentration. Once you create a schedule, stick to it. Make it a ritual to always engage in mindfulness. I suggest you do it daily!

  1. Do Not Over Do It Or Strain!

So when you are have tried your everyday schedule at the beginning, you will need to encourage yourself to like mindfulness a bit more J. Consequently, do not make the exercise tedious and difficult for you. Now, try to remember mindfulness during the day and start with a few minutes more now and then, as you appreciate the importance of mindfulness. With time, you may find yourself concentrating for hours. The most important thing, though, is that you learn to love and appreciate the exercise to the point that it becomes effortless. Making it hard will discourage you in the long run and you will drift back to undesirable mindlessness.

  1. Practice Mindfulness Outside Your Normal Schedule!

We began by saying that you set aside time for practicing mindfulness. That is good but since your aim is to eventually become a habitual and involuntary practitioner of mindfulness, consider engaging in the activity even when it is not within the hours you have set aside. Just take time to observe and appreciate your surrounding when you are waiting to see a doctor or a friend. As you take a train journey through the countryside, don’t let your mind wonder aimlessly. Instead, grasp the moment and appreciate nature, the people around you and the journey itself.

“When you practice mindfulness, it becomes every time easier and natural over time.”

  1. Forget About Perfection!

When you begin to worry about perfection instead of doing what you can, you are engaging in mindlessness. Don’t waste your time thinking about how poor you are in your attempts to become mindless. It is not an event but a process and processes take time to learn and master. Worrying about imperfections will only lead to despair and you may even contemplate quitting the activity. Concentrate on attaining your goals for the day and if you don’t make it, endeavor to do so tomorrow. Don’t judge yourself harshly but rather appreciate the gains you make every day.

  1. Watch Your Thoughts!

Mindfulness and mindlessness are all activities that take place in your brain. Since we are more likely to be mindless, it is important to begin by catching yourself in the act as it were. Learn to detect when your mind is on autopilot and redirect it to the present. You know yourself better than anybody else. You know when the reveries and day-dreaming begin. Only you can tell when your past comes back to haunt your present. Those are the moments when you should redirect your thoughts from mindlessness to mindfulness.

  1. Engage In Meditation!

If you are not aware, mindfulness is not mediation but the latter is part of the former. In case you are finding it difficult to engage in mindfulness, meditation can be a good starting point. Meditation is a renowned and proven strategy for training the mind to relax and concentrate on certain issues. When you engage in meditation, you accelerate your process of becoming mindful. The two work in tandem when it comes to conditioning the mind and learning to control what you think and how you react to your experiences in life.

“Meditation is a renowned and proven strategy for training the mind to relax and concentrate on certain issues.”

  1. Experiment!

When all is said and done, you are the best judge on exactly how well you are progressing towards mindfulness. Whatever you realise is working for you, concentrate on that as long as it will lead you to the ultimate goal of becoming mindful. If prayer makes you mindful, feel free to practice it. No amount of tips and other people’s experiences can replace your own efforts. Remember your aim is to overcome chronic mindlessness and train your mind to appreciate the present without being judgmental.


Now that you know, begin where you are with what you have. When the benefits of mindfulness begin to manifest in your life, you will be glad you made the effort.

Few books to recommend if you really like to understand the moment of now and be mindful:


With Love,

Your Grace Guru!




Do You Need Spiritual Help?

We live in a world full of activities. Every day has its own struggles, joys and sorrows. Sometimes we win; other moments are spent agonising over defeat. In all these things, there is one aspect of our bodies that gains or suffers the most – the soul.

Have you ever asked yourself why we detox our bodies and not our souls? Try this now: go to your search engine and type, ‘body detox’. See the flood of information that is on the web related to cleansing our bodies! We spend so much time and money giving our physical bodies new looks while neglecting our spiritual needs.

There are many ways that your body will tell you that you have accumulated a lot of filth in the inner sanctum. You need to listen keenly to what your body is communicating to you to know when to go into a spiritual garage for some maintenance. This happens especially when we have no regular schedules for taking care of our souls the way we do with our bodies.

