5 Must Read Books That Will Change Your World!

The world moves by the wisdom of gurus and sages who lived years of yore. They may be no more but their words keep on inspiring generations. The best action that these people and those who lived during their time did, was to immortalise their words in books. Modern wisdom is also encapsulated in books. In essence, books contain knowledge and information that can transform the way you live.

The following five books will change your world in terms of your worldview and conduct:

  1. The Denial of Death, Ernest Becker

This book won the 1974 Pulitzer Price for non-fiction. Becker based his writings on the literature of Sigmund Freud, Soren Kierkegarrd and Otto Rank. Becker intends to inculcate reason in his readers. The title of the book encapsulates the thesis. We are so much afraid of death that we deny its existence.

To Becker, human beings are fearful, finite creatures who are nothing without another person affirming what the former believe. When we receive constant affirmation, we begin to understand who we really are. Having realised ourselves, we overcome our beliefs of insignificance. According to Becker, we set out on an immortality project; believing that we are inherent components of something that will last forever. He forces us to face reality and become heroes in a manner that infuses our lives with meaning and significance as opposed to living under the shadow of death.

  1. Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

One of the most provocative books ever written is Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche. This famous German thinker considered this the best book in as far as capturing the facts that underlie the life of man. He believes that he has given the world a precious present that will bridge centuries of knowledge. Nietzsche attempts to turn the soul of man inside out. His rationale is that the soul can be transformed by accepting the ‘facts’ he is propagating.

He is bold enough to go against the grain and proclaim the death of God. This prose-poetry text is told by Zarathustra, the embodiment of Zoroaster, the Persian prophet. Nietzsche is of the idea that independence and the ability to overcome are hard to attain but without them, culture and individuals are vulnerable and in danger. Insecurity leads to conformist tendencies and people go to great length to preserve herd mentality.

  1. The Nature of the Soul, Bill Plotkin

This book by Bill Plotkin will help you to understand yourself as a human being. He opines that self-doubt is as dangerous as self-inflation. The challenge for every human being is to live up to their potentials and bravely bringing out the inimical talents that lie hidden within them. Here you will learn about the eight Eco-centric or Soul-centric phase of human development.

You will realise that all of us go through The Innocent in the Nest, The Explorer and in the Garden and The Thespian in the Oasis stages as part of initial human development. Find out also why many people fail to advance beyond these three phases and why such people never really become adults or authentic elders. Each of the other five stages has unique characteristics, but those who go through them successfully become better human beings.

  1. Finite and Infinite Games, James, P. Carse

In this book Carse opines that the only way for human beings to become free and have greater ability to achieve their dreams is to realise that they are limited, not by what they see, but by their ability to see. This writer presents a brilliant and incisive analysis of the human condition by subjecting human beings to game theory.

Here we find two opposing players– the Infinite versus the Finite Player. Opposition is defined by existing frontiers. Your life depends on how you view your boundaries. If you are a Finite Player, you always play inside frontiers and you don’t want to venture outside. On the other hand, Infinite players love to operate with boundaries. The former is after power while the latter plays using power. The Infinite Player continues within the game forever because this is the game of life.

  1. The Rebel, Albert Camus

If you have never appreciated rebels or the idea of going against the grain, you need to read this book. Camus appeared to have been writing an essay, but ended up creating a book. This writer creates a picture of a human being who has revolted against society. His work is based on the works of other eccentric scholars and writers such as Georg Wilhelm, Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky, to name a few.

Camus believes that people rebel when they realise that society is parochial and outdated in the execution of fairness. They would like to find meaning in their actions, but the world they look up to is meaningless. Camus, however, warns that the rebel is in danger of being carried away and failing to live by the real intentions of his or her revolt. Are you looking for revolutionary education? Read this book.

Happy Reading!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Do You Have A Mentality That Attracts Wealth?

The world of wealth creation has undergone many changes in recent days to the extent that people now know that there is a science behind this endeavour. In essence, to become wealthy you need more than investment and prudent management of your savings. Attracting wealth is now understood to be a matter of mentality. While this does not mean that you discard what you already know about wealth creation, it places upon you the obligation to seek for more information on how you can attract wealth.

 It All Begins With Beliefs

Over the years, we have known that what we believe influences how we live. You are the sum of your beliefs and pertinent action. But let us concentrate on the beliefs part because it determines how we behave and whether we can attract wealth or not. When you hold some beliefs very closely to your heart you tend to act to actualise your convictions.

