Who Is The Real Winner?

The desire to be first and to receive praise is the undoing of many of us. For some strange reason, we tend to believe that we are competing with one another. It is a fact that human beings are similar in many ways, but they are also very different. Biologically, we function the same way and are exposed to similar challenges and illnesses. However, when we enter the social realm, all the parameters change.

Deceptive Perceptions

The world of perceptions is deceptive. We always find reasons to believe that we must strive to be like others. Granted, there is always somebody who will be more handsome or beautiful, stronger, slimmer, faster, smarter and of course younger!

Race To The Top

Life then becomes a race for the top, irrespective of how we get there. You may blame it on instincts – Charles Darwin called it survival for the fittest. You may want to attribute it to our school systems – were we not taught to be the best in our classes?

Danger Of Obsession

But did you know there is some danger in being obsessed with ‘leading while others follow?’

Think about it this way: would it not be better if you set your own goals and strived to achieve them instead of blindly competing with people whose goals you don’t know or share? It is unfortunate that many of us lose focus of what we want to achieve and instead concentrate on being better than others.

The Destination Or The Competition?

Here is one of my favourite examples: A family is taking a car trip from London to Paris! The journey is exciting; the experience unforgettable and punctuated with merry songs. Suddenly the father realises there is another car on the same route, headed to Paris. In a moment of unexplained madness, he decides to accelerate to arrive in Paris before the other driver – a perfect stranger. His concern is no longer with the destination but ‘winning.’ Only competition matters.

The journey of life has its difficulties and challenges and remaining focused on your goal is imperative. There is enough to worry about to the extent that competing with other people becomes unnecessary and useless. Beside, we are all created with different talents and abilities. Live your life and seek to be a winner against your goals not fellow travellers and strangers!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



International Yoga Day!

Wow! Today, June 21st 2015, was announced as the official International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly. Tens of thousands of people were motivated and guided by India’s prime minister Narendra Modi in a yoga session on Rajpath in New Delhi to celebrate the first International Yoga Day and cheer a ‘new era of peace’ to ritualise the ancient Indian practice.

International Yoga Day - Grace Guru

As you may know already, Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice or you can call it discipline that originated in India 5000 years ago. Suggesting June 21, which is the summer’s longest day of the year within the Northern Hemisphere, it has special significance in many parts of the world.

From the viewpoint of yoga, the Summer Solstice (the sun rises over the longest day of the year) marks the transition to Dakshinayana (the six-month period between Summer solstice and Winter solstice). The first full moon after Summer Solstice is known as Guru Poornima. According to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Lord Shiva, the first yoga practitioner is said to have begun imparting the knowledge of yoga to the rest of mankind on this day.

Crowds of people doing yoga - why? - Graceguru.netThe Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed to the UN General Assembly on September 27, the following:

 “Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. This tradition is 5000 years old. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change. Let us work towards adopting an International Yoga Day.”

—Narendra Modi, UN General Assembly

Since early morning all over the world, millions of yoga fans, have been bending and twisting their bodies into multiple postures and positions to mark International Yoga Day! Yay!

Grace Guru - IYD June 21st

I think this is a great idea; Yoga has become a big part of many people’s lives across the globe. We should all definitely come up with celebrating and developing this practice next year in London!


With Love,

Your Grace Guru 



Raw Food Diet – Everything You Need To Know

The debate on whether raw foods are better than cooked foods has continued for many years and may not end soon. With every party of the divide advancing equally divergent propositions and using viable strategies to support its argument, it is hard to imagine when a consensus shall be reached. In my opinion, the safest path for all of us would be to blend the arguments of the two opposing sides and come up with a middle ground. To understand why this is the best approach, let us explore each side of the story.


Raw Food Advocates

People who advance the idea that raw food is the best form of diet opine that cooking destroys the nutrients in food. Moreover, the natural enzymes in food are likely to be destroyed by heat during cooking. According to those who advocate for raw food, when the enzymes in food are destroyed you will have problems with digestion and will be vulnerable to chronic diseases. The argument does not end there. If you cook food, they assert, you make it poisonous. What more? If you want to deal with allergies and headaches, have an optimal immune system and improved memory look no further than raw diets. If you suffer from diabetes and arthritis, this is the diet for you, they say.

How Effective Is A Raw Diet?

Opponents may not like this but raw food has numerous benefits. If you are trying to run away from obesity, you will be happy to note that this diet, with its low fats, few calories and high fibre content is effective in weight loss. The nutritional value is also superior. Talk of minerals, phytochemicals, fiber and vitamins. Are you aware that when you cook food you destroy vitamins that are soluble in water such as B and C? This diet will also force you to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and this is obviously a plus for your health.

You must also acknowledge what experts have found out, especially that raw diet results in mental clarity, increased energy levels, reduced inflammation, higher energy level and an enhanced complexion.

What Exactly Is A Raw Diet?

The good news is that you don’t have to cook. Hooray for the lazybones! Now, here comes the interesting part. You will eat unprocessed and uncooked food. Raw vegetables, fruits, seed, nuts and sprouted grains. For fans of raw eggs and unpasteurised milk, you have a feast here. There are even raw food enthusiasts who enjoy raw meat and fish, however disgusting you find this to be!