When your body goes for days without getting in touch with bath water, the stink in your breath and armpits announces to you and the rest of the world that you are missing something important. Isn’t that why you take a bath every morning and evening? Please don’t brush your teeth for a day or two and see how many people will want to be in your company!

In the same way, when you have taken time before attending to your spiritual needs, you stink to the high heavens! Your friends know it; you are also aware, but sometimes you are too blind to notice. That is why you need to continue reading this article to find out how you can tell that it is time to go for a spiritual bath.

What Causes Spiritual Starvation?

But before we venture into the symptoms, let us take a brief look at the causes of spiritual poverty and hunger. There are many and varied reason for this condition. Let’s start with what you feed your body with. You may think there is no connection between food and spirituality, but it is there a very strong link. Whatever poisons your body and mind makes your soul toxic too.

Junk food belongs to the rubbish dump, but we choose to feed our bodies with it. We neglect wholesome food made from freshly-grown farm produce and opt to eat food that is laden with preservatives and other chemicals. We poison our bodies, minds and souls with sugary and salty foods and beverages. Our tummies have become the dumping ground for all the unwholesome food that industries prepare. Not even the meat we eat can be trusted because animals are fed with chemicals and organic food to grow faster.

How about what we feed our eyes and ears with? Television is the culprit in this case. You sit on your couch and watch negative news and programs. You see people killing one another and enjoy it. Rape and other forms of violations become commonplace to you because of constant repetition in the programs you watch. Horror movies no longer scare you and you have no problem watching a person sucking the blood of another, even if it is just acting. You celebrate violence, crime, infidelity and betrayal and this continues to poison you spiritual faculties.

The internet is much worse. Apart from all the servings of television, you can watch and read unbridled profanities from the privacy of your house. Pornography is free for all. You can watch some deranged religious fanatics cutting off the necks of innocent people in the name of the Supreme Being. All forms of evil stare at you from the internet. Not even your children are spared the negativity and diabolism of the internet.

How Is Spiritual Hunger Manifested?

If you are not sure you have been affected by the people and events that surround you to the point that you need to check into a spiritual clinic immediately, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you find yourself frustrated when you cannot find negative news on TV, the internet, social media or life in general?
  2. Are you the kind of person who talks negatively about almost everything even without intending to do so?
  3. Do you often find yourself wishing that something negative happens to another person or people?
  4. Are you always bored and unenthusiastic about life, seeing nothing good in what you and others do?
  5. Have you been deserted by friends apparently because they cannot stand your negativity or you emit negative energy?
  6. Do you hate being around people who are happy or those who exude optimism at all times?
  7. Are you the type of person who finds sleep hard to come by even after spending most of the day working?
  8. Do you experience bad dreams and nightmares in the few moments when sleep obeys you?
  9. Do you always feel victimised when negative events happen to you?
  10. Have you lost joy in life; the smile of a child; the beauty in nature and the summer breeze?
  11. Do you shun places of prayer and detest moments of silence when you can reconnect with yourself?

If your answer to most or all of the questions above is YES, then you need spiritual help. It means that you have lost touch with yourself and the Supreme Being. You have no idea what is going on in your inner self. You spiritual compass is not working. In the words of a famous poem, “the centre cannot hold together and your life is falling apart!”

Rainbow silhouette with aura - woman and man

It is unfortunate that many of us find ourselves in these situations and do not know that we are actually trapped. We assume that this is the normal pattern of things and that positive change will come automatically. Even when we realise something is wrong with ourselves, we blame others while leaving the real cause of the problem untouched – ourselves.

Here Are Important Tips On How To Emancipate Ourselves From Spiritual Starvation!

