What Is The Best Investment You Can Make?

One of the pillars of wealth-making is investment. Investment decisions often determine the type of life you and your offspring will lead. Investment experts make a lot of money doling out nuggets of information on the best way to create a secure financial future. You will come across a lot of financial advice on where to put your money but none is more powerful than to invest in yourself.

We all go to work to make a living and ensure we have a secure future, which also includes our offspring. So the first pillar of building wealth is to work and get some income. That is why you sacrifice sleep and other luxuries as you toil for a living. There is a lot of joblessness in the world today. Not many people have the luxury of having the kind of job you have. So when you get a job, you need to give it your best.

You only earn an income by waking up in the morning and availing yourself at work on time. You must also learn to follow instructions from your bosses. With time, you will move up the ladder to positions of higher responsibility. This should be your goal because the need to progress is deeply ingrained in each one of us. However, in the contemporary workplace, progress does not only come from the number of years you have served in a firm.

That is why you need to consider investing in yourself.

To begin with, you need to invest in your education. You must identify the best courses that can make you a better professional. I know you would like to build a house and live comfortably. But education is one investment you can never go wrong with. Even if you lose your job or become broke, the knowledge you have accumulated through education will give you another. It is an investment that no one can steal from you. Your promotion depends on how well you progress on the educational ladder. Even if it means studying after work or through email, consider it an investment worth putting your money into.

While working, you need to think about another important investments. There is one important person that will never leave you – yourself. How important is it for you to earn as much money as you can yet not have the health to enjoy it? Invest in your health. Don’t overwork your body for money that will be in your life for a short moment. In the busy materialistic world we live in it is possible to believe that when you take time off work, your life will become a cropper. That is a lie.

Create time for exercises that will stretch out your body and rejuvenate it. Don’t allow obesity to become your lot. Seek the help of a fitness expert who can prescribe the best workout routines for your situation. In addition, eat a balanced diet and particularly a lot of fruits and vegetables inaddition to taking a lot of water. Invest in fresh fruit juices and smoothies instead of soft drinks and carbonated beverages.

Your mental and emotional health is another crucial area of self-investment. Surround yourself with people who love and value you. Create time for your partner or spouse. If you have children, invest in quality time with them. There is nothing that will bring fulfillment in your life than to see your offspring growing up into responsible men or women. To know that you played an important role in bringing up another human being responsibly surpasses many other investments or achievements.


Investing in yourself also implies having time for your soul. I know this may sound unusual for some people but your spiritual life is as important as your physical and mental faculties. The good news is that you need no material resources to build your spiritual life. Whichever religion you subscribe to, make time for communion with the Supreme Being. You can also delve into yoga and meditation to make your spiritual experience even better. Spirituality makes you a well-rounded person who can interact well with other people. More importantly, it gives you tranquilityand contentment thus making it a worthy investment.

Woman meditating in side balance yoga position on the top of a mountainsInvestment in yourself also depends on how much you save – another important pillar of wealth-making. When you save, you create a reserve that will help you to further invest in yourself especially by travelling around the world. It has been said that life is not a rehearsal. You will only live once. Take time to give your life a treat. Visit those places that you only read in travel magazines. Make time to visit iconic places in the world! If you love wild animals, go on a safari in one of the best parks in the world. If you love sports, why don’t you visit one of those overseas teams that you support on a day when they are playing and watch their match live?

There is no better investment than the one geared towards making yourself a better person. I suggest that you learn a new language. When you visit people in their country and locality and they realise that you can speak their language yet you are not a native speaker, you make them appreciate you more. You can begin by enrolling in an international language that you have never spoken. How about French, Arabic, German, Chinese and any other language you deem important. Today you can learn an entire language through online means, which means you don’t have to spend time in a physical classroom.

When all is said and done, the best investment is in yourself.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



How Kind Are You?

We live in a world where good and bad exist side-by-side. None of us are immune to misfortune. All of us would love to live a stress-free life, but this is the exception rather than the rule. At any one time, there are millions of people who are agonising over one problem or the other. When you meet anybody anytime, remember they are facing a battle and kindness from you will help!

But there is a question that you need to ask yourself “are you giving enough kindness?” Let us begin by emphasising that we all need kindness. As human beings, we cannot live alone, especially when misfortune strikes. Sooner or later, you will need people who can bring cheer into your life. For this reason, you need to start being kind to others.

Think of the orphaned child who does not know what the future will bring. While you are thinking about the delayed promotion at work, there is a child that has a bleak future unless you intervene with kindness. Remember that child that will never enjoy the warmth of a mother’s touch or her comforting words during scary moments.

The person you sit next to in the plane or train may be undergoing the stress and agony that accompanies divorce. After years of living together with another person and believing in ‘happily ever after’ sad reality suddenly dawns. That women or man could be a parent that does not understand what will happen to their children after divorce. Are you being kind enough to them?

Despite advanced medicine, we are witnessing more chronic and deadly diseases than ever before. There are countless people suffering from the physical and psychological effects of being HIV positive. Many of them have been rejected by their families and friends. They are regarded as outsiders. They are not welcome into social events as before. How kind are you to such people?