Why I Don’t Fancy Exclusive A Raw Food Diet

I have no problem with eating some foods raw. You would be a fool to be caught red-handed cooking mangoes! I have no problem with munching carrots like rabbits! If you make raw vegetable juice, I will watch as you gulp that precious package of nutrients down your throat. But even in these situations, I shudder at the amount of toxic substances that water cannot wash away, particularly in this age where organic farming is not the norm. I consider this an expensive and risky affair when carried out indiscriminately.

Nutritional experts counsel us that cooking actually boosts some nutrients (like lycopene and beta-carotene) in some foods. When you cook food, you destroy some harmful bacteria and avoid an expensive trip to the doctor. There are foods that must be cooked to be eaten. For example, how do you eat raw black beans? If beans can cause bloating and serious tummy problems when they are cooked, how about raw ones? Can you imagine eating raw meat? No, thank you! And who said that only uncooked food can prevent us from diseases.

Someone told me that it costs less to eat raw food. How much does organic food cost compared to conventionally-grown food? Add to that the cost of buying blenders, dehydrators and food processor for making raw food palatable and you have a huge bill on your doorstep. Need I mention the grin on your doctor’s face when he imagines the money he will charge you until your belly quits rumbling and running?

Bridging The Gap

Although a number of people have reported marked improvement in health after adhering to a raw diet, you must know people who experience constipation, bloating, dry skin, insomnia, low libido and other adverse side effects after eating raw food. As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The word ‘meat’ here can easily be substituted with raw milk, raw vegetables and raw meat.

People’s bodies differ and the raw diet may bring cheer and health to one person and misery and disease to another. The Ayurvedic perspective holds that raw foods can strain the digestive systems of some people. This may lead to limited absorption of nutrients, malnourishment of body tissue and eventually illness. This approach advocates for a mixture of raw and cooked foods in our diets.

The reactions of different people to raw foods are also premised on their body conditions. A sick person may find raw food unacceptable because it can aggravate illness. Moreover, while older people are more at home with cooked food, young ones can easily handle raw food. One cannot, therefore, impose raw food on people without taking cognisance of individual idiosyncrasies.


Parting Shot

In my opinion, let the food that can be eaten raw be consumed in that manner. We leave in a world with a lot of pollution. The food we eat and the animals that we slaughter and eat are not spared. The toxins they carry can easily affect us whether we cook or don’t cook the food. The best approach is to prepare food mildly, in a manner that does not destroy most of the nutrients. Food, in whatever form we choose to consume it, must nourish and not destroy the body. Since raw and cooked foods are not perfect, individual discretion based on expert advice is preferable when making this important choice.

Important Issues to Remember!

  1. Raw food contains high levels of nutrients and fibre and is ideally the best food.
  2. Raw food can play a great role in supplementing your nutritional requirements and fighting a number of diseases such as diabetes.
  3. Cooking often destroys the nutritional value of food especially of the food is overcooked.
  4. Raw food does not require cooking and will save you time and the cost of purchasing cooking equipment and materials.
  5. However, there are very many toxins in both plant and animal products that can be minimised through cooking.
  6. Not all foods can be eaten raw. Some, like legumes must be boiled for some time to become edible.
  7. The nutritional value of some foods is enhanced through cooking, which implies that eating them raw will deny you nutrients.
  8. The preparation and consequences of eating raw food may make this diet more costly than the cooked version.
  9. Although raw food works for some people, it is harmful and detrimental to others. Individual discretion is therefore important.
  10. Ayurvedic teachings hold that good health emanates from the food we eat but also how well we can digest and assimilate it.

With love,

Your Grace Guru



Instant Positive Thinking!

Positive thinking, its not about expecting positive to happen every single time and all your life – its accepting that whatever happens is the best for you, for this moment. Don’t take it negative, but keep saying to yourself, that this is for the best of the situation now!

So don’t forget, always keep smiling!


It is very important to have the right thinking at every moment! Try to watch and control your thoughts as much as you can! During the day, at work, in the shower, when you are with friends or family, when you take a walk or busy with your hobby and when you have a stressful situation! Visualizing the best to happen, but then accepting the result and creating the right thoughts irrespective of what the outcome maybe. Positive thinking does not mean what will happen, will be the best; It means whatever will happen or is happening to you right now, will be accurate for me; because this is what I have already created, but now is the time to change and create new future.

If its difficult to watch and control your thoughts, start meditating, it will definitely help!


Accepting the outcome of the situation, keeps us stable in the moment. We retrain the strength, confidence and motivation to put in our best in the next moment.

This is very powerful, the positive thinking does not mean to expect the best every time, but to accept what is happening now is the best for this moment! It changes the vibration of your thoughts and your energy! Like attracts like!


The importance to understand the positive thinking is not only to think positive in to the future but to think positive in the moment of now and no matter what happens or comes to you at this exact moment you have to take in on and trust the universe, that from now on no matter what I will take everything with good energy and everything that is happening takes me closer to the light.