Ideology, dogma, philosophy or whatever you call it, can be a power for good or evil in your life. We have witnessed what deranged religious extremists are doing in Iraq and Syria owing to mistaken interpretation of religious beliefs. Conversely, many schools, hospitals, orphanages, hospices and other forms of charity are there to help the disadvantaged thanks to people who subscribe to one form of religion or the other. In essence, faith and belief can become powers for good.

Let us now return to the issue of money. Did you know what you believe about money may give or deny you this important measure of wealth? I know you may not have thought seriously about this but some of the belief you hold about money are the reason you have stagnated monetarily. I also need to point out that you many not even be aware of these beliefs. You may have held them for so long that you have come to assume they are true even when they are mere negative perceptions.

For you to have the mentality that attracts wealth, you must first understand and assess what you believe. You cannot have mistaken and negative beliefs about money and expect to attract it to you. It is hard for you to go around taking ill of money and expect it will naturally come to you. Unfortunately, many of us have never taken time to scrutinise what they believe about money and the repercussions of such perceptions.

Remember the more you believe in something the more you are likely to defend it and live according to its dictates. Consequently, those who have adopted the right mentality will continue to attract more wealth, while those who choose to have negative beliefs about money will end up lacking it most of the time.

Money Beliefs To Avoid

As I said before, you are likely not to even know that what you believe is causing you some disadvantage. That is why some of the mistaken beliefs I will cite will catch some readers off guard.

  1. Have you ever heard someone say that they will never become rich? You may even be one of those who say so. Perhaps you said it in jest as you interacted with other people. But words have power behind them. As you repeat these words or similar statements they become ingrained in your mind and become beliefs. Eventually such beliefs become strong cords that bind you to lack, scarcity and poverty.
  1. You may also have come across people who say that there is scarcity in the world and that resources are never enough. This is another pitfall that you may have fallen into without even realising it. Some of these beliefs are inherited from our parents. We were taught to share and to know that we can never have enough of what we want. Somehow, we came to project that into our monetary lives and it became a self-fulfilling prophesy.
  1. Once you believe this crap, not even time will be adequate for you. You will always be rushing and never accomplishing what you planned to. You see, your mind must find resources inadequate so that you don’t think you are insane. You have to see and experience what you have always believed to be true.

Tree mix dollars on white isolate background.

  1. Did someone ever tell you that money does not grow on trees? And you believed what they told you – essentially that money is not as abundant as leaves and you would rather make do with what you have. By the way, it is true that money does not grow on trees. But that is where the problem lies. Trees are everywhere; if you cannot see trees, you are in a desert. This is the definition of poverty and lack. You will come across money on rare occasions because it will not be available on the few trees in your world.
  1. Another fallacy about money is a derived from the good book. You must have heard people saying money is the root of all evil. What naysayers don’t tell you is that the root of all evil is the love of money, not money itself. What this kind of belief does to you is to make you hate money. You view it as the reason you and the rest of humanity are in constant pain. How then will money become your friend if you hate it?

Affirmations To Counter Negative Beliefs On Wealth

The best way to counter self-limiting beliefs, that tie you strongly to poverty, is to create positive affirmations that you can recite and replace with misconceptions.

  1. If you have always believed you will never become rich, begin to create affirmations that you are going to overcome your situation. Craft your statement to remind you that you are living abundantly even now. This will create the right atmosphere for you to attract wealth into your life.
  1. Instead of believing and saying that you don’t have enough money, create an affirmation to indicate that you are grateful for what you have. Let it sink into your mind that you appreciate whatever you have accumulated up to now. Gratitude is a powerful strategy for attracting wealth, good fortune and wellbeing.

  1. If you have been saying that you have no time to do everything that you have to, it is time to create an affirmation that will replace this negative belief. I know you believe you have a lot on your hands every day to the extent that you have to multitask. However, you need to understand that multitasking accomplishes much less compared to concentrating on one task. You are better off believing and affirming that you have enough time to do all that is facing you. That way you will fill your mind with thoughts of abundance.
  1. They have been telling you that money does not grow on trees. Create an affirmative statement to counter this. Tell yourself every day that money is flowing abundantly in your life. Do not talk about lack but availability of money.