The cancer epidemic is devastating the world. The best medical care is unable to prevent people from contracting this dreaded illness. Somewhere in your neighbourhood, or in your family, there is someone undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy. The cost of these therapies and pertinent medicine is too high for some. Others have been transferred to hospices to spend their last days, secluded from society.

Is praying for them sufficient or you need to visit them and donate money or other materials for their treatment?


Recently, the world witnessed the unfortunate incident of a journalist in Eastern Europe who, instead of helping a refugee and his son to reach their intended destination safely, stuck out her leg and floored the poor guy and his son. How is that for kindness? We have become so callous that the suffering of other people fills some of us with joy. But how different are we from the camera lady?

We condemn refugees fleeing war in the Middle East without bothering to understand their predicaments?

 Are you giving enough kindness to your spouse or partner? This person expects you to understand them more than anybody else. They go to work and come home tired. They want to have a tasty meal and have a peaceful evening. It is possible that this person had a bad day at work. Some have quarreled with their bosses and workmates. Others messed up important processes and have been warned. What does such a person expect when they arrive home? A querulous partner? A demanding and nagging spouse?

Some parents are also not kind to their children. Not all children will bring excellent grades all the time. Sometimes the grades will fluctuate. Unfortunately, some parents are harsh and even violent to children who seem not to perform well in school. Quarrelling the child and threatening them will only worsen the situation. This child needs a parent who will listen and understand. After all, if someone went behind the scene and checked your performance at the same grade as your child, you may have no moral authority to question their performance!

There are many examples that one can cite of situations when you need to exercise more kindness. Always remember that you can be the person in need of kindness in the examples we have cited. It is for your own good that you learn to be kind to other people, whether you know them or you don’t. You may ignore that old man who cannot cross the road by himself, but sooner or later, you will be in a similar position.

Need I remind you that karma is a bitch?


Cultivate kindness while remembering that the universe is one. We are interconnected. No one is independent of the other. Fate and destiny are real. Whatever good or evil you do to others will eventually come back to you. You have a free will but you must exercise it in doing good to others. Our life on earth is transient. Today you are here but tomorrow you will be gone. Do good such that those who remain will have a good reason to remember you.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to exercise kindness that impacts others powerfully. Kindness can become an effortless attitude when you begin to embrace it. Find people in your family, neighborhood and society who need your help. Some of the items you don’t need any more could be precious to others. That sweet and comforting speech you are keeping in your heart could gladden the heart of another person.

Cultivate kindness while remembering that the universe is one. We are interconnected. No one is independent of the other. Fate and destiny are real. Whatever good or evil you do to others will eventually come back to you. You have a free will but you must exercise it in doing good to others. Our life on earth is transient. Today you are here but tomorrow you will be gone. Do good such that those who remain will have a good reason to remember you.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to exercise kindness that impacts others powerfully. Kindness can become an effortless attitude when you begin to embrace it. Find people in your family, neighborhood and society who need your help. Some of the items you don’t need any more could be precious to others. That sweet and comforting speech you are keeping in your heart could gladden the heart of another person.

Whatever you do, endeavour to be kinder through you actions and words, for your kindness will come back to you in equal measure when you need it most, and that could be soon.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Q&A – All About Love

Love makes the world move around, or so I have been taught to believe. What will people not do for love? Kill they will, without any remorse. Rob they will, with untold savagery. We can even hate other people if those we think we love ask us to do so. How many battles have been fought over love? How many people have died because of love?

With all the research that has gone into multiple disciplines of academia and the respective books that have emerged, no discipline has surpassed love in terms of literature. Volumes and volumes, including religious books, have been penciled in honour of love. Poets appear never to run out of words to express romance and other forms of love.

Sometimes I am getting tired of the musicians who harass my ears with loads and loads of love messages. I know you love Valentines Day and the mass murder of flowers that accompanies the day. I often marvel at the rate of divorce among those who sing to us about love yet they do not understand what love is. Well, when you analyse love in modern society, you may be tempted to think it is a commodity that one can easily purchase in the market.

Loved Naturally?

But have you ever wondered why some people seem to be loved by a wide cross section of the society even when the object of love does little or nothing directly to influence this trend? Welcome to the world of magnetic love, where people radiate warmth and passion to the extent of being irresistible. I am not talking about the Casanova who manages to take every woman to bed on the first date and dumps them like used diapers. I am thinking of the kind of people who ooze love; those that don’t need to move an inch to be hugged or kissed.

You obviously know such people. Chances are you are jealous of them because you don’t seem to understand why they are loved when in your opinion they don’t deserve it! I have good news for you. You also can become a magnet of love through learning. I know you are wondering how this is possible considering your last encounter with a woman or a man who rejected you. Anyway, it is all about understanding yourself and other people.

The Human Need for Love

From the moment you are born, you are surrounded with love. For most parents, the best gift they can ever receive is the birth of a child. There is nothing a mother cannot do to save her child from harm. The story continues throughout life.

Parents work hard to show love to their children. For the sake of a child, you will invest and save to give your loved one a better future. No effort is spared to ensure that one’s child gets the best opportunities in life. Moreover, you kiss and hug them; you hold them in your hands and ensure everybody knows they belong to you.