“Act but don’t React.” – Think what is best for you and for that moment!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Music Can Heal You!

Music is renowned for its entertainment value. Millions of people listen to their favourite music everyday. It is rare for any human being not to be affected positively (or negatively) by certain kind of music. But music is just part of the large phenomenon called sound. An examination of sound will reveal that it actually heals.

Healing is often perceived to be in the jurisdiction of physicians, traditional healers and spiritual leaders. However, nature has its own methods of bringing relief to people. It is important to state this at the onset that human beings are part of nature and only by adhering to natural principles are they able to lead productive lives. Sound is part of those natural principles and those who understand this fact do not ignore the role of sound in healing.

Did You Know?

Sound is more than what we casually consider it to be. It is such a powerful force that it bestows health and tranquility. Its potency is evident when we cry, love or pour out other emotions after listening to music. Do you know people who change their moods suddenly and act in unexpected ways owing to music? You may not have scientific data to prove it, but music moves you in a manner that few other phenomena do. We sometimes get into the trap of believing that everything we cannot prove does not exist, thanks to science and empirical inquiry.

What Then, Is Sound?

It is not easy to define sound. However, an effective way of understanding sound is to think of it as vibrations or waves passing through the air to your ears. Experts opine that music helps us to send messages to the nervous systems of people and other creatures. Since the nervous system is the recipient of messages from the brain, sound and its healing effects can be transmitted throughout your body and those of other creatures.

The Effects Of Sound

What makes you turn on the radio to look for the station that is playing music instead of the one hosting a talk show? Have you noticed that when you are driving you are more likely to listen to music than to a news bulleting unless the news is sensational? More importantly, the music you listen to tends to inspire you to drive on and enjoy the exercise. There is something about the sound of music that propels you to want to listen to it.

Think about a lullaby and what it does to a child. By the way, you are likely to achieve more with a lullaby when trying to soothe a child to sleep than using force or threats. The rhythmic effect of music has the soothing effect that sends the little one to sleep. Actually, some mothers are known to listen to music when they are pregnant as a method of keeping the child healthy and happy long before birth.

You will also realise the magical effect of sound when you think about how we use music to spice up our events. Every major national event begins with the national anthem. Why? It is a call to patriotism. It appeals to the nationalistic values in citizens and rallies them towards a specific cause. Sports events are also preceded by musical entertainment. There is power in sound.

At a social level, people also utilise music for a number of reasons. Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, you will find people losing their minds to the rhythm and sound of a good beat. That is when you find even little children rising up to try out an out-of-this-world dance move. Even those people you have always known to be docile and taciturn often find themselves withdrawing from social hibernation when their favourite music is played.

Let us also contemplate sounds that are not necessarily musical. Do you know people who like walking in the woods simply to listen to the chirping of birds and the howling of the wind as it finds its way through trees and other vegetation? I know people who find peace in those sounds. They feel at peace and rejuvenated when the wild sounds of nature reach their ears. Once you learn to appreciate natural sound, you become addicted to its invigorating effects. You find yourself in love with sounds that other people may not even understand.

But perhaps the most powerful but subtle effect of sound is healing. Advances in modern medicine have made people to forget that sound heals. It is a form of medicine that helps people, especially those in intensive care or those with mental problems, to come back to their normal states. You may also want to try sound when you are ill and you will realise that your body, spirit and mind will find new energy to rise up and overcome the illness.

Blue Water Ripples

We can see vibration on water!

How Does Sound Healing Work?

Sound reaches your body through vibrations that we call -voices, singling bowls, drums, gongs and other implements. You can see the vibrations in the water for example!


Singing Bowl

These sounds have different frequencies and are multifaceted. A single note of music is differentiated into individual aspects that reach your ear. You need to understand that some of the harmonics cannot be heard individually but they remain active in the background. They are powerful and attractive to the ear and impact your body positively. Your body organs have varying reactions to different tones thus making you to hear varying notes and dissimilar methods of voicing them. What some people call noisy music is actually the source of harmonies that bring peace and joy. The fact is that different instruments must work for the same purpose even if they produce different sounds.

How Is This Related To Healing?

Your body uses the same principle. Every organ must play its role but in harmony with the rest. They produce different ‘sounds’ energy vibrations, but harmony must result from this organised ‘noise’. However, if your body has disharmony among its organs, chaos will ensue. This chaos is what we call disease. Sound of healing has a core energy field, which ensures you have mental, emotional and physical health in the body. Changing this field means changes in the way your body operates and responds to stimuli.

Complications That Are Healed Through Sound Therapy

If you experience problems getting sleep, sound healing can work for you. Insomnia is a serious problem in the current generation. People engage in all sorts of activities to get money to the extent that their sleep patterns are interrupted. A simple way of doing this at home is to play your favorite music (or any soft music with slow beats) as you lie on the bed. Sleep will invade your territory even before you know it. It is similar to the lullaby you sing for a child to soothe them to sleep.

Another problem that can be healed through sound is anxiety or stress. Many of us go through life with a lot of anxiety. If you are a parent, there are bills to foot every month and children to take to school. Sometimes you have to work several jobs to make ends meet. Your days are spent at work and you rarely sleep adequately. Life becomes a serious struggle to remain alive. The only time you get to recuperate is when you can afford a holiday. This is the time when the healing sound of your favorite music can come handy.