  1. You have believed that money is the root of all evil, but now you know that that is a fallacy. You need to affirm that you have enough money. Your affirmation should emphasize that all you financial needs are met within your current situation. This will create a situation in which money is abundant in your life. Create an affirmation that money will be the source of good things for you.


Crucial Exercises For People With A Mentality To Create Wealth

  1. Write down all the limitations you find in your life, especially by noting how you feel about various issues related to wealth such as money and your job. Be very sincere as you do this. Write what comes into your mind and study the material to see whether there are any trends.

  1. Now transform each of the negatives into a positive because every drawback is an opportunity to learn and grow. Ensure you find the silver lining in every limitation that is making you not achieve your wealth targets.
  1. Practice creating visual images of the person you want to become. Set aside a quiet time when you can create mental pictures. Where possible, have real pictures of the house you want to live in, the holiday destination you want to visit and so on.
  1. Write down your affirmations in positive terms. Take time to craft them in the best language that appeals to your mind and which you can even memorize. Make a copy that you can post on the wall in your bedroom or other convenient place. Carry a copy of your affirmations in your wallet. Have another copy in your computer or phone.
  1. Create an appropriate time to recite your affirmations, preferably first thing in the morning and before you sleep in the evening. However, during the day, take time to read through the affirmations on your computer, phone or the note in your wallet.

In conclusion, you can only attract wealth if you have the right mentality and this implies changing your negative beliefs into positive ones!!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Apps That Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Use!

Entrepreneurship is a calling that many have responded to and which requires dedication and sacrifice. While there are many challenges on this journey, you can take heart in the profits to be reaped following a successful venture. Further, you can enjoy the entire process and experience of entrepreneurship if you install a number of crucial apps in your digital gadgets.

Importance Of Apps!

Apps enhance your ability to employ technology in your business. They will help you to create and honour schedules; connect with your business, partners and clients in real-time; monitor the progress of your business at any one time and acquire timely reports, among other important functions.

Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have:

Skype: This is the ultimate communication tool that you need on your phone or PC. It will help you to get in touch with clients, partners, suppliers and other important stakeholders of your business. Skype will help you communicate face-to-face with important people wherever they are in the world and agree on business deals.

Skype for iPhone – Skype Communications S.a.r.l

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 18.24.20

Dropbox: Have you ever needed an important document of computer file and could not access it because your computer had crashed or you had not carried it along? You need Dropbox. Download and install it on your phone to access any files you need from any other computer or your phone. It is also a storage and backup facility from which you can directly share files or even email them.

 Download Now – Dropbox

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 18.24.38

Paypal: When conducting business online, expect to be paid in many forms, but especially through Paypal. Many clients and business associate prefer Paypal because it is safe and has been proved to be efficient. Moreover, it is accepted as a mode of payment by innumerable companies, thus making in all the more important to download and install on your phone.

Download Now – PayPal, Inc.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 18.28.08

Splashtop: Entrepreneurship demands that you have all the information you need at all times. It is disappointing for a client to wait until you go back to your office or until you access your computer to access an important file. Download Splashtop and install on your phone and you will have access to all the contents on your computer.

Download Now- Personal – Splashtop Inc.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 18.12.58

Uber: The entrepreneurship world requires speed and adherence to deadlines and appointments. Sometimes you are required to travel to some location to seal and deal. You may also need to inspect the offloading of products you have purchased. You need Uber to help you get the right taxi to take you where you are needed. This app will help you find the way, beat the traffic and seal the deal.

Download Now – Uber Technologies, Inc.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 18.22.54

Mint: As an entrepreneur, you will need to manage your finances well to avert wastage and fraud. This is, however, not an easy task, especially when you don’t have an app like Mint. Use it to get your cash flow information, record expenses and monitor savings plans from your phone.

Mint Bills & Money – Intuit Mint Bills, Inc.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 18.22.12With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Our Recommended Inspirational Feel-Good Summer Books!

Summer is getting to an end it this is your last chance to select few more books before the last holiday ends and everybody is back in to the September rush! Also I love summer especially because it arouses in me some form of curiosity and creativity. Perhaps it is because of the warmth and the small but loud voice that urges me to go out and bask in the rays of the sun. More importantly, summer puts me in the mood for reading.

