5 Essential Tips For The Working Woman’s Health!

The contemporary woman is quite different from the conventional one. Today, women perform more of mental than physical jobs. A lot of time is spent behind computers and phones as opposed to kitchens. More and more women are occupying boardrooms and spending a lot of their time in various types of meetings. This implies that they exercise and physical fitness needs must vary to fit into their working lifestyles. 

The following tips are important for women who want to keep fit while leading productive professional lives.

  1. Endeavour to Live A Healthy Life

Instead of always thinking about losing weight, look at the larger picture – becoming fit. Many working women obsess about their excess body weight and forget to actually remain fit. Remember that your body is created differently from that of other women. You could be having what other consider excess body mass, but you are still healthy. Establish the appropriate exercise routine for you, eat a balanced diet and your weight will reduce without you fretting over it.

  1. Watch Your Sitting Posture

Always endeavour to look straight at your monitor or have it slightly above the level of your eye. Ensure you are seating upright and facing the front. Your chair should be positioned in such a manner that you do not slouch or slump. Keep your back straight to avoid chest and back problems in future. Every time you realise your neck, shoulders or back are aching, adjust your sitting position to eradicate the discomfort.

  1. Train With A Partner

Not many people can work out for long alone. It is human to require company. In case you are the type that gets easily bored when working out, or you get discouraged quickly, look for a training partner with similar goals as yours. This will motivate you and create a sense of responsibility not only to yourself, but also to your training partner. You may also consider taking your pet for a walk as part of your exercise as this will give you some company.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

You cannot attain all your fitness goals in a few days or weeks. Avoid overworking your body in the quest for fitness. Do not stay longer at the gym thinking this will make you lose fat in a flash. Never forget that you gained excess weight over a long period and it will take sustained effort to shed it off. Talk to your fitness trainer and together develop realistic targets and training regime.

  1. Maintain A Positive Disposition

By now you know that laughter is medicine by itself. Learn to enjoy light moments when you are working out. There is a lot of fun to be derived from sharing weight gain and weight loss experiences with your gym and training colleagues. Your body may not be what you like but you are making progress. Don’t be despondent and kill your morale by thinking you cannot make it.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Inspiring Maty Ezraty Reveals Her Latter’s Approach To Ashtanga

Practicing yoga is not always easy, as most of us who have tried it will know. During a session with my yoga teacher Karina Scherbina last week, I struggled to keep my balance in the mountain pose “Utthita Hasta Padangustasana”, so she sent me a link to a very interesting and inspiring YouTube interview to calm me down and give me some guidance ;)!

In it, anatomy master Stu Girling speaks to Maty Ezraty about her approach to Ashtanga. Maty is truly inspiring and first I would really like to share her share a bit about her background!

 Who is Maty Ezraty? And what does she stand for?

Maty is an iconic figure, instrumental to the development of yoga in the United States. She is described by the Yoga Journal as an “innovator”.

She was an experienced dancer when she stumbled across yoga in her early twenties. Like all of us, she was also searching for meaning in her life. She found what she was looking for in yoga: peace of mind, a great feeling of being centred and confidence.

Maty developed and reached her full potential as a yoga teacher with a dynamic style, a sharp eye for observation and vast knowledge born through years of experience.

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Being in Los Angeles gave her the chance to train with and learn from the top three best yoga educators at the time: Donna Holleman, Pattabhi Jois, and Gabriella Giubilaro.  In 1985, while teaching and serving as director for the Center for Yoga in Los Angeles, Maty met Pattabhi Jois with whom she would embark on a long journey of learning and practice. This included many trips to Mysore, India, where she became one of the few women able to complete some of the more advanced yoga sequences.

She continued studying in at the Iyengar Institute in Pune India and attended the classes of Greeta Iyengar. The Iyengar system is known to have deeply influenced Maty as shown in her teaching and practice.

The year 1987 was a milestone year for Maty as she opened her own Yoga Works, a unique school of yoga that nurtured diversity and dialogue in the community of yoga. It offered classes for different kinds of yoga such as Iyengar and Ashtanga plus workshops involving many of the best yoga authorities and iconic figures worldwide.

Her purpose was to  make the curriculum consistent, while at the same time mixing the various elements from different traditions.

Classes were broken down into levels and used the Vinyasa concept of Ashtanga, coupled with the precise directions of the Iyengar system.

