3 Powerful Practices That Can Heal Your Mind!

It is common knowledge that human beings have a mind, a body and a soul. While the body is widely understood and has been studied for many years, the soul remains the subject of speculation and is often relegated to the spiritual realm. The mind is both understood and misunderstood, yet it has many powerful roles it plays in your life.

It is crucial to understand that your mind can actually heal many of the illnesses that you suffer from. When many people hear this, they tend to be skeptical since they cannot understand how the mind would allow the body to bear the burden of disease when the former can heal. The problem is that many of us don’t know exactly how the mind heals the body. What we forget is that there is a process and some practices that will make the healing powers of the mind effective. These practices are the subject of this article.

But how did humanity arrive at the fact that the mind heals? Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Let me explain. A placebo is a ‘pill’ that contains no medicinal value. When people are given such a pill in the belief that they will be healed, they do in fact end up healed. What is the rationale? It is not the placebo that heals but the belief that it can heal. In essence, the beliefs, thoughts and emotions you hold are very crucial in determining whether or not you will be healed from a certain illness.

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When considering the role of the placebo effect, modern medicine is experiencing a paradigm shift. It is becoming obvious that treating illnesses will take more than conventional medicine and surgical procedures. It is general knowledge that eating a balanced diet, getting some sunshine, fresh air and engaging in physical activity will lead to a healthy life. But you and I know people that follow all these instructions yet still fall unwell.

The fact is that health is more than taking care of your physical body. If you fail to check your mental and emotional conditions, you are likely to become sick just the same as not having a balanced diet or not following the usual health and fitness guidelines. Doctors are discovering that there is more to wellbeing that the lessons learned in medical school and through years of practice.

Medical research indicates that through meditation and visualisation, you can adapt your genetic makeup to make yourself less vulnerable to illnesses. Moreover, even where you are afflicted by an illness, you can significantly accelerate the process of healing by conditioning the mind to believe it can heal your body. In essence, healing is possible through harnessing of the powers of the mind.

Powerful Practices That Promote Healing Through The Mind

Now that we have understood the nature of mind healing, let us delve into a few practices that you can adopt to benefit from this powerful process.

Head in Clouds

  1. Intense Imaging

Through your mind, you can create images that resemble what you want to see in real life thus fostering healing. Have you ever imagined something painful or pleasant to the extent that you shed tears even when it was only your imagination? Your mind does not differentiate between imagined and real images. When you focus on a certain issue intensely, your body cells are influenced by the images you choose to hold in your mind and believe in.

What you need to do is to create a belief that will change your situation positively. For example, a sick person should focus intensely on healing and begin to experience associated feelings and emotions. The more powerful images of a healed body that a patient creates and focuses on for long durations, the faster the healing will come.

  1. Heal Restrictive Principles

Your thoughts contribute immensely to your beliefs and the latter are crucial to the type of programming in your mind. It is through your beliefs that you make sense of the stimuli you receive from the external environment. Also remember that even when you are holding powerful positive visualisations and you still hold to your restrictive beliefs, this inherent contradiction will limit healing.

To change this situation, be vigilant of what you think and believe throughout the day. Arrest yourself when you begin to drift into negative thinking. Every time you realise you are thinking negatively, change your wavelength to positive thinking. It does not matter if you had powerful visualisation when you woke up if the rest of the day you are holding to you limiting beliefs.

  1. Heal Emotional Trends and Injuries

Over time, you will accumulate a lot of regrets, anger, anxiety, fear and worry related to your interactions with other people. These negative emotions do not leave you unscathed. Your central nervous system receives this communication and passes the message to the cells. In the same way, when positive events take place in your life and you feel happy, the central nervous system sends the same information. Your emotional state in turn determines your health and the ability of your body to heal.

To change this situation and experience healing, do not deny negative emotions or fight them. Rather, detach yourself from the emotion and observe how it affects you. You will realise that this emotion will come and pass, you don’t need to be engrossed in it. More importantly, learn from negative emotions, practice gratitude in your life and you will see how fast healing will come from your mind into the rest of your body.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Take Control And Say Bye To Stress Today!

One of the most common phenomena in human life is stress. No human being is immune to stress. Experts say that some level of stress in life is necessary. However, when stress builds up to unmanageable levels, it can result in sickness or senseless or even violent behaviour. It is therefore necessary that you become aware of the presence and role of stress in your life, as well as strategies that you can use to overcome it.

Let us look at some of the triggers of stress in your life. Imagine you have had a bad day at work, with your boss harassing you when you know very well you did not commit any mistake. On the way home, your car decides to break down right in the middle of the highway. It takes time before you get a breakdown service to tow your car to the garage. By the time you reach home, it is already late and your spouse will hear none of the reasons you are giving.