Are you depressed? The reason you are despondent is the many saddening things that happen in life. Maybe a member of your family is sick. You may be grieving after losing a loved one. Probably you have lost your job and you don’t seem to find any at the time you need it. You walk as if the whole world in perched on your back and fastened with a metal cord. Giving up is what your mind is thinking all the time. Get some spiritual music and listen to it to gladden and uplift your soul.

Sound is also known to have powerful effects that can relieve pains and aches especially in the joints and muscles. For people who perform manual jobs and those who engage in sports, such pains are common. You can also fall into the same condition while performing your normal duties or when you contract tropical fevers such as malaria. While conventional music is desirable in this situation, you can get relief from listening to your preferred music. The soothing sound effects of a composition that you like can assuage your pain and give you the positive attitude you need at such a time.

Ever experienced a migraine? You know that painful headache that hits you like a hammer and prevents you from carrying out any activity. Regardless of what causes your pain, you wish that it would go anytime. Unfortunately, some migraines never go away easily. You have to look for the most potent pain killer. As you wait for the medicine to work, you can take refuge in the healing qualities of some cool music. Switch on the music, lie down and close your eyes to imbibe this rich healing flavor. It works for many people and you can try it out too. It may even work faster than the painkiller you have taken.

The healing qualities of sound can also come in handy for terminally ill patients. If you have ever visited a hospice then you know how low misery and pain can drag a human being. Some of the individuals in these places are also abandoned by their relatives thus making it hard for them to cope with chronic illnesses. Experts have established that soft music can bring the needed healing to these people. Since many of them spend most of their time agonising over their pain, music can gradually bring hope and rejuvenation to their bodies and souls.

For those who believe in chakras, music is very crucial in clearing jammed energy and psychological and emotional blocks. Sound helps positive energy to flow to all parts of the body. You can use it to assuage light-body mounting signs like confusion, fatigue and irritability. Sound will help you even when you feel nauseous. You will feel more vibrant and get your body, mind and soul health back faster than you can imagine.

As we conclude, think about a snake charmer and the way he or she uses music to tame the deadly creature. What is in the music that makes the snake obey the sound of a musical instrument? You have come across domestic animals that are lead to different areas by a herder who sings to them. Other people also milk their cows while playing music for the animals. It is evident that those who remain close to nature understand the efficacy of music in their lives and how they can use different sounds to get what they want and to heal others and themselves.

Tips On How To Use Sound For Healing

  1. Know the music that inspires and motivates you in manner that brings out the best positive qualities from you.
  2. Buy your favorite music and keep it close so that you can use it when the right situation arises.

  1. Religious or spiritual music has great healing effect particularly when you share the teachings being propagated in such music.

  1. If you can memorize and sing a song either singly or in accompaniment to a recorded version, you stand to gain more because you will be reminded of the principles you embrace.

  1. If you have sleeping problems, ensure you play the right kind of music before you get into bed and allow it to play throughout the night.

  1. Rhythm and beats matter regardless of the type of music you prefer. Very loud music with heavy beats will not heal migraines, for example.

7. If a sick person is in a position to choose, give them the opportunity to decide the type of music they want to listen to instead of imposing your preferences on them.

With love,

Your Grace Guru



The Importance Of Letting Go

The marvels and limitations of the material world can serve as a motivating factor or a hindrance to the realisation of your dreams. Depending on your experiences, you might be tempted to think that you will never make it or, alternatively, that you have the power to achieve anything you want. Where exactly do you stand?

One fact of life is that we are limited. However, there exists another greater and infinite power that can help us deal with our weaknesses. It is a personal choice, therefore, whether to sit and whine about your troubles, or to unite with the higher power to achieve your dreams.

Picture These Scenarios…

How many people do you know who always find a reason why they cannot take on a certain challenge? “I can’t finish this course because I don’t have money.” “I can’t travel to Bali because I don’t have money.” Or “If only I had been born in a rich family…” You’ve heard such statements, or even made them, for so long that they now sound like clichés. Unfortunately, what you affirm with your mouth repeatedly eventually becomes true. Now you know why you cannot make it through a problem or a challenge once your brain tells your heart that it is not possible.

Business man showing his empty pockets

Limiting Divine Power

Apart from those who call themselves atheists, most of us belief in a Divine Being. We all have names for this infinite power. Some call it God while others prefer to use the term Supreme Being. I mentioned this already in my article about Prayers (can we add a link here to the prayers article?)Whichever name you prefer, you acknowledge that there is a higher power that influences and controls your life.

I will call this power God for the purpose of this article. I want to suggest to you that God not only has power over the universe but can also give you part of this power to overcome your limitations. There is a catch, though. It is possible for you to limit what God can do for you through the restrictions you place on yourself.

Most of these limitations are in your mind. In most cases they are created and nurtured through repeated negatives experiences, negative affirmations and erroneous beliefs. For example, if you were taught, directly or indirectly, that you are weak and incapable of rising above your troubles, you are most likely going to remain in the same situation until and unless you acknowledge that God can give you the strength to overcome your challenges.

girl thinking

How Exactly Does It Work?