Yoga Works is a success story that grew into a progressive yoga school with 120 classes each week with more than 700 daily students. Although it was sold in 2004, it remains to be the leader of the pack, perhaps due in part to its reputation of having produced some of the best yoga instructors in the United States.

Currently, Maty conducts workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats around the globe. She is also studying Vipassana meditation and has studied with Joseph Goldstein at California’s Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts. Her years of learning the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions have resulted in a holistic and unique point of view. She is highly regarded as a teacher’s teacher, and is popular for having a style that is determined but yet joyful and engaging. She continues her purpose and draws inspiration from her years of experience, Maty has a whole-hearted devotion to impart the spirit of yoga and meditation to all of her students.

A Quick Description

Iyengar Yoga:

Named after B. K. S. Iyengar and developed, is a form of Hatha Yoga. It has a great attention to detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas. Iyengar yoga has 200 classical yoga poses and 14 different types of Pranayama with the variations from the basic to advanced. It is very helpful for students to build up their strength step by step and develop their mind, body and spirit, from beginners to advanced.

Ashtanga Yoga:

A system of yoga recorded by the knowing Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta, an ancient manuscript “said to contain lists of many different groupings of asanas, as well as highly original teachings on vinyasa, drishti, bandhas, mudras, and philosophy” (Jois 2002 xv). It was summariesed and popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois and is often promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. (Sanskrit for “eight-limbed”) Yoga.

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 None Is Superior To The Other

Maty does not believe that Iyengar or Ashtanga is superior to the other because both are Yoga. Granted, each has an approach that is different from the other and their objectives are different. However, they are not in conflict and none is better than the other. Ezraty chooses which one applies to her at a specific time.

The Essence of Iyengar

According to Ezraty, Iyengar emphasizes precision, details and alignment when performing asana and controlling breathing since this is the best way to develop mobility, stability and strength. Iyengar also allows for props like pillows and benches to be used for support during the initial learning stages.

Avoiding Fundamentalism

Ezraty asserts that we must avoid fundamentalism – believing that our way is the best and the rest are wrong. Flow is a state of mind and revolves around concentration, which can be attained at any time while performing any task and focusing.

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Ashtanga Depends On The State Of The Practitioner

On Ashtanga, Maty advocates for no particular approach and rather suggests that one should adopt the approach that best applies to them instead of forcing themselves to do what is not possible within their ages. Yoga requires flexibility and satisfaction, not rigidity. The state of the student determines which approach to use. Yoga is a therapeutic practice and depends on what the student is feeling or has experienced. Ashtanga tends to be a little bit masculine and women should not attempt to compete with men. Men should also learn to be a bit softer.

Not Coercion

Maty opines that Shri Pattabhi Jois also adapted Ashtanga for students. Although this approach to Yoga was meant for internal healing, he did not force anybody to engage in a sequence. Sequences would be developed to fit into current practices. On Vipasaana and meditation techniques, Maty urges people to let go of the technique and engage in open meditation. She says you should go with the moment unless you get lost and return to what you are taught to do.

Indian VS. Western Minds

Iyengar helps to know the right body techniques. He taught a lot of westerners to practice yoga. He observed that the Indian mind is different from the west. Indians are more confident of themselves. Westerners are critical of themselves. They hate themselves and feel unworthy. Iyengar wanted to help westerners find solutions to such problems through Yoga.

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A Yoga Diehard

Maty Ezraty comes across as an enlightened person on matters of Yoga and one who advocates for continuous learning. Apparently, Yoga is a flexible art. All you need to do is listen to your body with an open heart and mind. In the final analysis, Maty is deeply ingrained in Yoga to the point of being sensitive and wise about it.

If you want to see the interview in full, here it is! Enjoy!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



How To Connect With Yourself

That we live in a busy world and society is not in doubt. From the moment you jump out of bed to the time you thankfully crawl under your bedsheets to get less-than-adequate sleep, your mind and body are busy. And who can blame you for being busy? Since the day we allowed capitalism and the law of the jungle to be our guiding principles, it is anathema for anybody of working age to be lounging on a sofa when they should be looking for an extra dollar. But is there a price to pay for this level of busyness?

You guessed it; there is, and an expensive one for that matter. If you are thinking that someone else will pay the price for your busy life, please think twice. You are the greatest loser. How can I be the loser when I am hustling to make a living? Because you are forgetting to feed the cow that produces the milk. In essence, in the process of fending for yourself and your family, you are likely to forget to create time for yourself.