I want to share with you some of the books that I believe you should read this summer. But before I do so, allow me to underline that reading is not a waste of time. I am not talking about reading for an examination or any academic course for that matter. I mean reading for the sake of getting knowledge, acquiring some skills or imply enjoying a story. Reading imparts knowledge, relaxes the mind, reduces stress and puts you in the mood for sleep and some very nice dreams!

This summer, I don’t want you to read only conventional texts. I want you to try different authors. Further, endeavour to read on a range of topics and genres. I know romance novels are exciting, but it is important to try a classic or autobiography for a change. Without further ado, here is my recommenced list for summer reading.

1. Happiness 365: One-a-Day Inspirational Quotes for a Happy YOU! – Chopra and Harry

This is a unique motivational book that gives you a quote to inspire you every day. Life is not always straight. There will be days of gloom and others full of happiness. Sometimes you will feel like giving up especially if you don’t have people near you to cheer you up. This book will ensure you have some uplifting nugget of wisdom to ponder as you go through your daily struggles. Chopra and Harry had you in mind when they created this wonderful text.

There are people who read more than one quote. They simply cannot wait for the following day. The most important thing is that you have something to cheer you up every day. You can begin reading this book at any time because every day has its portion. If you begin this summer, you will have a quote for each day until next summer. Happiness 365 will help you to inculcate the habit of reading. Irrespective of your age, this book will make your summer enjoyable.

2. Autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With The Truth – M. K. Ghandi

As we depart from the norm in summer reading, I want you to read this autobiography. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is one of the most exceptional people that ever lived. He was an Indian freedom fighter who advocated for non-violent means of freeing India from British colonialism. He became the first Prime Minister of India. In this book you will read about his early life, studies, experience of fighting for freedom and the dreams he had for his country.

An autobiography is crucial to any keen reader because it allows one to interact with the author’s life and to learn important lessons for life. Gandhi is one of the most quoted people and authors you will ever come across. His experiences in different continents and interactions with people of all races place him among the greatest people who ever lived. Instead of living in your own narrow world, read the extraordinary story of this great lawyer, author, politician and leader and gain lessons that you can apply to your life this summer.

  1. Communication Skills: Communication Skills Made Easy! Talk to Anyone with Confidence, Influence People, Master your Conversations! – David Cross

My summer reading list contains more surprises. Have you ever wondered whether you are a good communicator? Many of us assume we are, but we are far from being people who can use communication effectively. As you relax this summer, read this book to improve your communication skills. David Cross’ book is appropriate for an individual as well as a professional who wants to improve their people skills.

There is much that you can accomplish with excellent communication skills and this book will equip you or help you to sharpen skills you already have. You will learn how to appreciate yourself and your communication behavior. This book will teach you how to craft the best communication for the appropriate moment. If you are a person who is often involved in persuasive communication, here is the right text to help you influence people. If you have problems speaking to many people at once, this book will equip you with public speaking skills.

  1. Where’d You Go, Bernadette? – Maria Semple

Next in line is a novel. A well-told narrative with twists and turns will cheer you up and rev up your imagination this summer. This story revolves around Bernadette Fox and her daughter Bee. The mother is quirky and notorious. She means different things to different people. Although her husband is a techie, she claims to know more about life than him. Her fellow parents at school consider her a disgrace. She is adored by her fashion crazy friends. But to her eleven-year-old daughter, she is everything; a heroine, friend and most of all, a loving mother.

The story becomes interesting when Bernadette disappears and Bee has to create some kind of a description or history of her mother in order to find her. Apparently, Bernadette did not like Seattle and decided to travel. This novel details the efforts of a daughter to find her mother despite all the odds. It illustrates the close relationship between the two. This is not a novel you will want to put down before you reach the end.

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird – Happer Lee

The next book on our summer list is a classic novel. There is something that modern writing misses and can borrow from classic writings. You may have read this text in a literature class during the course of your studies. If you did, relive the moments, this time without the agony of knowing there is an exam waiting for you. If you have never come across this text, prepare yourself for a gripping narrative that explores race relations and chides society for being hypocritical about race.

The novel is set in the Deep South during the 1930s. A black man (symbolized by the Mocking Bird) is on trial for allegedly raping a young white girl. The narrator is a child and this allows readers to explore how race, class and justice interact when a black man is on trial during an era when racism was prevalent. There is reason why this novel won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature and why the narrative was turned into a film. Read it this summer to find out.