Divine power is unlimited energy that created everything you see and know. It works in unseen ways in your life to provide you with the things you really need. Remember there is a difference between needs and wants. In out finite wisdom we sometimes confuse needs and wants but God does not.

God brings into your path the persons, situations, places and scenarios which are meant to transform your life for the better. Unfortunately, owing to your limited thinking and predetermined expectations you fail to see these signs of fortune even when they are placed before your eyes. You fail to notice coincidences and obvious signs that can lead to unbound universal blessings.


Trust Is The Key

I do not blame you if you think the ways of God are too complex to comprehend. After all you are used to visible things. You see first and believe later. You have no ability to see the future and you, therefore, cannot see the blessings Divinity has placed before you in the days to come.

That is why you need to have trust. You must believe that even though you cannot see it, God is opening your way and preparing abundance before you. You must let go your feelings and beliefs of inadequacy and allow God to illuminate your path. By surrendering yourself to Divine presence you will attract countless benefits. You will also become a conduit for many to reach out to God seeing how your life has been transformed.

Free From Limitations

It’s never too late to free yourself from negative feelings and thought and reconnect with divinity. Let go your weak will and begin to live from your soul. Only then will God release unfathomable blessings that were created for you in particular. Take heart because you don’t have to make animal sacrifices or pay millions of dollars to reach this ideal.

All you need to do is to create a positive affirmation on your desire to receive from God while also expressing your trust in the life set out for you. Write down the affirmation in a present time.


“Self-love helps me make positive changes easily.”

“Money is a state of mind that supports me. I allow prosperity to enter my life on a higher level then ever before.”

“My partner is the love of my life. We adore each other.”

(affirmations by Louise L. Hay)

Read it loudly every day after waking up and before going to bed, while you are still a bit sleepy. Now that you have kindled the fire, listen and watch keenly as you will get clues and hints from all directions on which direction you should take to change your life for the better.



  1. The life you are living today may not be what you have always wanted but it can change if you so desire.
  2. Although there are many reasons to be despondent in life, you have the ability change your situation.
  3. The many negative things you affirm to yourself eventually become reality. Be every careful what you believe and say about yourself – it will always come true.
  4. We have been taught and socialized into some ways of thinking that are limiting and this needs to change if we are to have fulfilling lives.
  5. It requires great effort to change your thinking and philosophy after many years of subscribing to negativity, but you have no choice if you must desire a better life.
  6. Divine Power or God created the universe and continues to sustain it. This is the power that is available for you to tap into and change your life.
  7. When we believe we cannot accomplish some things and that our fates are sealed, we limit the power of God to change our lives.
  8. Only through trust in Divine Power and its willingness to transform our lives can we transcend our limitations and achieve unimaginable things.
  9. You need to let go your feelings and thoughts of inadequacy and open yourself to the spiritual world where Divine Power will guide you through daily challenges.

Create a positive affirmation about your life and see how God will release his power and providence everyday into your life. Recite the affirmation every day.


With love,

Your Grace Guru



Q&A – All About Love

Love makes the world move around, or so I have been taught to believe. What will people not do for love? Kill they will, without any remorse. Rob they will, with untold savagery. We can even hate other people if those we think we love ask us to do so. How many battles have been fought over love? How many people have died because of love?

With all the research that has gone into multiple disciplines of academia and the respective books that have emerged, no discipline has surpassed love in terms of literature. Volumes and volumes, including religious books, have been penciled in honour of love. Poets appear never to run out of words to express romance and other forms of love.

Sometimes I am getting tired of the musicians who harass my ears with loads and loads of love messages. I know you love Valentines Day and the mass murder of flowers that accompanies the day. I often marvel at the rate of divorce among those who sing to us about love yet they do not understand what love is. Well, when you analyse love in modern society, you may be tempted to think it is a commodity that one can easily purchase in the market.

Loved Naturally?

But have you ever wondered why some people seem to be loved by a wide cross section of the society even when the object of love does little or nothing directly to influence this trend? Welcome to the world of magnetic love, where people radiate warmth and passion to the extent of being irresistible. I am not talking about the Casanova who manages to take every woman to bed on the first date and dumps them like used diapers. I am thinking of the kind of people who ooze love; those that don’t need to move an inch to be hugged or kissed.

You obviously know such people. Chances are you are jealous of them because you don’t seem to understand why they are loved when in your opinion they don’t deserve it! I have good news for you. You also can become a magnet of love through learning. I know you are wondering how this is possible considering your last encounter with a woman or a man who rejected you. Anyway, it is all about understanding yourself and other people.

The Human Need for Love

From the moment you are born, you are surrounded with love. For most parents, the best gift they can ever receive is the birth of a child. There is nothing a mother cannot do to save her child from harm. The story continues throughout life.

Parents work hard to show love to their children. For the sake of a child, you will invest and save to give your loved one a better future. No effort is spared to ensure that one’s child gets the best opportunities in life. Moreover, you kiss and hug them; you hold them in your hands and ensure everybody knows they belong to you.