The human desire to be loved is the reason we attend weddings and get married. We want someone to live with and share life together. You want a person you can play and cry with; someone you can be yourself with. It’s no wonder that some of us become jealous and possessive.

Have you observed how we extend love to pets? Even an animal understands the need to love and be loved. That cat does not curl itself around you simply to feel warm. Your dog does not welcome you so well simply because it wants some bones. It is all about love. Everyone wants to feel loved and this is why you need to be a magnet of love.

Never-Ending Questions About Love

Having been accustomed to love, rejection comes as a shock to you when you experience it first. How dare she or he reject me? People go to all lengths to find answers to the question of rejection and the fact that others seem not to struggle to find love. Surprisingly, even the not-so-beautiful may find love and acceptance before you.

I want to challenge you to take time and study the character and mannerisms of the person you consider to be loved by everyone and you will realize something about him or her. They don’t have to pretend or show off for them to be loved or accepted. It comes naturally. It is innate. They appear to radiate love the way the sun spreads its warmth. Your jealousy aside, you have to admit that you also like such people!

Would you love to be a love magnet? Do you want to be the center of attraction for good reason? Do you want to be the kind of person everyone wants to be around? To be magnetic, you don’t need to spend a dime. It is more than living a luxurious life and giving expensive gifts to people to love you. Here are a few recommendations to turn you into a love magnet today:

  1. Learn to Love Yourself First!

It all begins with you. Nobody will love you as much as you love yourself. To put it differently and in a blunter manner, nobody loves those who hate themselves. Begin by appreciating yourself. Discover the rich potential within you by understanding your strength and emphasising on them. Write down the qualities that make you unique. Talk to your friends and ask them what they find to be your areas of strength. Keep this list and refer to it regularly.

People who love and appreciate themselves become magnets of love. They grow confident thus attracting others who feel they need a share of that confidence. Vibrations of love go in and out, impacting the giver and the receiver and creating a sense of mutuality. Like attracts like; the more confidence and love you exude the more people of comparable characteristics you will attract, hence becoming a love magnet. Now you can understand why you don’t need to strive to make people love you.

  1. Be Generous With Your Blessings

Suppose you were a real magnet and the rest of us were metallic in nature, how would we connect to each other? Through magnetic waves, you say. Now look at yourself and realize that you have a lot of great treasures that other people can get from you. We only know your soul through your appearance and attitude towards others. People cannot read your motives or see your heart but they can judge you through your attitude towards others.

Smile more often. Have you ever met a person who resists a smile? Extend your helping hand to others. Reach out to the underprivileged in society. Be the shoulder that your friends cry on when misfortunes befall them. Be there when people need you even when you have no material things to offer. Speak in a manner that edifies you listeners. Be the person who motivates and encourages others. You will never lack the opportunity to do so considering the rate at which human beings experience misfortune. You will be shocked at how fast you will become an irresistible force for love.

  1. Be Thankful!

If you are sincere with yourself, you know that you love being in the company of people who are optimistic and grateful for what they have. Nobody wants to be in a polluted environment where gloom and despondency are transmitted. If you want to be a magnet of love, you must learn to be thankful for all that you have. People are drawn to optimistic people like a moth is attracted to light.

Teach people around you to appreciate what they have. Show them that using what they already have they can climb to higher levels of prosperity. Demonstrate to them that the present is the only reality they have and that they need to enjoy it. As you deliberately appreciate gratefulness, others within your frequency will find their way to you effortlessly.

  1. Let Fear Go!

Human nature is such that we fear being hurt. Consequently, we fear opening up our hearts to people we think might hurts us. But that is not always the case. To be a love magnet, you must appreciate the wonderful elements in each living thing. You must learn to appreciate people the way they are and let go feelings of rejection.

As you accept people they way they are they will reciprocate in a similar manner. Do not hold on to past relationships that did not go well with you. If you have friends who want to leave your life, release them with an open heart and thank them for the time you spent together and the blessings they brought your way. Do not fear to be hurt. Instead, treat every disappointment as an opportunity to learn. If you harbour feelings of regret and hate, people will run away from you instead of being attracted to you.

Important Issues To Remember

    1. Every human being wants to be loved and appreciated and this is where being a love magnet begins.
    2. Being a love magnet is not hard. What is crucial is to position yourself to attract people by simply being good to them.
    3. If you are passionate about love and you radiate the same, like-minded people will find you irresistible.
    4. Relationships are opportunities to grow, not to shrink. Learning from broken relationships that humanity still retains a lot that is good and beneficial makes you a magnet.
    5. You are a unique human being, possessing qualities that others don’t have. Maximize on your uniqueness to become a magnet.
    6. Discover your passion and exploit it for the benefit of others and yourself.
    7. No human being resists genuine and beneficial passion. Use yours productively today.
    8. Magnets attract metals. You stand to gain individually when you become a love magnet because you will only attract people of value in your life.
    9. Being grateful has the magical quality of bringing more blessings into your life including like-minded people.
    10. You can begin the process of becoming a love magnet today irrespective of how detestable you have been in the past.

With love,

Your Grace Guru