6. The Absolute Best Dump Cake Cookbook: More Than 60 Tasty Dump Cakes – Rockridge Press

This is another surprise inclusion on our summer reading list. It is important to learn a new skill or improve the one you have this summer, thus a cookery book. I know cookery is gradually becoming a rare art since people prefer to eat ready-made food, especially fast food. Dump Cakes are the easiest type of cakes for anyone to make. They don’t require a lot of expertise yet those who eat them will praise you for your skill!

This is an award winning book having been declared a best seller on USA Today, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. The recipes are simple and you can use locally available ingredients to make a delicious and nutritious dump cake. Learn how to spice up dessert with 56 exceptional recipes. For those who like eating healthy snacks, don’t worry because this book will teach you how to bake a cake and enjoy it without feeling guilty! This is a skill you must learn this summer.

7. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This at School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By – Cary Siegel

This summer you are likely to spend a lot of money as you travel to different places to rejuvenate your body during vacation. This will definitely put a hole in your pockets. The reason why you are broke every time summer ends is best known to you. Here is a book that will ensure that this summer is the last one when you will complain of being broke after enjoying the sun and sand.

Why do they make math and English compulsory in school, yet the problems we face in most cases after school have to do with poor management of money? Read this book to understand 99 lessons on personal money management that will transform the way you view and handle your finances. These are lessons that no school will teach you – not even an MBA syllabus has such content. These are practical lessons from Siegel, meant for his children, but now availed to you to transform your financial life.

8. The Power Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business – Charles Duhigg

The last item in our summer reading list is a book that will help you to come to grips with your day-to-day life. Habits are very powerful and unless we understand and control them, we will end up being unproductive. Unlike other comparable texts, this author does not simply lecture you on habits, but gives you the scientific background behind them. The examples and illustrations used in this text are derived from real workplaces and instances of human interaction.

The author is emphatic that whatever you want to achieve in your life boils down to habits. Whether you want to lose weight or become more efficient in what you do, you need to understand the science of habits. This text is intended to make you better in whatever you do, whether you are alone or with friends and society at large. As you count down to another year until the next summer, it is time to adopt good habits and drop the ones that pull you down.

With love,

Your Grace Guru



Secrets For A Younger You!

From time immemorial, we have been taught to believe that ageing is inevitable. We naturally expect to grow older, frail and eventually succumb to death. History and experience also bear witness to this fact. After all, aren’t we witnessing our elderly folks going through the same process?

It is for this reason that many people are pleasantly shocked when they hear that the aging process can be decelerated and that human beings can grow younger! Did you know that your body is actually a field of energy and intelligence? Are you aware that your body and mind are closely connected and that you age because your mind believes you must age?

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 12.15.12

This implies that you begin to lose your physical and mental abilities with the passage of years largely because you have conditioned your mind to believe that this must happen! Since your mind influences your body cells, the ageing process can be reversed, accelerated or slowed down.

You may be asking, “Isn’t ageing genetic?” Yes it is a factor, but it is not the key determinant. The ageing process and your health are not predetermined. You can choose to behave in such a manner that your body is transformed to beat the biological clock. Here’s how:

  1. Begin by Changing your Attitude

Humans are fond of underestimating the power of the mind. You need to stop viewing your body as a preconditioned machine that must eventually succumb to biological wear and tear. Shift your mind to seeing yourself as a field of energy that continues to transform itself and has renewable intelligence. Begin to make positive affirmations about your body and ageing. Stop glorifying ageing and other inherited weaknesses and focus on living for many more years to come.

Positive Thinking is my Lifestyle! - Grace Guru

  1. Deal with Stress Effectively

Stress is inevitable considering the struggles we go through life and the fact that we have to deal with people who do not necessarily share our points of view. Remember stress accelerates the ageing process. It is, therefore, imperative that you reduce stress in your life if you are to grow younger. One of the best strategies to do this is to meditate. During meditation, your body and mind relax, you breathe more slowly, the heartbeat slows down and the hormones that control stress also relax.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep

You age faster when you fail to sleep adequately. If you are not getting between six and eight hours of restful sleep every day, then you are not doing your body any favour. This habit also weakens you immunity and disrupts you body’s internal balance. The best indicator that you slept restfully is to be energetic when you wake up. To arrive at this ideal, ensure you take a light meal before 7:30 pm and then sleep by 10.00 pm.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating fresh food or that which is freshly prepared is a strategy for curbing ageing. You also need to eat a balanced diet and ensure it includes foods that are pungent, astringent and bitter, in addition to the common salty, sweet and sour ones. Do not forget to make your food colourful by including foods that have antioxidants. I am suggesting that you eat lots of fruits, vegetables and legumes like mustard, spinach, peppers, lentils, tea, lettuce, radishes and ginger.