I know people have praised you because you are a multi-tasking geek. You can juggle working, parenting, charity work and so on. You have been told countless times how you inspire people by the amount of work you can accomplish in a single day. You are happy because they single you out in your workplace as a person to be emulated for your work; after all, you are the first person in the office and always the last. You have even started indicating in your resume that you are good at multi-tasking.

It is important to remember that the human body is made of flesh and blood. You are not a machine that simply needs to be repaired to work for another day. You cannot be replaced once you are gone. There are no spare brains, hands, teeth, heart, kidney, liver and so on. Irrespective of how much money you make, you will end up paying through constant illness, obesity, loss of friends, accelerated ageing and many other negative effects. It is no longer a luxury to have time to recuperate.

Be honest with yourself. What happens when sleep comes for its debt? I know you are using alarms and all sort of medicine to keep yourself awake, but for how long will you survive on this strategy? When was the last time you spent quality time with your partner, spouse or children? Let’s come close to your heart, do you remember the last time you went out by yourself simply to catch fresh air and relax your mind? I know you don’t. You even think those who get time for themselves are either very rich, lazy or thieves. You justify yourself by saying you are waiting for the day you will have a lot of money for you to have some fun. Guess what? That day is never coming your way any time soon! You have to create it.

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What You Need To Do

There is person inside you that longs for fun and rejuvenation. This is the same person you have been overworking. You need to reward him or her by connecting with them every now and then. Let us discuss a number of actions that you can take today to win back your ‘self’ and reward your body for paying your bills for the past many days, months or even years.

  1. Know Yourself

What drives you? What exactly is your heart telling you in terms of the things that make you happy? If you were to summarise the values that drive you what would they be? After writing these things down, you will realise that the work you do daily and the people you associate with may not be giving you the opportunity to be yourself. What you need is to break the monotony of work and routine and to find regular time to express your core values. If you like philanthropy or community work, make time for such activities and you will gladden your heart.

  1. Create Time For Family

Except for those unfortunate to have lost all their loved ones and have no family at all, all of us have blood relatives that care about us deeply. You are a son or daughter to a certain ageing man or woman who longs to spend some quality time with you as used to happen when you were young and vulnerable. How about the little sister or brother with whom you executed so much mischief? They may be grown up today but deep inside them is that mischievous child that would want to relive the moment again, albeit through shared stories. I don’t know what the problem is with grandparents; they never seem to believe that you are already a parent yourself! They simply want to treat you the same way they did when you were a toddler. If sharing time with these people will not help you connect with yourself, I bet you have a serious problem.

  1. Revive Friendship Circles

We don’t live in a vacuum and friends are part of the circle that keeps us sane and productive. Being busy has the tendency of driving away the people you love from your life. When you begin concentrating on your work, you may also start to lose your friends, one by one. I know your friends are also busy people and they have little time for the activities that brought you together before. For their sake and yours too, reach out to them and begin to enjoy being together as you used to. As you discuss serious issues, as you gossip and engage in idle chatter, something in you will be ignited to give you a reason to smile again.

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  1. Take A Walk Alone

You are used to driving or being driven every day. You don’t even remember when last you walked on the grass or pavements in your neighbourhood. Your heart has longed to go into the woods and imbibe fresh air. Your love the chirping of birds and the noises made by various animals but you have always lacked time. Maybe you grew up in the country and years of living in a concrete jungle are suffocating you. What are you waiting for? Get out and walk into the woods. Go watch swans doing what they know best at the lake. Take time and lie on the grass in the park to get a bout of real natural air instead of the motor vehicle exhaust fumes you have become accustomed to in the city.

  1. Keep A Journal

I am not a good writer, you say. Journal keeping is not an exercise in writing skills. It is a psychological tool to help you reflect on your day. It makes you aware of the ways in which you are neglecting yourself. A journal is an honest look at your day while you reflect on how the day benefitted you. It is also a leisure activity that you have to create time every day. It helps to reconnect with yourself because you have to pose questions and get answers on how well you are treating yourself.

I know there are many more strategies for reconnecting yourself. Whether you want to meditate, lie idly on the sofa, sleep, listen to music, go on holiday, sing or play, the most important thing is that you give time to activities that rejuvenate your body, freshen your mind and give pleasure to your soul.