The human desire to be loved is the reason we attend weddings and get married. We want someone to live with and share life together. You want a person you can play and cry with; someone you can be yourself with. It’s no wonder that some of us become jealous and possessive.

Have you observed how we extend love to pets? Even an animal understands the need to love and be loved. That cat does not curl itself around you simply to feel warm. Your dog does not welcome you so well simply because it wants some bones. It is all about love. Everyone wants to feel loved and this is why you need to be a magnet of love.

Never-Ending Questions About Love

Having been accustomed to love, rejection comes as a shock to you when you experience it first. How dare she or he reject me? People go to all lengths to find answers to the question of rejection and the fact that others seem not to struggle to find love. Surprisingly, even the not-so-beautiful may find love and acceptance before you.

I want to challenge you to take time and study the character and mannerisms of the person you consider to be loved by everyone and you will realize something about him or her. They don’t have to pretend or show off for them to be loved or accepted. It comes naturally. It is innate. They appear to radiate love the way the sun spreads its warmth. Your jealousy aside, you have to admit that you also like such people!

Would you love to be a love magnet? Do you want to be the center of attraction for good reason? Do you want to be the kind of person everyone wants to be around? To be magnetic, you don’t need to spend a dime. It is more than living a luxurious life and giving expensive gifts to people to love you. Here are a few recommendations to turn you into a love magnet today:

  1. Learn to Love Yourself First!

It all begins with you. Nobody will love you as much as you love yourself. To put it differently and in a blunter manner, nobody loves those who hate themselves. Begin by appreciating yourself. Discover the rich potential within you by understanding your strength and emphasising on them. Write down the qualities that make you unique. Talk to your friends and ask them what they find to be your areas of strength. Keep this list and refer to it regularly.

People who love and appreciate themselves become magnets of love. They grow confident thus attracting others who feel they need a share of that confidence. Vibrations of love go in and out, impacting the giver and the receiver and creating a sense of mutuality. Like attracts like; the more confidence and love you exude the more people of comparable characteristics you will attract, hence becoming a love magnet. Now you can understand why you don’t need to strive to make people love you.

  1. Be Generous With Your Blessings

Suppose you were a real magnet and the rest of us were metallic in nature, how would we connect to each other? Through magnetic waves, you say. Now look at yourself and realize that you have a lot of great treasures that other people can get from you. We only know your soul through your appearance and attitude towards others. People cannot read your motives or see your heart but they can judge you through your attitude towards others.

Smile more often. Have you ever met a person who resists a smile? Extend your helping hand to others. Reach out to the underprivileged in society. Be the shoulder that your friends cry on when misfortunes befall them. Be there when people need you even when you have no material things to offer. Speak in a manner that edifies you listeners. Be the person who motivates and encourages others. You will never lack the opportunity to do so considering the rate at which human beings experience misfortune. You will be shocked at how fast you will become an irresistible force for love.

  1. Be Thankful!

If you are sincere with yourself, you know that you love being in the company of people who are optimistic and grateful for what they have. Nobody wants to be in a polluted environment where gloom and despondency are transmitted. If you want to be a magnet of love, you must learn to be thankful for all that you have. People are drawn to optimistic people like a moth is attracted to light.

Teach people around you to appreciate what they have. Show them that using what they already have they can climb to higher levels of prosperity. Demonstrate to them that the present is the only reality they have and that they need to enjoy it. As you deliberately appreciate gratefulness, others within your frequency will find their way to you effortlessly.

  1. Let Fear Go!

Human nature is such that we fear being hurt. Consequently, we fear opening up our hearts to people we think might hurts us. But that is not always the case. To be a love magnet, you must appreciate the wonderful elements in each living thing. You must learn to appreciate people the way they are and let go feelings of rejection.

As you accept people they way they are they will reciprocate in a similar manner. Do not hold on to past relationships that did not go well with you. If you have friends who want to leave your life, release them with an open heart and thank them for the time you spent together and the blessings they brought your way. Do not fear to be hurt. Instead, treat every disappointment as an opportunity to learn. If you harbour feelings of regret and hate, people will run away from you instead of being attracted to you.

Important Issues To Remember

    1. Every human being wants to be loved and appreciated and this is where being a love magnet begins.
    2. Being a love magnet is not hard. What is crucial is to position yourself to attract people by simply being good to them.
    3. If you are passionate about love and you radiate the same, like-minded people will find you irresistible.
    4. Relationships are opportunities to grow, not to shrink. Learning from broken relationships that humanity still retains a lot that is good and beneficial makes you a magnet.
    5. You are a unique human being, possessing qualities that others don’t have. Maximize on your uniqueness to become a magnet.
    6. Discover your passion and exploit it for the benefit of others and yourself.
    7. No human being resists genuine and beneficial passion. Use yours productively today.
    8. Magnets attract metals. You stand to gain individually when you become a love magnet because you will only attract people of value in your life.
    9. Being grateful has the magical quality of bringing more blessings into your life including like-minded people.
    10. You can begin the process of becoming a love magnet today irrespective of how detestable you have been in the past.

