The Importance Of Getting Your 8 Hours!

I am sure you already know all that stuff about how important sleep is for your health? But I think a little reminder is always good!

Its not a secret, that if you like to feel much more harmonised, happy and balanced, to be energised and to loose some extra weight in a quick period of time but on a regular basis! The only thing you need to do is to get a solid average 8 hour sleep everyday! You can schedule a short afternoon nap too if your like me and love your sleep! There is even more to come from having an amazing sleep – you can regulate your hormones, metabolism and make all your organs work much more productively with an extra bonus of boosting your immunity and be in a good mood!

When we sleep our brain and organs help to heal itself, as well as the cell reproduction, regeneration and even production of immune cells reach their highest point! A Healthy brain needs a good sleep!

All the busy bees work so hard during the week and sleep of an average 6 1/2 hours thinking they can really catch up during the weekends? One mistake is that during the weekend we go out and end up going to sleep even later then during the week, if you drink some alcohol, it will kill your sleep even more!
Yes it is true we fall a sleep very fast but during the night we wake up a lot and its not that long deep restful sleep what we like to call it! So catching up during weekend does not count, you need a regular everyday sleep!

Drinking lots of espressos and caffeine during the day will not fix it or improve your energy! I love coffee and the taste of espresso, but not because I need to wake up, well most of the time not, we all have the odd day!

If you don’t sleep enough it will just make you feel so overwhelmed with everything, sluggish, irritable, depressed and you will be overweight as your appetite will be increased and so the food intake increases! Why?! Because if you don’t get enough sleep cortisone and Ghrelin (this is the hormone that increases appetite) are going to be rapidly producing. Yep! This is the truth, i know you all didn’t want to hear it but here it is! so just in case….from cortisone we gain weight! Just in case if you didn’t hear that before haha?

With Love,

Your Grace Guru