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With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Create A Major Life Change!

Deep inside each human being is the need for positive progress and change. You want to move from one step to another, especially in the direction you have identified to be the right one. Only then will you feel that life has any value for you.

The greatest obstacle, however, lies in our nature as humans. We are creatures of habits and breaking a habit can be challenging. We often get so accustomed to certain ways of doing things that we create comfort zones. When the time to change comes, we resist it because we want to remain in our little cocoons of comfort.

How then can you ensure that you embrace a major change in your life?

  1. Have a Vision

The Good Book that Christians use for doctrinal purposes holds that in the absence of a vision, people perish. A vision is some form of a mental image on what changes you want to see in your life. Every great achievement begins with an idea. Whatever your motivation for change, you need to clearly define your destination.

You cannot realize any major change in your life when your vision is hazy. Exactly where do you want to be in terms of your career in the next two years? What is your preferred relationship status and by when should you have achieved it? Of course your vision must be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound).

  1. Create An Actionable Plan To Back Your Vision

A vision will remain a mere statement unless it is backed by a viable plan. To create a major life change, you need to gather information towards making your vision a reality. You may want to borrow strategic planning concepts and plans from organisational settings. Planning constitutes the direction you will take towards your destination (vision).

A good plan is SMART. Moreover, when planning for a major change in your life, you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as the resources at your disposal. It is also important to make your intentions clear. Remember, though, that no plan is full-proof.

  1. Acknowledge What Holds You Back

When creating a major change in your life, it is crucial for you to look back at what has hampered you in the past. Habits are very strong and can keep your from your dreams. How many times have you tried to overcome your addiction to drugs or porn? How many times did you vow never to engage in a negative habit only to revert to it the following day? Acknowledge and deal with the reasons that always thwart your plans to change.

A good example of factors that hinder progress for most individuals is peer pressure. I have seen people who enrol in fitness clubs to shed off excess weight leaving midway through their exercise regiments because their peers do not approve of such efforts. As part of your plan, devise strategies to deal with such people and habits.

  1. Have A Positive Attitude

Many people who want to see change rise or fall when it comes to attitude. Have you ever been told that all you need to shed excess weight is to exercise and eat well? While this is true, it is only so partly. Unless you have a winning mentality that believes your dream is possible, you are likely to fall along the way when challenges begin to emerge.

Physicians often remind us that most of the illnesses we think we are suffering from are simply mental illusions. You obviously have heard of the placebo effect, which illustrates that whatever we believe in works for us in most circumstances. Whatever change you need to see in your life must be informed by the vision you have.

  1. Involve Others

No man is an island, goes the famous cliché. That change you are looking for will impact someone else either positively or negatively. The best way to make sure you achieve your dreams and enjoy doing so is by involving significant people in your life during formation of the idea, planning and implementation.

Let’s take the example of a working mother who wants to advance her studies to get a promotion at work or to change careers. For her to attain this ideal, she needs the support of her employer, husband, children and other relatives. People who really value you will also encourage you along the way as you reach for the change you desire.

  1. Have Patience 

For any significant change to occur in your life, be ready for obstacles. Nothing good is attained when the waters are smooth. You might as well forget about the change you want if you are not willing to face and navigate rough waters. As they say, a ship at the harbour is safe but that is not what it was designed for.

Some of the challenges you need to handle will come from your own poor attitude and inherent weaknesses. Others will emanate from your family, workplace or even community. It is important to have your vision in mind and to remember you are doing this for yourself. You have to remain steadfast in the midst of obstacles.

  1. Review Your Progress

Finally, do not forget to sit back and review how far you have come. This should be on a regular basis. Monitoring and reviewing your progress is a sure way of ensuring you identify possible weaknesses and device strategies to overcome them before they run out of hand. Take time also to celebrate milestones as you move towards the change your desire.

If you are in the process of shedding excess weight, for example, you must weigh yourself regularly, preferably weekly, to know how well you are doing. Moreover, you need to discuss your progress or regress with your personal trainer to identify areas of weakness.


Points to Remember!