With love,

Your Grace Guru




Is Your Workspace Spiritual?

One of the most fallacious and detrimental ideas I have come across is the belief that you can separate your life into distinct physical, spiritual and metal spheres. It is like separating an engine and the chassis and claiming you still have a car. This happens especially in relation to our working environments.

I come across people who believe that they cannot meditate in their workplaces. While there are many in offices who want to curtail stress and connect with their inner souls and the Divine Being, they often lack strategies for doing this. Actually, there is no better place to look for peace like your workplace because you experience a lot of stress in this environment.


Acknowledging Your Spirituality 

All this would change, if we realise that you are a spiritual being even before you become a worker. I don’t understand why you can consider yourself a spiritual being at home and feed your spiritual needs, yet when you go to work you become a physical being exclusively. The tragedy is that your job steals your energy to the extent that you begin to prioritise your physical needs above everything else.

How does this make you feel? Don’t you think that is the reason you sometimes don’t feel like going to work? Your mind, body and soul consider the work environment to be hostile to your spiritual needs. You wonder when working hours will come to an end so that you rush home to meditate. Considering work is an integral part of life, don’t you think you need to introduce your spirituality into your working environment?

Spirituality Is A Philosophy And Lifestyle, Not An Event!

From the onset, you must realize that spirituality should imbue your life. It is not a one-off event that happens when you arrive at home. If you understand this the environment you are in will not be a hindrance to your connection with yourself and Divine Power. Your soul needs to be nurtured at the same time and rate as your body and mind. Have you ever come across people who are very spiritual during the weekend and who become tyrants and sadists during the week?

How To Carry Spirituality Into The Workplace

The best strategy is to create a regular meditation plan. This is your ticket to an improved life as well as satisfaction and happiness in your place of work. You can accomplish this by having a number of reminders in your working environment:

  1. Life is larger than your work: Work is just part of what you need to live well but it is not everything. You are a human being who enjoys and requires happiness, encouragement love and support. Actually, you only feel fulfilled when your spiritual life is thriving.

As a spiritual being, the need for spiritual nurture should transcend all others because a weak soul is detrimental to your entire being.

  1. You need to meditate in order to release stress and thus improve performance: Stress kills productivity and efficiency. Meditation helps you to be innovative, creative, cooperative and communicative, which are important characteristics that every worker should have to deliver expected results. You come first: When you meditate or relax in silent contemplation, you learn to appreciate yourself in a profound manner. You then become a better decision-maker because you understand exactly what you need.

 Meditation is the best strategy for dealing with stress, which is a key reason for poor performance in your workplace. 

  1. Stop the hurry: You may deliver all your tasks before time, but the cost of doing so may affect your ability to function optimally tomorrow. Often what you deliver in a hurry turns out to be of poor quality. When you feel you are not in the right state of mind, it is better to slow down and return to the task when you are rejuvenated even if that means being late.

Learn to slow down in your workplace because most of what you accomplished when in a hurry is not fully completed or may leave you with burnout. 

  1. You need to feed your soul just like your tummy: When you are in optimal spiritual health, you can concentrate on the present because you have dealt with the past. The future will not bother you because you have the confidence to face it. Take the example of the Bible where Christians are urged to seek the kingdom of God first and all their other needs will be fulfilled.

You are created with a spiritual faculty that requires to be nurtured irrespective of where you are and the time.

  1. Meditation is a potent power for change: You can give your spirituality a boost by meditating in your workplace. It is a proven strategy for normalising your blood pressure, finding tranquility and boosting your breathing. When you meditate, you discipline your mind to concentrate and this is important for your professional life.

There is no mandatory time and place to meditate if you really care about your inner self.

 Your body, mind and soul are equally important and mutually interdependent. Meditating in your workplace will help you to realise who you really are. By understanding yourself, you will make it easy to perform your professional duties effectively and efficiently. Neglecting your spiritual needs for the sake of delivering your work on time is a weapon for destroying yourself and your professionalism.

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 15.41.16

Tips To Take With You To Your Workspace:

  1. Your professional life is as important as you spiritual life. Do not neglect your inner self for the sake of your job.
  2. Just as you have time for eating, create time too for meditation and other forms of spiritual nurture. Even 3 or 5 minutes of putting your headphones on and listen to a meditation APP or relaxed music will make a huge difference.
  3. Place reminders in your workplace so that you don’t forget the importance of your inner, self, meditation and their interconnectedness:
  4. Remember to breath
  5. Use positive affirmation
  6. Place some refreshing room sprays near your desk, and spray when you feel you need to wake up or to calm down.
  7. Happy Family, friends or beautiful art photos and pictures, they are always mood uplifting and bring comfort

But don’t overdo it all by creating out of your desk an altar and your office a temple. Make sure you place all your reminders with style and chick. Even if you have a Fortune Buddha sitting on your desk, a funny pictures of your children or a beautiful affirmation., don’t be shy that other people or colleagues will notice, be an example and inspiration for them. People will look up to you and its always a good start for an easy conversation before a serious meeting.


With love,

Your Grace Guru!