The night is long. Since you skipped food, your stomach begins to rumble in the middle of the night. You cannot sleep because your boss wants a solution to the problem you had during the day. The dogs in the neighbourhood decide the will hold a barking competition this very night. Just as sleep begins to invade your territory, that annoying neighbour begins to play loud music. As you reach out for headphones to save yourself from this new form of terrorism, your clock alarm rings to remind you it is time to wake up – or is it to just rise from the bed?

By the time you reach your workplace, you feel like the world is completely on top of your head. The first person you meet will be lucky if you greet them. They might even escape with a few scratches. The entire day will be punctuated by irritability, conflict and mistakes in your work. At the end of the day, if nothing is done, you will arrive home spoiling for a fight with everybody. That is what stress does to you.

Fortunately or unfortunately, you may not even be aware that you are stressed. Many of us think they are having a normal day. Isn’t conflict part of life? Are people not created differently and likely to clash? What we do not know is that something is eating us up inside. Sooner or later the small problems we ignored begin to grow and become a river of stress and internal conflict that we cannot stop. Stress management is the solution but stress awareness is the beginning point.

How Do You Know You Are Stressed?Look Out For The Following Stress Indicators!!

  • Your blood pressure increases uncharacteristically.
  • Blood sugar increases, and this is dangerous if you are suffering from diabetes.
  • Your heart begins to beat faster than normal.
  • Food takes longer to digest – you are likely to have constipation.
  • Your sex drive takes a nose dive.
  • You become irritable and likely to get into clashes with people around you.
  • You lose concentration and begin to multi-task without accomplishing anything in particular.
  • Your immunity decreases and you begin to suffer from colds and other illnesses.

These 15 Practices Will Help To Relieve & Manage Stress Or Anxiety!!

  1. Meditation: This practice brings relief, peace and contentment to the body, mind and soul.
  2. Take a walk: Take time to walk through the woods, along riverbanks and lake shores.
  3. Sleep: Practice sleeping in a dark room for about eight hours daily.
  4. Massage: Have somebody perform body massage on you to relax your muscles.
  5. Music: Listen to your favorite, soothing music.
  6. Sports: Engage in a favorite sport with friends.
  7. Humour: Watch a television program or attend live comedy performances.
  8. Visualisation: Practice visualizing positive images that you would want to see in your life.
  9. Diet: Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water while minimising on starches.
  10. Beverages: Avoid caffeinated drinks, carbonated beverages and illegal substances.
  11. Rest: Take time off your busy schedule to visit a quiet place where you can relax.
  12. Family time: Don’t take office work home; instead give time to your family.
  13. Yoga: This is an established exercise regime for rejuvenating the body and mind.
  14. Charity: Find a way to bring relief into the lives of less-privileged people.
  15. Aromatherapy: Internal and external use of aromatic herbs will bring relief.


With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Why You Should Be Writing A Journal!

While no one has really proved why we have dreams when we sleep, I subscribe to the theory that it is, in part, the mind’s way of processing the huge collection of thoughts we accumulate in the day. It is a subconscious healing – a kind of cognitive reboot.

We can give our brain a helping hand and discover more about ourselves – our hopes, dreams and fears – by dedicating just a few minutes each day to writing a journal.

Instead of checking Twitter, reading work emails or gazing out of the window in spare moments, dedicate that time to transcribing your innermost thoughts – it will soon become like enjoying a favourite meal.


Why Write A Journal?

  • It is a healing process. By reflecting on the events of the day, we can train ourselves to avoid negativity and build on the positives.
  • It is important for decision-making. By taking time to analyse the issues of the day, we differentiate the causes from the effects and arrive at logical decisions that we are less likely to regret.
  • It has been proven to help reduce stress, increase self-esteem and help to deal with traumatic experiences – meaning you will learn to shout less at your family members, pets, utensils and the computer as you appreciate yourself!
  • Research has also shown that people who write journals have improved psychological wellbeing and stronger immune systems. Yes, a diary entry a day could keep the doctor away!
  • Do you often go to bed with thoughts running aimlessly through your mind? Writing a few down will help clear the day’s backlog, let you sleep sounder and begin tomorrow with confidence
  • A journal also helps to preserve memories for the future. Prepare to impress everyone with your uncanny ability to put a face to a name!
  • Gain motivation from certain sayings, quotes or snippets of advice? Record your favourites in a journal and reflect on them later.
  • It’s not uncommon to be awoken from a thrilling, vivid dream, full of inspiration, only for the feeling and memories of the dream to quickly fade. By adopting the habit of journal keeping, it will soon become second nature to quickly jot down magical ideas or inventive thoughts. This will ensure you don’t lose priceless wisdom on how to resolve all the world’s problems!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Better Your Life – Stop Being A Busy Bee!

In the quest for a better life, people hustle every day. It appears to be a virtue and a reason to rejoice for you to be busy throughout your life. Busyness has become the norm to the extent that we think it is mandatory to be engaged in some kind of activity all the time. But is that really true?