  1. Every major change comes at a cost. There can be no victory without sacrifice and sacrifice is by nature painful.
  2. Internalize the change you want to see by creating mental pictures and feeling the consequences of that change in your life even before you achieve it.
  3. Change cannot be achieved in a vacuum. People are key players in any change process. Ignore them at your own peril.
  4. Change begins with you and you must desire it so much so that you are willing to sacrifice your pleasures for some time to achieve what you want.
  5. Do not chew more than you can swallow. It would be a miracle for you to become a dollar millionaire in one month if you have no job currently and have no viable business idea you are working on.
  6. Having a spiritual dimension is important. Whatever you subscribe to as the Higher Being, ensure you involve it in your plans.
  7. Study the experiences of others to get inspired. Talk to people who have undergone momentous but deliberate transformation. Watch them on TV or read their stories for motivation.
  8. Listen to your inner voice. Whether you are planning or implementing, never forget to listen to your heart. It is rarely wrong. If it says that you change, do it.
  9. The naysayers will always be watching you, waiting for your downfall. Remain true to your vision and plan.
  10. Celebrate when you create that major change in your life. Reward yourself. Remember current triumphs will motivate you to set higher goals and achieve them.

With love,

Your Grace Guru



Success For A Woman 101

I grew up listening to the cliché, “behind every successful man is a woman.” You and I have heard it repeated countless times, especially when a successful male entrepreneur, political leader or professional are being honoured. The woman gets a mention for her support for her man. But it is just that – a mention.


Have you ever taken time to ask yourself whether the wife, girlfriend or lover of a successful man is also successful? If we phrased the threadbare statement the other way round would it still be valid and acceptable to society? This is what I mean: Behind every successful woman is a man.

I guess you will have a problem agreeing with this statement especially if you consider the history behind successful women you know. Very few, if any, successful women can attribute their prosperity to men. I want to state this from the onset because I intend to discuss other approaches to success for a woman with no man involved, at least not significantly.

Tested and proven strategies that bring success to a woman…

The approaches I will suggest here are not silver bullets towards success for a woman. They will not yield success overnight. Do not expect that you will miraculously wake up successful simply because you followed what I am proposing in this article.

I have endeavoured to study successful women and to come up with the principles that most of them used to arrive at their current statuses. There is no particular formula or way of succeeding. How you mix and match these principles is largely dependent on you and you alone.

These principles have been used by women entrepreneurs, actresses, musicians, talk show hosts, TV personalities, sportswomen, politicians, academicians and women in all careers you know of. Each of them has found success in their own ways.

 Here are 12 crucial principles that result in success for a woman:

1. Meditate Regularly

It is unfortunate that many of us associate meditation with yoga and conclude that because we are not Indians or Buddhists, meditation is not our thing. What many women do not know is that meditation is not a preserve of any religion. Anyone can and should meditate.

Most successful women have regular meditation sessions. They take time to connect with their inner self. When you meditate, you take time off from your daily activities, create some quiet time, and imbibe positive energy.

Make meditation part of your life. That is what you need to interact effectively with colleagues, customers, your boss and family members. Further, after a hard day’s work, you need to tap into your inner reserves to get the energy you need to work on other projects.

  1. Take One Day At A Time

Success for a woman comes after a hard day’s work. There is no genuine success that will come your way of you don’t work for it. It is crucial therefore that you take every day as it comes. The trouble of a single day is enough for that day. Why try to deal with yesterday or tomorrow on the present day?

Plan your day and handle what is humanly possible. That is what success for a woman entails. Remember there is that child waiting for you at home, or there will be at some point. Juggling between your family, career and societal demands is challenging, but if you want to be successful, you must live one day at a time.

  1. Adapt To Situations

Success for a woman means getting into many situations that demand different attitudes and reactions. Such situations arise at work, at home, in business negotiations, in the social scene and so on. How will you balance different situations?

To be regarded as a successful woman you must be ready to face the good days as well as the bad ones. The mark of a great woman is the ability to come out happy and triumphant at the end of whatever situations you are facing.

  1. Learn To Shift Your Mental Focus

Success for a woman requires a lot of deliberate mental effort. For example, what happens when there are unpleasant issues confronting you and you feel you cannot get rid of them? Remember if you had a bad day at home it is possible to come with those feelings to work and project them on others.

The solution lies in shifting your thoughts to something pleasant. It is not an easy task, but it is necessary. Even when unpleasant thoughts invade your mind at night think about the things that make you happy e.g. your children, travel or shopping. Concentrate on your previous success to find motivation for current challenges.