  1. Work Out Regularly

It is impossible to discuss strategies for growing younger without considering exercise. When you work out, your biological processes are invigorated and you begin to have brain cells that are close to one another. Your mind is rejuvenated and your emotional health is boosted. To this end, endeavour to engage in cardio, aerobics and strength training with the help of a fitness trainer. A cheaper but equally effective strategy is to jog and stretch out regularly.

  1. Invest in the Social Sphere

You can grow younger by surrounding yourself with love and affection. Research has shown that people who are lonely and isolated are more prone to heart and mental illnesses than those who have constant company of loved ones. I am not talking about old people homes but a real family that offers love and support to its members. Create emotional bonds and invest in them instead of spending the entire day watching television.

  1. Learn from Children and Imitate them

To grow younger, you need to be childlike. Remember when you used to be carefree and would laugh and play knowing everything was fine? I know today you are conditioned to believe that that was foolish behaviour. The truth is that a childlike disposition is essential for reversing or controlling ageing. Get time to relive those childhood days by engaging in some of the games you used to play. You will be surprised at how fast youth will flood back.

Don’t Forget:

  1. It is possible to become young if you engage in deliberate activities that change your thinking and body processes.
  2. Ageing is not mandatory; we are conditioned to believe that we must grow old and eventually die.
  3. You have a right to live for as long as you like and this is what some people discovered a long time ago and we keep honouring them with Guinness World Records.
  4. You cannot grow younger unless you begin to eat fresh food and freshly cooked meals instead of junk food.
  5. You may have heard that rich people sleep less hours every day. Why should you sleep less, get more money and eventually have a shorter time to enjoy what you work for?
  6. Stress is inevitable but it can greatly enhance ageing unless you control it through meditation and other effective techniques.
  7. Your attitude is paramount in the quest to grow younger. Whatever you believe influences ageing. Believe you are a field of energy that renews itself every day and it will be so.
  8. Stop being a hermit and surround yourself with people. Love and affection are essential ingredients for growing younger.
  9. Control your emotions and learn to forgive and forget. Didn’t you hear that holding a grudge against someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die?
  10. Get out, stretch your limbs and body and sweat profusely. You cannot grow younger without regular exercise.

 With love,

Your Grace Guru



5 Essential Tips For The Working Woman’s Health!

The contemporary woman is quite different from the conventional one. Today, women perform more of mental than physical jobs. A lot of time is spent behind computers and phones as opposed to kitchens. More and more women are occupying boardrooms and spending a lot of their time in various types of meetings. This implies that they exercise and physical fitness needs must vary to fit into their working lifestyles. 

The following tips are important for women who want to keep fit while leading productive professional lives.

  1. Endeavour to Live A Healthy Life

Instead of always thinking about losing weight, look at the larger picture – becoming fit. Many working women obsess about their excess body weight and forget to actually remain fit. Remember that your body is created differently from that of other women. You could be having what other consider excess body mass, but you are still healthy. Establish the appropriate exercise routine for you, eat a balanced diet and your weight will reduce without you fretting over it.

  1. Watch Your Sitting Posture

Always endeavour to look straight at your monitor or have it slightly above the level of your eye. Ensure you are seating upright and facing the front. Your chair should be positioned in such a manner that you do not slouch or slump. Keep your back straight to avoid chest and back problems in future. Every time you realise your neck, shoulders or back are aching, adjust your sitting position to eradicate the discomfort.

  1. Train With A Partner

Not many people can work out for long alone. It is human to require company. In case you are the type that gets easily bored when working out, or you get discouraged quickly, look for a training partner with similar goals as yours. This will motivate you and create a sense of responsibility not only to yourself, but also to your training partner. You may also consider taking your pet for a walk as part of your exercise as this will give you some company.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

You cannot attain all your fitness goals in a few days or weeks. Avoid overworking your body in the quest for fitness. Do not stay longer at the gym thinking this will make you lose fat in a flash. Never forget that you gained excess weight over a long period and it will take sustained effort to shed it off. Talk to your fitness trainer and together develop realistic targets and training regime.