Understandably, in a world where economic conditions do not favour the majority, those who idle around or want to live on the generosity of others or the state are frowned upon. You and I know people who have two or three jobs. Such individuals sleep for a few hours as they try to get as much money as possible to make ends meet. But is that the ideal life?

I want to suggest that none of us likes being so busy that we fail to enjoy even the money we work so hard to earn. Busyness is not what many of us want to portray it to be – a virtue and something to be proud about. We do it out of necessity.

Reversing the ‘Busyness’ Trend

Did you know it is possible to earn a living, start living and still avoid glorifying busyness? Here’s how:

  1. Living in the Present

Being busy does not negate the fact that you have a real life that encompasses family, friends, interaction, pastimes and challenges. Your family, friends and community need you and you need them equally. Life is not all about working ceaselessly. You must create time for people and institutions that encourage and motivate you through your daily struggles and challenges.

Living in the presence means that you recognise the roles other people play in your life. It implies reaching out to your children, partner and other relatives in mutual support. It means participating in the life of your community and reaching out to the less fortunate. None of these ideals can be achieved when you are engaged in endless activity.

Bath in the yard

  1. Avoid Multi-tasking

I once heard that women are better at multitasking than men. I used to consider multitasking a virtue – not any more. You and I know mothers who spend time on social media when they return home after a busy day. This despite the fact that the parent has been away at work most of the day; the kids were in school, and the only time they have to interact is spent by the parent surfing the internet.

Next time you go to a restaurant, take time to observe what people on the same table, who came together to socialize, are doing. More time is spent looking one’s phone as opposed to talking with each other. Multitasking is a form of busyness and it is killing relationships at a very high rate. Why not set the phone aside and look at your partner as you engage in productive communication?

Me and my friends have set up kind of a rule, we don’t put our mobile phones on the table when having breakfast, lunch or dinners together. Only if there is something urgent and we expect an important call. It is really important that we spend a good time together and connect with each other!

Multitasking Mom

  1. Remember to Attend to Yourself

Being busy most of the time robs you of the most important person – yourself. I really don’t know what exactly people mean when they tell one another to take care. Is it about security or body hygiene? What is clear, though, is that unless you attend to yourself you will soon lose the steam and health to be busy.

Those who own cars understand the importance of fueling and regular service. Why then do we forget to take care of the very body, mind and soul that make our busyness possible? Take time off and spend it with yourself, you will discover so much. Pamper the body by eating a balanced diet and exercising. Look for the best lotions and perfumes to moisten your skin. Never forget to meditate and connect spiritually with the Supreme Being and your fellow beings.

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  1. Delegate Tasks

At the risk of appearing to be delivering an academic lecture, allow me to remind you that you are not everything in this world. Your company needs you but you are not indispensable. The institution you work for was there before you and will continue to operate the day after you are laid to rest at the cemetery. In essence, life can and will go on without you. Your busyness will not save you from the fact that time a time will come when you will have to exit.

Learn to share out tasks instead of attempting to do everything yourself. There are many other employees working under you or with you who have the same or similar responsibilities. Younger workers also need to learn how to perform the tasks you are carrying out. Hallo? There is something called succession management! Even in your own business, your children need to learn so that they can take over when you are too old to work or when your turn comes to join your ancestors in the next world.

Reuse Recycle Ecology Environment Go Green Meeting Concept

Before you become a workaholic with no social life, remember the following:

  1. You cannot carry the entire world on your shoulder. Busyness will not help you to solve all the problems of an organisation or family.
  2. Your body has a limit. It cannot work forever and regular periods of rest are necessary for you to operate maximally the following day.
  3. You are a social animal. You need others and they need you. Being busy is akin to severing a limb from your body.
  4. Busyness exhausts your body and the more you work in this state, the less productive you become.

  1. Your life is more important than material belongings. What you need is a sense of belonging to a family or community. Busyness is vanity.
  2. When your history is written, you will be remembered for what you did to change peoples’ lives and not how much money you earned.
  3. You are part of a community. You are either an asset or a liability. The best way to become an asset is to participate in communal events.
  4. Stop glorifying busyness. Don’t talk about being busy as if it is winning a billion dollar lottery.
  5. Develop a program for your life and determine to have more time for yourself, your family and the community.
  6. Remember you only live once and there will be no rehearsal. Don’t wait for the time you will be less busy to take care of other important matters because that time will never come.

I did struggle with being very busy especially when I just started my business 10 years ago. I was and still am very ambitious, but I forgot and didn’t know about how to take care of my body, spirit and mind at the time. But after a while, when loosing the control, social life and not paying attention to my family, thanks god I have reacted and started looking for how to balance it all. Today I must say meditation and taking time off for myself and with friends/family is great benefit for me and everyone who is around myself to! I can proudly say that!

With love,

Your Grace Guru