  1. Set Priorities

When pursuing success, it is possible for a woman to forget that she is just human. Many times, a woman chews more than she can swallow. The multiplicity of tasks and roles that must be accomplished can befuddle you to the point of losing focus. The temptation to multitask is high.

Successful women know how to prioritize. After all, you have only 24 hours to perform your tasks and almost a third of this time will be spent sleeping. The best strategy in this case is to prioritize. List all the tasks that you have to do and rate them in order of importance and urgency. Do not let what you can do tomorrow affect what needs to be done today if you want to be a successful woman.

  1. Excel At What You Do

Success for a woman comes through excellent performance. I am not talking about perfection, but doing your best in whatever you do. In a world where women are considered inferior to men in many societies, nothing beats a woman who knows her trade and accomplishes with the highest level of expertise.

The best strategy to overcome negative comments and reactions to your roles and position as a woman is to work diligently and deliver quality services and products in whatever you are tasked to do. People will respect you for your accomplishments and will find it hard to find excuses to discriminate against you.

  1. Watch What You Eat

You are what you eat. I know you have heard this so many times before that you wonder why I have to repeat it here. The question is: do you believe you are what you eat? There is an obesity epidemic and many women are practically disabled or are at the risk of imminent death because of poor eating habits.

Success for a woman demands that she eats a balanced diet. Kindly discard those sweet but nutrient-deficient fries from your diet. Those hamburgers, soft drinks and salty foods that you eat in excess are not the diet of successful women. You need to have a healthy body to function optimally, and it starts with your choice of diet and the times you when you take your meals.

  1. Exercise Regularly

The modern successful woman is confronted by a unique but delicate situation. Our foremothers (is there is anything like that) worked in farms or performed manual duties while their husbands went out to look for food and other necessities. Today, the workplace is more of a stationary desk with a computer where almost all transactions are carried out. The proliferation of lifestyle diseases is the dreadful repercussion of this lifestyle.

Success for a woman means not only eating well but also exercising the body. You need to go out and practice yoga or run regularly. Alternatively, you can attend a gym and exercise under the guidance of a fitness trainer. Endeavor to stretch out your body and overcome excess weight / fat. Working out rejuvenates your body and mind while nourishing your skin and making it look younger and healthier.

  1. Don’t Try To Please Everyone

Bill Cosby, the great American comedian was once asked to give his secret of success. He retorted that he did not know the secret of success but he knew the one for failure. “The secret of failure is trying to please everybody,” he said. That is timeless wisdom on having your own principles and adhering to them.

Successful women set their goals and set out to achieve them. They do not bother doing what others want. Remember you cannot please everybody because everyone will want you to meet a different set of expectations. You will end up not pleasing anybody and will create more enemies.

  1. Listen To Critics To Know Where To Improve

Do you get exasperated by people talking negatively about you and wonder when they will stop? Yes, they will, but that will be when they have bid your farewell as you transit to the next world. Successful women know that people must talk about them and a great chunk of what is said will be negative.

Your work is not to bother with the negatives. Rather, listen to what is being said with an eye for improvement. People don’t discuss issues or objects that have no significance. The fact that they are talking about you is enough evidence that you have impacted their lives. Gather what is important from their criticism and find ways to incorporate it in your plans without informing them.

  1. Watch Less TV

You might be wondering what is wrong with me or what my problem is with TV. You may be the type of woman that cannot do without a soap opera or that addictive movie series. Probably you are the political type that must watch news and political analyses without fail. But have you ever wondered what value TV has in your life.

The most successful women list TV as a non-priority. Instead of spending the entire day watching other people acting and making money, successful women engage in other productive pastimes. For example, they read inspirational books or those that relate to their professions. Leave TV to the average achiever or non-achiever. Live such that you can be the subject of a TV program, not the viewer.

  1. Keep A Circle Of Genuine Friends

You are a human being and human touch is very important for your success. You need to have a circle of genuine friends in all spheres of your life, be it professional or social. You need people who can listen to you, offer advice, critique you constructively or simply be there for you.

To be successful, you need people who feel you. They must be people who share your ideals. I am not just talking about your family. You need more than that. This circle of friends will keep you motivated and informed. Successful women do not succeed alone. I need to conclude by saying that behind every successful woman are these twelve principles and especially a clique of genuine friends.


With love,

Your Grace Guru