Better Your Life – Stop Being A Busy Bee!

In the quest for a better life, people hustle every day. It appears to be a virtue and a reason to rejoice for you to be busy throughout your life. Busyness has become the norm to the extent that we think it is mandatory to be engaged in some kind of activity all the time. But is that really true?

Understandably, in a world where economic conditions do not favour the majority, those who idle around or want to live on the generosity of others or the state are frowned upon. You and I know people who have two or three jobs. Such individuals sleep for a few hours as they try to get as much money as possible to make ends meet. But is that the ideal life?

I want to suggest that none of us likes being so busy that we fail to enjoy even the money we work so hard to earn. Busyness is not what many of us want to portray it to be – a virtue and something to be proud about. We do it out of necessity.

Reversing the ‘Busyness’ Trend

Did you know it is possible to earn a living, start living and still avoid glorifying busyness? Here’s how:

  1. Living in the Present

Being busy does not negate the fact that you have a real life that encompasses family, friends, interaction, pastimes and challenges. Your family, friends and community need you and you need them equally. Life is not all about working ceaselessly. You must create time for people and institutions that encourage and motivate you through your daily struggles and challenges.

Living in the presence means that you recognise the roles other people play in your life. It implies reaching out to your children, partner and other relatives in mutual support. It means participating in the life of your community and reaching out to the less fortunate. None of these ideals can be achieved when you are engaged in endless activity.

Bath in the yard

  1. Avoid Multi-tasking

I once heard that women are better at multitasking than men. I used to consider multitasking a virtue – not any more. You and I know mothers who spend time on social media when they return home after a busy day. This despite the fact that the parent has been away at work most of the day; the kids were in school, and the only time they have to interact is spent by the parent surfing the internet.

Next time you go to a restaurant, take time to observe what people on the same table, who came together to socialize, are doing. More time is spent looking one’s phone as opposed to talking with each other. Multitasking is a form of busyness and it is killing relationships at a very high rate. Why not set the phone aside and look at your partner as you engage in productive communication?

Me and my friends have set up kind of a rule, we don’t put our mobile phones on the table when having breakfast, lunch or dinners together. Only if there is something urgent and we expect an important call. It is really important that we spend a good time together and connect with each other!

Multitasking Mom

  1. Remember to Attend to Yourself

Being busy most of the time robs you of the most important person – yourself. I really don’t know what exactly people mean when they tell one another to take care. Is it about security or body hygiene? What is clear, though, is that unless you attend to yourself you will soon lose the steam and health to be busy.

Those who own cars understand the importance of fueling and regular service. Why then do we forget to take care of the very body, mind and soul that make our busyness possible? Take time off and spend it with yourself, you will discover so much. Pamper the body by eating a balanced diet and exercising. Look for the best lotions and perfumes to moisten your skin. Never forget to meditate and connect spiritually with the Supreme Being and your fellow beings.

Woman and dog looking summer sun

  1. Delegate Tasks

At the risk of appearing to be delivering an academic lecture, allow me to remind you that you are not everything in this world. Your company needs you but you are not indispensable. The institution you work for was there before you and will continue to operate the day after you are laid to rest at the cemetery. In essence, life can and will go on without you. Your busyness will not save you from the fact that time a time will come when you will have to exit.

Learn to share out tasks instead of attempting to do everything yourself. There are many other employees working under you or with you who have the same or similar responsibilities. Younger workers also need to learn how to perform the tasks you are carrying out. Hallo? There is something called succession management! Even in your own business, your children need to learn so that they can take over when you are too old to work or when your turn comes to join your ancestors in the next world.

Reuse Recycle Ecology Environment Go Green Meeting Concept

Before you become a workaholic with no social life, remember the following:

  1. You cannot carry the entire world on your shoulder. Busyness will not help you to solve all the problems of an organisation or family.
  2. Your body has a limit. It cannot work forever and regular periods of rest are necessary for you to operate maximally the following day.
  3. You are a social animal. You need others and they need you. Being busy is akin to severing a limb from your body.
  4. Busyness exhausts your body and the more you work in this state, the less productive you become.

  1. Your life is more important than material belongings. What you need is a sense of belonging to a family or community. Busyness is vanity.
  2. When your history is written, you will be remembered for what you did to change peoples’ lives and not how much money you earned.
  3. You are part of a community. You are either an asset or a liability. The best way to become an asset is to participate in communal events.
  4. Stop glorifying busyness. Don’t talk about being busy as if it is winning a billion dollar lottery.
  5. Develop a program for your life and determine to have more time for yourself, your family and the community.
  6. Remember you only live once and there will be no rehearsal. Don’t wait for the time you will be less busy to take care of other important matters because that time will never come.

I did struggle with being very busy especially when I just started my business 10 years ago. I was and still am very ambitious, but I forgot and didn’t know about how to take care of my body, spirit and mind at the time. But after a while, when loosing the control, social life and not paying attention to my family, thanks god I have reacted and started looking for how to balance it all. Today I must say meditation and taking time off for myself and with friends/family is great benefit for me and everyone who is around myself to! I can proudly say that!

With love,

Your Grace Guru