  1. Know yourself: Take time to understand the way your mind, body and soul work and are interrelated in order to detect when you are in need of spiritual help.
  2. Meditate: Meditation will help you to get peace in the mind and soul. It will reconnect you with your your spirit.
  3. Pray: If you are a religious person, go back to the basics of your religion. Reconnect with the Supreme Being and ask for renewal.
  4. Fast: When you deny yourself food for some time, your body and mind will undergo cleansing. You will also get time to pray and meditate.
  5. Make merry: When you engage in genuine laughter, especially through genuine interaction with friends and relatives, you will free yourself of stress which hinders spiritual growth.
  6. Help others: In the spiritual and physical world, human beings are interconnected. Helping other people brings joy to them and you too and uplifts you spiritually.
  7. Read: Spirituality is associated with religious texts. Whichever religion you subscribe to, look for its sacred book and get spiritual nourishment.
  8. Sing: Music elevates and rejuvenates your mind and soul. For spiritual purposes, look for sacred music and sing, listen or do both for spiritual nurture.
  9. Exercise: This may sound strange but when you give your body regular exercise, it becomes more flexible and the mind becomes clearer to appreciate spiritual matters.
  10. Minimise your interaction with television, the internet and social media and instead spend time in a natural environment.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Yoga Can Heal Your Body!

Annually, millions of dollars are spent by people seeking medical assistance. But did you know that yoga can heal your body? It is ironical that one can go to all lengths to find treatment, while by engaging in this renowned form of medication or exercise, some illnesses can be obliterated from the body.

Before delving into the exact healing abilities of yoga, it is important to remember that a human being is a system that consists of the mind, soul and body. When you get sick, it is not only your body that is responsible for the illness. Much of what you consider sickness begins in your mind. Similarly, you can be healed much faster if your mind and soul exudes positive energy. When your mind is unsettled, you are likely to become sick.


Yoga Poses – Asanas

Spirituality also plays a great role in healing. People who have a working relationship with the Supreme Being tend to have a higher propensity of overcoming illnesses than those who don’t have any spiritual leanings. When the body, mind and souls are working in tandem, you are in a more beneficial position to overcome illnesses than vice versa. Understanding this linkage is crucial to appreciating how yoga heals.

One of the ways in which yoga heals is through relaxing the body and mind. This relaxation is responsible for stabilising the heart rate. Those with hypertension know why it is important to lower the heart rate in managing the illness.

Moreover, yoga helps to heal back problems. As you pose during yoga, you become more flexible and strong and this takes off pressure from your back thus relieving pain that is associated with the back. This is especially important for people that spend most of their days arched behind office desks.

Recent studies also indicate that when you engage in sun salutations during meditation and when your perform dog poses you significantly reduce inflammations in your body. Inflammation is the primary reaction of the body to irritation and injury. Cardiovascular illnesses, arthritis and diabetes are all associated with inflammation. This is a problem that affects many cancer survivors thus making them feel fatigued for days after they have finished therapies. According to a study carried out in Norway among women who were recovering from breast cancer, participants experienced less fatigue and more vivacity three months following treatment as opposed to those who did not engage in yoga.

Studies also reveal that when you engage in about two hours of yoga (including postures, meditation and breathing works) there are positive influences in the body including genetic makeup. This happens because your PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) are affected positively by yoga exercises. In essence, there is close relationship between yoga and the wellbeing of your blood and cells.

Closely related to positive changes in your blood flow is the boosting of the immune system. By now you know that your body has a natural mechanism for fighting infection called the immune system. When your immunity is strong, you ward off illnesses and vice versa. Engaging in yoga activities has been shown to boost your immunity because of the positive impact these exercises have on your cells.

Moreover, your digestive tract and other organs stand to gain a lot from yoga exercises. Like other forms of workouts, yoga enables movement of food within the digestive tract. Clogged food in the system is responsible for many stomach and digestive illnesses as well as headaches. When food moves efficiently in your body, other organs work optimally. The heart, liver, kidney and skin are able to flush put toxins or pump blood as the case may be and this results in a healthy disposition.

Yoga also promotes mental wellbeing by helping you to manage stress levels in your body. Stress is the cause of many health problems that we go through. There are many times when you go to see the doctor because you are feeling unwell but the real problem is actually in your mind. With the many problems you face on a daily basis as you try to make ends meet and as you interact with other people, stress is bound to affect you.


Yoga brings tranquility to the mind. It brings you in touch with your inner self and Divine Power. When you engage in the breathing and movements of yoga, you begin to appreciate what life has given you and you face life with confidence. Every session brings in greater optimism. You view life positively. In the process, most of the illnesses you suffer dissipate because they were just happening in your mind. Hopefully you understand the placebo effect, which demonstrates the relationship between belief and actual happenings in your body.

The link between yoga and healing is just beginning to be verified through science. However, those who have practiced it over time have no doubt about the healing qualities of this ancient practice. From the look of things, more of these positive effects of yoga will continue to be discovered with time. For now, you have enough reasons to continue practicing yoga.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



How To Create A Good Karma

Karma is a never failing universal principle that rewards us for good deeds and punishes us for bad ones. Perhaps ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ are not accurate terms here. Let me put it in different terms. Karma gives us back what we have given to others through our thoughts, words and actions.

That is why there is good and bad karma. Good karma is the reflection of the good we do to others coming back to us to encourage us to continue doing continue doing good. Bad karma, on the other hand, is the suffering we undergo in equal measure to the pain we have put others through. Any sane person desires to have good karma.

However, good karma does not happen; just like bad karma is not arbitrary punishment. You have to work for good karma. You actions must deliberately indicate to the universe that you desire good to happen to you. Creating good karma should be the endeavour of each one of us.

How Can You Attract Good Karma?

Before we discuss strategies for creating good karma, let us understand a few things. Karma is created through intention and deliberate action. In other words, the process of attracting good karma begins with positive thoughts, fair words and responsible and kind action. Consequently, if you want to create good karma you must watch your intentions, words and thoughts.

Screen shot 2015-08-14 at 13.22.26

Secondly, karma is about how you live and interact with people. If you are a force for good in society, you will attract good karma. In essence, you need to identify ways through which you can live a positive life that also helps others to enjoy living. Good karma stems from performing good deeds to others and especially people in need.

Practical Strategies Of Creating Good Karma

Having established the areas within which you can create good karma, let us now look at practical ways of doing this. I need to caution you, though, that creating good karma is not about spending a lot of money, but transforming the lives of others for the good. If you can find a simple and inexpensive way of bringing genuine happiness to somebody else, then you will be a candidate for good karma.

  1. Making Sincere Commendations

Someone has done a good job for you or for themselves, take time to congratulate them. I know it sounds simplistic, but remember the universe is watching. You are a witness that when you receive genuine praise, your heart feels warm and you also feel valued. When you make other people feel that way, time will come for karma to return the compliment.

2. Donate To The Less Fortunate

Society has very many people who are a lot less fortunate than you and I, this can be a great source of good karma for you. As you walk along the road, look out for that beggar who may have nothing to eat tonight if you retain that extra coin or note in your pocket. There are people who have been hit by floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, who will find relief from your donation. Karma will never forget even as the unfortunate enjoy a happy day, thanks to your generosity.

  1. Express Gratitude

Many are the times when we forget to say ‘thank you’ not knowing how powerful those two words are. Creating good karma entails eliciting good feelings in others. One simple way of doing this is to thank people you live and work with. It does not cost you anything to express gratitude to a friend. You can say it or write an SMS or email. It has been proven that people who are grateful for what they have and the people they live with often attract success – and good karma for that matter.

  1. Impart knowledge To Others

There is something you know how to do and others don’t and this can be an effective strategy to create good karma. For example, why don’t you teach that young child how to ride a bicycle? You can also volunteer to teach adults who never went to school. How about adopting some young students in the nearby school to mentor into respectable and successful people like you?

Here Are Other Ways To Create Good Karma!

  • Sacrifice for others to benefit: Giving becomes meaningful when it costs you. Look for something valuable that you can donate to the community or someone you feel really needs it.
  • Leave your sit for someone older or needier: You get into a crowded train or some other form of public transport and an old person or pregnant lady is standing while you are seated. Give up the seat and attract good karma.
  • Help someone across the road: With the mad traffic rush in our cities, crossing the road can be a daunting task for people with disability or the old. Forget about your errands and take a few moments to help that needy person cross to the other side.
  • Volunteer for a good cause: Dedicate one of your vacations to the cause of the needy. Go abroad and help to construct classrooms or rebuild houses destroyed by an earthquake or hurricane.
  • Be a mediator: You find two parties in dispute and you believe they can listen to you. Offer to mediate between them and avert open physical conflict.
  • Listen: There are millions of suffering people who only want someone to listen to them. If you have such a friend or even stranger, sit and listen to their story without judging them.
  • Visit the sick in hospital: There are people who spend entire days and months staring at hospital ceilings without anyone to talk to. Summon your strength, carry some snack and asked to be allowed into a public hospital to visit a patient you don’t even know.