  1. Maintain A Positive Disposition

By now you know that laughter is medicine by itself. Learn to enjoy light moments when you are working out. There is a lot of fun to be derived from sharing weight gain and weight loss experiences with your gym and training colleagues. Your body may not be what you like but you are making progress. Don’t be despondent and kill your morale by thinking you cannot make it.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



BOOK REVIEW: “Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” – Robin Sharma

Reading Robin Sharma’s “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” is like sitting at the feet of a guru and imbibing timeless and precious wisdom. It places you among a select few living wholesomely – enjoying life in all its facets.

Who is Robin Sharma?

He is an international best-selling author and motivational speaker whose writings and speeches have given readers and listeners the impetus to start again and achieve crucial life goals. So successful is Sharma in his career that his writings have been translated into over 70 languages and published in about 60 nations globally.

Why “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari”?

This book contains 101 motivational, challenging and practical lessons that will forever change your attitude towards life, people, parenting, careers and spirituality. Actually, the alternative title for the text is, “Who will cry when your die?”

Forgetting The Essence Of Life

From the very onset, Sharma asserts, “We live in an age when we have forgotten what life is all about.” Do you ever make money yet not enjoy spending it because you have too many struggles and worries? Have you ever wondered how you can balance your career, family, personal goals and community responsibility? This book was written for you.

Short Snippets Of Practicable Wisdom

Unlike many mundane and abstract ‘motivational’ books, “Life Lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari” contains short chapters (between one to three pages each). They include: Discover Your Calling, Keep a Journal, Don’t Pick Up the Phone Every Time It Rings, Model a Child, Learn to Be Silent, Get Up Early, Always Carry a Book with You, See Your Children as Gifts, Build a Library of Heroic Books, Drink Fresh Fruit Juice, Find Three Great Friends and Plant a Tree.

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How To Connect With Yourself

That we live in a busy world and society is not in doubt. From the moment you jump out of bed to the time you thankfully crawl under your bedsheets to get less-than-adequate sleep, your mind and body are busy. And who can blame you for being busy? Since the day we allowed capitalism and the law of the jungle to be our guiding principles, it is anathema for anybody of working age to be lounging on a sofa when they should be looking for an extra dollar. But is there a price to pay for this level of busyness?

You guessed it; there is, and an expensive one for that matter. If you are thinking that someone else will pay the price for your busy life, please think twice. You are the greatest loser. How can I be the loser when I am hustling to make a living? Because you are forgetting to feed the cow that produces the milk. In essence, in the process of fending for yourself and your family, you are likely to forget to create time for yourself.

I know people have praised you because you are a multi-tasking geek. You can juggle working, parenting, charity work and so on. You have been told countless times how you inspire people by the amount of work you can accomplish in a single day. You are happy because they single you out in your workplace as a person to be emulated for your work; after all, you are the first person in the office and always the last. You have even started indicating in your resume that you are good at multi-tasking.

It is important to remember that the human body is made of flesh and blood. You are not a machine that simply needs to be repaired to work for another day. You cannot be replaced once you are gone. There are no spare brains, hands, teeth, heart, kidney, liver and so on. Irrespective of how much money you make, you will end up paying through constant illness, obesity, loss of friends, accelerated ageing and many other negative effects. It is no longer a luxury to have time to recuperate.

Be honest with yourself. What happens when sleep comes for its debt? I know you are using alarms and all sort of medicine to keep yourself awake, but for how long will you survive on this strategy? When was the last time you spent quality time with your partner, spouse or children? Let’s come close to your heart, do you remember the last time you went out by yourself simply to catch fresh air and relax your mind? I know you don’t. You even think those who get time for themselves are either very rich, lazy or thieves. You justify yourself by saying you are waiting for the day you will have a lot of money for you to have some fun. Guess what? That day is never coming your way any time soon! You have to create it.

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What You Need To Do

There is person inside you that longs for fun and rejuvenation. This is the same person you have been overworking. You need to reward him or her by connecting with them every now and then. Let us discuss a number of actions that you can take today to win back your ‘self’ and reward your body for paying your bills for the past many days, months or even years.