  • Visit prisoners: They may be the vilest people in society, but they deserve to be loved and accepted. Organise a few friends and visit the local prison with some gifts.
  • Meditate: The good thing with meditation is that it helps you to be at peace with yourself and others, thus increasing the possibility that you will perform good deeds.
  • Forgive: I know this is hard but when you don’t forgive you harbour ill feelings towards your enemy. Forgiving opens the door for good feelings and gratitude and consequently, good karma.

Tao with hearts

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Experience The Amazing Energy Of Wawel Castle Catherdral!

If you are a believer in cosmic energy, you need to visit Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland. For the uninitiated, the world is said to have seven energy plexus. People travel to Wawel Castle because it is one of those points on earth which radiate positive energy. Allow me to give you a background to universal energy plexus and to take you through the story of Wawel Castle. This will be important if I am to convince you to make a pilgrimage to this very significant place on earth.

What Are Energy Points?

I will begin by giving you an alternative term to energy pints or nexus – chakras. Legend has it that the globe has seven energy points located in Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, Delphi (Greece), Delhi, Velehrad (Czech Republic) and Wawel Hill, which is the subject of this article. Lord Shiva is said to have scattered seven energy rocks or stones which landed in those seven areas. Wawel Castle is said to contain the seventh chakra.


Electromagnetic Field Or Space Travel Concept

Those who understand the importance of chakras travel to all the seven points where they experience magical powers and rejuvenation. For some reasons, Wawel Castle is the least known and understood of these. However, this does not mean that it has less energy or significance. Spiritual experts associate this chakra with life generation and passion. Wawel Castle dates back to the time when history was not recorded.

Background Of Wawel Castle


Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland 

Before we delve deeper into the important issue of how to identify the energy spot at the Wawel Castle, let us get some history of the castle. This important structure is also a Cathedral and is an outcrop on the Vistula River. It occupies about 15 acres of rocky limestone. Wawel Hill is the place where it was deemed fit to construct a fort on the Vistula plain. It is estimated that Wawel Hill has had human inhabitants for over 50,000 years now.

Wawel Castle has had different occupants since the 8th century when it was a tribal headquarters. From the 8th century, the castle became the home of royalty. In addition, all the bishops of the city of Krakow lived in the castle. More significantly, when the Polish people decided to make Krakow their capital, they started to anoint and bury their kings inside the Wawel Cathedral.

The current cathedral is the third one, the previous too having been demolished or modified. Work on the present structure began in 1320 and ended in 1364. To their credit the Poles have maintained the structure in almost the same form. However, the baroque and Renaissance chapels were constructed later to complement the original edifice.

Did You Know?

Pope John Paul II (or Karol Wojtyla) was a native Pole who conducted his first mass inside the Wawel Cathedral’s crypt in 1946? He later became the Archbishop of Krakow and as tradition would have it, became the head of the Wawel Cathedral. From that time, it took him a decade and a half to become the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the world. It is possible that he owed his strength and charisma to the energy radiating from the castle.

Benedict XVI – ‘John Paul II

What To See At The Wawel Cathedral

Keen travellers and tourists will find a lot of interesting features at this important spiritual site. To begin with, there are eighteen chapels inside the cathedral. Each has its share of religious heritage dating back to the pagan era. Most of these chapels were built by renowned architects of the time. Moreover, some of them are actually tombs of different kings of the past.

Many tourists are quick to notice the façade of the golden dome of the Sigismund Chapel. This is what many consider to be the most refined Renaissance worship place in the areas on the upper side of the Alps. If you love art, you will be mesmerised by the stuccos, sculptures and paintings inside this dome. These artworks are attributed to famous architects of the time. This chapel is a marvellous work of artistic ingenuity.

As you tour Wawel Cathedral you will notice the St. Stanislav’s mausoleum. He is the patron saint of Poland. This is also the resting place of King Boleslav II who was a Krakow bishop that was killed in the 11th century by King Boleslav II. The clergyman’s coffin is decorated with a dozen exceptional reliefs taken from his days as a priest and also the miracles that took place when his name was invoked after he had died. While the bishop’s tomb is made of silver, his successors’ resting places are made of marble and are placed next to their predecessor’s.


Krakow – Poland’s Historic Centre

You will also be surprised to know that Wawel Cathedral remained the resting place of the rulers of Poland even after it was decided that the national capital would be in Warsaw. Out of 45 kings, 41 were buried in tombs that are found in the chapel. Poland did not stop its tradition of burying its heroes at the Wawel Cathedral even after becoming a modern nation. Here you will find the tombs of national greats like poets and freedom fighters whose remains were interred in the 19th century.

Another important feature that awaits you as you visit the cathedral is the museum. There is also a library and archives. Don’t forget to visit the Sigismund Tower and the Sigismund Bell which became operational in 1520. This bell is tolled when there are solemn occasions like when Pope John Paul II died in 2005.

Magical Energy

It is evident that there is some magical energy in this location. The activities that have taken place in the cathedral for so many years indicate that this is an extraordinary place. While common Poles may consider Wawel Castle a great part of their heritage, followers of lord Shiva prefer to see it as the dwelling place of the seventh chakra. The latter claim that there is verifiable evidence that this place has mystical power and divine energy, which that radiate to all who visit the chapel. Lord Shiva is considered the transformer and this energy point is meant to give people vitality to live better lives.

It is no wonder that pagan worship was practiced on Wawel Hill a long time ago. Worshippers sacrificed to idols and engaged in pagan mythology along River Vistula. The fact that the castle later became a religious centre for Catholics is evidence of the magnetic nature of the place. This is attributed to the seventh chakra that many, even tour guides at the site, are unaware of.


Royal Castle On Wawelu.Poland

Is The Chakra In The Entire castle?

No. As we observed earlier, the seven energy stones were scattered all over the world and one fell at Wawel Castle. The real chakra is found in the Castle which is in the courtyard on the eastern side. Remember, you will not see the energy but you will feel it. It is located in the depths of the earth from where it radiates towards the surface.

Challenges Posed By Other Religious Beliefs

As you travel to Poland to visit the seventh chakra, you need to remember that not everybody shares these beliefs. In fact, there are very many Poles that have no idea about the chakra in their land. You need to appreciate the Catholic and Christian background of Wawel Hill and the Cathedral. Not many people will share in your excitement and desire to find energy in this place. Even when you think you have evidence of the manifestation of chakra, people may consider you a lunatic of some sort.

Screen shot 2015-09-11 at 19.02.25

In Eastern Europe, a religion that does not correspond to Roman Catholicism is not highly regarded. Unlike other parts of the world where Catholics have incorporated the mysticism and relics of local religions, Catholicism in Eastern Europe is still the orthodox variety. The fact that majority of the citizens of these countries are Catholics makes it even harder for them to understand chakras.

This combination of factors may make your experience unpleasant especially if you engage locals in discussions about the seventh chakra which is supposed to be in their land. Anything you say that is not connected to the religious beliefs they are used to will be greeted with sarcasm and skepticism. Others may even refuse bluntly to discuss anything like chakras with you.

Know Your Mission

During your visit, ensure you enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of Wawel Hill. As you imbibe the rejuvenating energy of the seventh chakra, do not bother so much with what the hosts or other tourists say. Remember what has brought you to Wawel Castle is to enjoy the energy that emanates from deep down the earth. All other issues should be relegated to the periphery.

When all is said and done, you will do yourself a big favour if you take this important pilgrimage to the place where lord Shiva placed the seventh energy stone. You will return home energised and also having visited a place whose significance only few people understand.

Wawel hill at night

Wawel Hill At Night

With Love,

Your Grace Guru