  1. Know Yourself

What drives you? What exactly is your heart telling you in terms of the things that make you happy? If you were to summarise the values that drive you what would they be? After writing these things down, you will realise that the work you do daily and the people you associate with may not be giving you the opportunity to be yourself. What you need is to break the monotony of work and routine and to find regular time to express your core values. If you like philanthropy or community work, make time for such activities and you will gladden your heart.

  1. Create Time For Family

Except for those unfortunate to have lost all their loved ones and have no family at all, all of us have blood relatives that care about us deeply. You are a son or daughter to a certain ageing man or woman who longs to spend some quality time with you as used to happen when you were young and vulnerable. How about the little sister or brother with whom you executed so much mischief? They may be grown up today but deep inside them is that mischievous child that would want to relive the moment again, albeit through shared stories. I don’t know what the problem is with grandparents; they never seem to believe that you are already a parent yourself! They simply want to treat you the same way they did when you were a toddler. If sharing time with these people will not help you connect with yourself, I bet you have a serious problem.

  1. Revive Friendship Circles

We don’t live in a vacuum and friends are part of the circle that keeps us sane and productive. Being busy has the tendency of driving away the people you love from your life. When you begin concentrating on your work, you may also start to lose your friends, one by one. I know your friends are also busy people and they have little time for the activities that brought you together before. For their sake and yours too, reach out to them and begin to enjoy being together as you used to. As you discuss serious issues, as you gossip and engage in idle chatter, something in you will be ignited to give you a reason to smile again.

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  1. Take A Walk Alone

You are used to driving or being driven every day. You don’t even remember when last you walked on the grass or pavements in your neighbourhood. Your heart has longed to go into the woods and imbibe fresh air. Your love the chirping of birds and the noises made by various animals but you have always lacked time. Maybe you grew up in the country and years of living in a concrete jungle are suffocating you. What are you waiting for? Get out and walk into the woods. Go watch swans doing what they know best at the lake. Take time and lie on the grass in the park to get a bout of real natural air instead of the motor vehicle exhaust fumes you have become accustomed to in the city.

  1. Keep A Journal

I am not a good writer, you say. Journal keeping is not an exercise in writing skills. It is a psychological tool to help you reflect on your day. It makes you aware of the ways in which you are neglecting yourself. A journal is an honest look at your day while you reflect on how the day benefitted you. It is also a leisure activity that you have to create time every day. It helps to reconnect with yourself because you have to pose questions and get answers on how well you are treating yourself.

I know there are many more strategies for reconnecting yourself. Whether you want to meditate, lie idly on the sofa, sleep, listen to music, go on holiday, sing or play, the most important thing is that you give time to activities that rejuvenate your body, freshen your mind and give pleasure to your soul.

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Who Is The Real Winner?

The desire to be first and to receive praise is the undoing of many of us. For some strange reason, we tend to believe that we are competing with one another. It is a fact that human beings are similar in many ways, but they are also very different. Biologically, we function the same way and are exposed to similar challenges and illnesses. However, when we enter the social realm, all the parameters change.

Deceptive Perceptions

The world of perceptions is deceptive. We always find reasons to believe that we must strive to be like others. Granted, there is always somebody who will be more handsome or beautiful, stronger, slimmer, faster, smarter and of course younger!

Race To The Top

Life then becomes a race for the top, irrespective of how we get there. You may blame it on instincts – Charles Darwin called it survival for the fittest. You may want to attribute it to our school systems – were we not taught to be the best in our classes?

Danger Of Obsession

But did you know there is some danger in being obsessed with ‘leading while others follow?’

Think about it this way: would it not be better if you set your own goals and strived to achieve them instead of blindly competing with people whose goals you don’t know or share? It is unfortunate that many of us lose focus of what we want to achieve and instead concentrate on being better than others.

The Destination Or The Competition?

Here is one of my favourite examples: A family is taking a car trip from London to Paris! The journey is exciting; the experience unforgettable and punctuated with merry songs. Suddenly the father realises there is another car on the same route, headed to Paris. In a moment of unexplained madness, he decides to accelerate to arrive in Paris before the other driver – a perfect stranger. His concern is no longer with the destination but ‘winning.’ Only competition matters.

The journey of life has its difficulties and challenges and remaining focused on your goal is imperative. There is enough to worry about to the extent that competing with other people becomes unnecessary and useless. Beside, we are all created with different talents and abilities. Live your life and seek to be a winner against your goals not fellow travellers and strangers!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru