Change Your Habits In 21 Days!

The human mind and character are dynamic. However, they possess the ability to fall into predictable patterns after years of behaving in specific ways. A habit represents a pattern of conduct that can become a character trait that one cannot change easily.

No Magic Bullet

Consequently, good behavior must be enforced and modified when necessary. On the other hand, bad habits must be changed or discarded. However, this is not an easy task. Having formed some habits for many years, breaking them is not easy. You cannot wake up one morning, decide to stop behaving in a certain way and it happens suddenly.

Are 21 Days Sufficient?

It demands a lot of work to transit from behaving badly to conducting oneself in a productive manner, especially one that is acceptable to close friends and relatives. According to various experts, it takes approximately 21 days to change a habit. However, this theory has been challenged, especially the notion that a mere three weeks are sufficient to change a habit.

How to break your bad habits in 21 days - Grace Guru

21 Days Period As A Myth?

The excitement surrounding the 21 days led people to conclude that this was a definite period for changing a habit. This is where it became a myth. Dr. Maltz only gave 21 days as the minimum period. Further studies indicate that one cannot impose a period for changing a habit on yourself or any other person.

What Motivates You?

It is important to understand that there are different motivations for changing a habit and this often determines the time it will take to change a habit. Secondly, changing a habit depends on how deep the habit is ingrained within a person. For example, a smoker may take more than 21 days to stop smoking as this may involve relapses.

Don't give in! - GraceGuru

66 days?

What is important is to create a realistic plan at individual level instead of adopting those used by others. Actually, recent studies indicate that it takes around 66 days to change a habit. Whether this is another myth or a fact remains to be seen. However, no two people are the same and habits cannot be changed within the same period by the different people.

Change Your Bad Habits Now…

Changing your lifestyle to create a happier healthier you is not as hard as you think! Breaking a bad habit is something we all try to avoid especially on the brink of Summer! The motivation is in our mind but acting on that motivated mind is another matter! Check out these healthy alternatives to get you started…

                   Not getting enough sleep?        VS.             Sleep a healthy 8 hours a night!

Comfort/Stress Eating           VS.             Breathing exercise

Smoking                       VS.             Meditation

Sugar                                  VS.             Healthy snack

Skipping Breakfast                 VS.             Healthy Breakfast

Overspending               VS.             Save money

Overspending? - Grace Guru

                      Too much tanning?         VS.              Give your skin some TLC

Listening to loud music    VS.             Relax in peace

Addicted to your phone?      VS.             Read a magazine

Social media addiction               VS.              Go out with friends

Negative thinking                    VS.              Positive thinking

TV watching                     VS.             Read a book

To much alcohol         VS.              Eat more

Break your habits in 21 days with GraceGuru

          Tea or Coffee           VS.              Coconut water

                  Fizzy drinks          VS.             Green tea macha

            Salt             VS.             Tamari

                                                       Workaholic?            VS.             Holiday time – Work Hard, Play harder

Workaholic? Take time out with GraceGuruStop biting your pens!          VS.                        Get a snack!

                    Tattoos             VS.               Write a journal

                   Picking teeth in public            VS.                 Read a book about manners

                             Committing Carboside?           VS.               Limit yourself to carbs Once a week

                                                         Bread        VS.                Spelt or gluten free alternative

Chocolate         VS.                 Sex

Break your habit! - Grace Guru                                  Talking while eating!               VS.                Eat small bites, its much more sexy!

Talking to yourself           VS.               Get a Shrink!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Amazing Inspiring Journey To Machu Picchu

Yesterday I was reading a quote by Anne Frank which goes something like:

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy”
– Anne Frank

This quote relates very closely to the experience that my very good friend had in Machu Picchu, Peru and I would like to share it here with you in my edit!

“Lately I had an awful amount of depression and I just felt like there was a dark force that was pushing me down away from a healthy and normal life. The thing was that I just got out of a long relationship and the work load was getting just too much, plus I was getting regular panic attacks. Although my shrink and all of my friends had been asking me to go on a long vacation, I just couldn’t seem to make time to do that and even if I had the time, I didn’t want to go alone. However, time was passing, when one day one of my friends and her new girlfriend made a plan and looking at my condition, they asked me to come along and have some fun!

At first I hesitated, but both of them were very supportive of everything I have been going through and they promised that if this trip does not turn out to be the best one I had, they would come back from the first flight they are going to get. Honestly, it was high time for me to find some inner peace and explore the world as well as myself. Apparently we were going to the legendary sanctuary of Machu Picchu and although I have heard a lot about the Machu Picchu Facts on the News Peru Media, and I knew that it was located in Peru, I was pretty shocked at first, since I was not such an adventure loving person myself, but my friend and his girlfriend were pretty sure about this and they were quite excited to learn new facts about Machu Picchu.

So, we set out to discover the amazing and marvellous land of Peru Ruin, which is a habitat to a mixture of people of Indian and Spanish backgrounds and cultures. First, we went to Lima which is the capital city of Peru and although it took us a long time to reach there but it was surely worth it. There were many things that I found out in the first few minutes of my stay at Lima for example, in case you are a traveler from the east coast area, you will not be jet lagged since both of these areas are pretty much in the same time zone. We settled down in our room and changed into something more exotic. After that, we headed out to the restaurant, which was more like a bar for dinner and what we saw there was nothing similar to my expectations. There were many people gathered in the restaurant and they were all singing songs of their ancestors with their families. All of the families were dancing and making that time, a time to remember, a memory to behold for the rest of their lives and they were smiling like someone happy is supposed to smile.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river of joy within you”

I couldn’t resist this moment and I stood up with my friend and danced at the rhythm of those dejembe. The rest of our two days at Limo was spent looking at some other artefacts of Peru and before we knew, it was time for us to go to the real destination which was Machu Picchu, the city that was frozen for generations to come.

Train Journey to Machu

There were two ways through which you can reach the mystic city of Interesting Machu Picchu; one is through a luxury train ride which you can get if you can afford or the four hour hike on the challenging Inka trail. Of course I was too fragile for that hike, so I took the expensive train ride while my friend and his girlfriend decided to go for the hike and enjoy the breeze of these ancient roadways. I am sure that they had a wonderful time, but mine was pretty fabulous as well. I enjoyed a 5 star meal and there were famous travellers on board from whom I learned so much about this civilisation. After enjoying that fine dining and the beautiful views, I took off on the train station, where a bus was waiting for all of the tourists. We were booked in a local lodge and after an hour and a half my friend and his girlfriend joined me. They had their stories and I had mine, but both of them were refreshing and enjoyable in their own way. After some hours of rest, we set out to Explore Machu Picchu and as one of the travellers I met on the train have suggested, I packed a good number of water bottles for me and my Friends.


After taking a bus ride, to the starting point of the hike, we set out for the hike and since I had never hiked before in my life, the support of my friends and other tourists was much appreciated. I was scared for the first five minutes, but as soon as I got a bit further I forgot everything and got lost in the mystical and Spiritual views that were surrounding us. It was like I was in a manga, movie and floating island ships were about to appear from behind the trees and mountains. We reached there in no time, but even at this early hour of the day, we were still to stand in a long line of tourists that were standing there for God knows how long, but something this small was not about to stray us from seeing the little part of heaven on earth. As we got there, it was a sight which I had only seen in books and on the internet or in the movies and now I was standing right in front of it and it was certainly glorious. These were the ruins of a fort and they consisted of Interesting Machu Picchu Facts and enormous boulders that were together, forming walls in the shape of a crossing manner. These boulders weighted more than 1025 tons and they were placed together without the help of any machinery or technology whatsoever. The most mesmerising thing was that all of these rocks were placed perfectly.

Machu Picchu Mountain

There were hundreds of other people on the hills and they were all stacked up in there for God knows how long. These people came from around the world and they were gathered here to witness one of the world’s most beautiful monument. After a while the local ceremony for the Inspiration and entertainment the tourists began, in which a bunch of representatives came out wearing the traditional Inka robes. They were carrying their king, and when the king arrived, the main purpose of the ceremony was initiated, which was called the sun to come out of the dark clouds and bless the entire surroundings. He was constantly chanting his religious lines which meant “sun, the sun god, come and warm us up”. It was definitely an empowering ceremony and I learnt so much. After that we headed out to the local market, and it was definitely a dangerous place for men and their wallets, since they had a huge amount of souvenirs in there and all the tourist women were buying them like this was the last time they were going to be here. Although, I made myself a bit more useful and bought a few gifts for my Family. After coming back to our lodge, we decided to get some dinner, which we enjoyed in the middle of mountains and hills that were majestic as ever. After that we went to get some sleep, since we wanted to get an early start for tomorrow’s trail.


As we have heard about the sunset of Machu Picchu throughout our way, we wanted to experience it for ourselves, but it was nothing like what we had heard. There is nothing that could have prepared for this majestic view. The sun was coming out of the mountains and it was like the world stood still while the sun moved towards us. All of my worries and all of the depression that I had seemed to be goingthroughwere vanished and there was nothing but peace and memories that I was going to cherish for the rest of my life. In the words of Rumi:

“In the sea of serenity and purity, I dissolved like salt. Belief, unbelief, conviction, doubt- none remained. A star appeared inside my heart. The seven heavens in the star’s light”

This site was Discovered almost a century ago and since then, the world seems to be in love with it. Every year, millions of tourists visit this site and some of them probably go through the same experience as I am going through right now. I was unable to blink my eyes, I just wanted to see as much as I can and I wanted to take as much air as I can. After that we roamed the great city and on the way, we met some people who have been researching on this site for quite some time. Some of them told us that there have been many speculations about the date on which this great city was built, but most of the researchers agree that it was built in the 15th century. You cannot see the city of Machu Picchu from the valley below and it is mysteriously watered from natural causes. It is also believed that this city was built for the elite class of the Inka tribe.

After learning about some of these interesting facts, we had to hire a guide, because there was no way through which we could understand or appreciate this magnificent site without the proper information. The architecture of these buildings that the people of Inka tribe built so many years ago is unbelievable. We thanked our guide, paid him a good tip since he had shown us every nook and cranny of this place. As a gesture of his gratitude, our guide gave us some extra information about Machu Picchu, which was that at one time there were only 300 people that lived in this city. It took about 15 generations for the Inka people build this city and it was certainly an honor Walking The Spirit Tours. It took an entire day for us to explore this entire site and we enjoyed it fully, plus the water bottles were surely a helpful prop during this exploration. At the end of the day, I went back to the lodge with a new perspective and a life that has a huge amount of hope and peace in it.


These people worked on something that they believed in and through that, they achieved something that is still shocking the biggest brains of the world even in this era. Now, I understand that it is now the place that matters; it is the Spiritual Journey that matters. Every step of the way, we learnt something new and we have gained a new perspective towards the world and Machu Picchu History. I witnessed historic events, experienced things that I had never done before and this made me realize that I might not be as fragile as I thought I was. We went back to the lodge, got some body massages in the middle of this beautiful scenery and spent the rest of our trip exploring the rest of Machu Picchu.

On my trip I also came to know about a famous ceremony that is performed by the locals called “Pachamama”, which means “mother earth” and the Peruvian people use it as a rite of passage in their shamanism. According to the people of Peru and their history, everything that comes into one’s life exists, begins and finally, ends in absolute communion and dialogue with Pachamama, who they refer to as the whole of their land. As I moved forward, I began to understand the concept of Pachamama and began to notice the matter and spirit that this land holds both outside and inside of space and time. If you take the natural world for instance, you will come to know that we are living in a world filled with expressions from Pachamama. Everything and anything that surrounds us in the nature, is born from the land itself, and at the end of its life, it is going to return to the same land and thus the circle of life, rebirth and death goes on and on. Some of the spiritual people that I met during the trip also told me that Pachamama can also be defined as the energy field that exists between all the living things. I was in a bad place before and that was something that was bringing a negative vibe into my life, this place just spoke to me! As the same famous Persian poet ’Rumi’ once said:

“I will soothe you and heal you, I will bring you roses I too have been covered with thorns”


Now I would personally recommend to many other people similar to me – do not listen to the excuses that have been roaming around in your head. I say that is getting out of your house, take a break and get moving because that is how your real life will begin. You will learn that all you need is a little break and after you are through with all of this, you will find life to be a lot brighter and interesting!

I know that I will be heading out to a new location pretty soon looking for more beauty, which taught me that there is a lot more beauty in the world as compared to the ugliness. I do not know about others, but I would recommend Peru, Machu Picchu to be at the top of the list because it is filled with healing and breathtaking views. You can enjoy in case you love to hike and find your ways as you go along and it would be an esthetic experience for you In case you are a fan of luxury travel.”

So this is an exiting story that one of my close friends has just shared with me and I want of course inspire you and share the trip too!
With love, 
Your Grace Guru

Find Your Path With These Meditation Tips!

Meditation is a time-proven strategy for calming the mind, regaining inner strength and reconnecting with one’s inner being. I mentioned this already few times before, but can’t repeat myself enough here – People often erroneously believe that meditation is a form of Eastern religion. While it is true that Buddhism, yoga and other spiritual movements embrace meditation, other religions and cultures also advocate for meditation as part of holistic living and appreciating oneself. But how can a person who has never meditated begin to do so?

This is a question that many ask. It is an important question because unless you ask you know how to do it, you will never make any progress. The reason there are many frustrated wannabe meditators is lack of understanding. Many also engage in meditation expecting miracles to happen overnight. Thousands have also fallen into the trap of believing that meditation is only for the elite. Knowing where to start is a crucial step towards becoming an effective meditator.

What Is Meditation?

I believe that you must begin by eradicating fallacies that you might be harboring concerning meditation. I have in mind what I said earlier – meditation being a form of Eastern religion. More than that, it is imperative that you banish from your mind the idea that meditation means halting your thought processes. I must say that this is a ridiculous belief and assumption. Not even in sleep does your mind cease thinking completely.

You also need to stop believing that when meditating you cease to feel or have any emotions. Don’t be cheated. Your body, soul and mind are in constant activity. They may slow down when you are sleeping but they remain active. You cannot suddenly force your mind to become blank. If that happens, then you will have bid the world farewell. Meditation does not aim to stop you from mental activity; it only helps you to focus on a single issue.

Preparation Is Key!

Meditation is a rendezvous with yourself and the Supreme Being!

Why should I prepare when I simply want my mind to rest and recuperate? Allow me to disappoint you by informing you that meditation is work! Lazy people cannot meditate. The level of effort and concentration needed in meditation can only be attained by very strong people although anyone can learn, through perseverance, to meditate. In essence, there exists something like preparation in meditation.

Preparation is both physical and mental. Some gurus also opine that meditation requires spiritual preparation. Physically, you need to have a meditation mat or some other comfortable flat surface. Your environment should also be quiet to avoid distraction. We will delve deeper into that later in this article.

Mentally, you prepare for meditation by relaxing. How do you relax when there are so many problems and concerns in your life? That is the reason you are engaging in meditation in the first place my friend! More specifically, you need to breathe in and out until your body relaxes. You must practice holding your breath for long.

Spiritually, preparing for meditation involves prayer. While prayer and meditation are not synonymous, most people who engage in meditation also practice one form of religion or the other. If you do, it is important to seek divine intervention before you begin to meditate. More often than not, prayer helps you to focus on the task at hand. Often meditation is considered to be part of prayer with the person who is meditating taking time to reflect on his or her relationship with the Supreme Being.

Calming The Body Is Crucial…

A calm body and mind are imperative for meditation. When you decide to meditate, you must understand that you need time and space to be quiet. More than that, you must train your body to be still. Avoid any movement and concentrate all your energy on the activities in the brain. Your hands and fingers are not exempt from this principle and must harnessed. At the beginning it will be hard but you will eventually reach the ideal level.

Facing Upwards Is Recommended

Over the years, it has been discovered that where your head is facing is very important in meditation. Your eyes must be facing slightly upwards; the same level as the summit of your head. Focusing on one point during meditation is important since it will help you bring all your physical and spiritual energy to one area and your spirituality will be awakened.

What Should Happen During Meditation?  

Young woman sitting in yoga position with a laptop 1. Set Aside A Specific Duration And Time For Yourself: Meditation should be longenough to attain its objectives but short enough not to bore or demoralise you. New meditators should begin with periods of between 10 and 15 minutes every day. As you practice, you can increase the duration. Please remember to have a timer. Don’t forget you have work, family and social life to attend to.

2. Have A Designated Place For Meditation: Meditation must take place in a quiet place where people cannot disturb you. Create a special space or room for this purpose. You can meditate in your bedroom or study as long as you have enough air and the place is clean. Have a mat, cushion or chair to sit on. Make this place a rendezvous with yourself and the Supreme Being.

3. Maintain An Upright Posture: You can use a chair for this purpose, particularly when you are beginning to learn how to meditate. You can also adopt a number of postures including crossing your legs. Never forget, though, that your spine should be erect; that you must not slouch, and the body should relax during meditation.

4. Control Your Breathing: It is very important to regulate your breathing pattern during meditation. You need to engage in what is called measured breathing whereby you inhale, hold your breath and exhale methodically and repeatedly. Concentrating on your breath is an effective technique of ensuring that you achieve your meditation goals. With constant repetition, you will master the technique.

Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Keep on trying because the benefits of meditation far outweigh the inconveniences you have to contend with during the initial stages.

More Thoughts On Meditation

  • You can never learn to meditate effectively at a go. Meditation is an art that you master with practice.
  • You need patience to become a good meditator. At the beginning, you may rise from your mat feeling that you have achieved nothing.
  • While the mind is not empty during meditation, it needs to focus on a single issue, and you must be on the lookout to bring it back to the desired status every time it strays.
  • You need to control your breathing but you should not concentrate on this activity to the point of losing sight of the need to relax the mind.
  • Learn to close your eyes and focus on the area between the eyebrows, on your forehead, as this is the seat of the spiritual eye.
  • End your meditation with a prayer just as you began it as this connects you more intricately with divine power.
  • You can learn to meditate even when you walk by simply focusing your thoughts on one issue.
  • Nature can be a good catalyst for meditation. Consider meditating in the woods or on the banks of a lake or river when the situation allows.
  • You can use meditation to focus on difficult scripture passages as this will give you a deeper understanding.
  • Create regular time for mediation and train your mind and body to observe that ritual.

With love,

Your Grace Guru



Experience The Amazing Energy Of Wawel Castle Catherdral!

If you are a believer in cosmic energy, you need to visit Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland. For the uninitiated, the world is said to have seven energy plexus. People travel to Wawel Castle because it is one of those points on earth which radiate positive energy. Allow me to give you a background to universal energy plexus and to take you through the story of Wawel Castle. This will be important if I am to convince you to make a pilgrimage to this very significant place on earth.

What Are Energy Points?

I will begin by giving you an alternative term to energy pints or nexus – chakras. Legend has it that the globe has seven energy points located in Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, Delphi (Greece), Delhi, Velehrad (Czech Republic) and Wawel Hill, which is the subject of this article. Lord Shiva is said to have scattered seven energy rocks or stones which landed in those seven areas. Wawel Castle is said to contain the seventh chakra.


Electromagnetic Field Or Space Travel Concept

Those who understand the importance of chakras travel to all the seven points where they experience magical powers and rejuvenation. For some reasons, Wawel Castle is the least known and understood of these. However, this does not mean that it has less energy or significance. Spiritual experts associate this chakra with life generation and passion. Wawel Castle dates back to the time when history was not recorded.

Background Of Wawel Castle


Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland 

Before we delve deeper into the important issue of how to identify the energy spot at the Wawel Castle, let us get some history of the castle. This important structure is also a Cathedral and is an outcrop on the Vistula River. It occupies about 15 acres of rocky limestone. Wawel Hill is the place where it was deemed fit to construct a fort on the Vistula plain. It is estimated that Wawel Hill has had human inhabitants for over 50,000 years now.

Wawel Castle has had different occupants since the 8th century when it was a tribal headquarters. From the 8th century, the castle became the home of royalty. In addition, all the bishops of the city of Krakow lived in the castle. More significantly, when the Polish people decided to make Krakow their capital, they started to anoint and bury their kings inside the Wawel Cathedral.

The current cathedral is the third one, the previous too having been demolished or modified. Work on the present structure began in 1320 and ended in 1364. To their credit the Poles have maintained the structure in almost the same form. However, the baroque and Renaissance chapels were constructed later to complement the original edifice.

Did You Know?

Pope John Paul II (or Karol Wojtyla) was a native Pole who conducted his first mass inside the Wawel Cathedral’s crypt in 1946? He later became the Archbishop of Krakow and as tradition would have it, became the head of the Wawel Cathedral. From that time, it took him a decade and a half to become the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the world. It is possible that he owed his strength and charisma to the energy radiating from the castle.

Benedict XVI – ‘John Paul II

What To See At The Wawel Cathedral

Keen travellers and tourists will find a lot of interesting features at this important spiritual site. To begin with, there are eighteen chapels inside the cathedral. Each has its share of religious heritage dating back to the pagan era. Most of these chapels were built by renowned architects of the time. Moreover, some of them are actually tombs of different kings of the past.

Many tourists are quick to notice the façade of the golden dome of the Sigismund Chapel. This is what many consider to be the most refined Renaissance worship place in the areas on the upper side of the Alps. If you love art, you will be mesmerised by the stuccos, sculptures and paintings inside this dome. These artworks are attributed to famous architects of the time. This chapel is a marvellous work of artistic ingenuity.

As you tour Wawel Cathedral you will notice the St. Stanislav’s mausoleum. He is the patron saint of Poland. This is also the resting place of King Boleslav II who was a Krakow bishop that was killed in the 11th century by King Boleslav II. The clergyman’s coffin is decorated with a dozen exceptional reliefs taken from his days as a priest and also the miracles that took place when his name was invoked after he had died. While the bishop’s tomb is made of silver, his successors’ resting places are made of marble and are placed next to their predecessor’s.


Krakow – Poland’s Historic Centre

You will also be surprised to know that Wawel Cathedral remained the resting place of the rulers of Poland even after it was decided that the national capital would be in Warsaw. Out of 45 kings, 41 were buried in tombs that are found in the chapel. Poland did not stop its tradition of burying its heroes at the Wawel Cathedral even after becoming a modern nation. Here you will find the tombs of national greats like poets and freedom fighters whose remains were interred in the 19th century.

Another important feature that awaits you as you visit the cathedral is the museum. There is also a library and archives. Don’t forget to visit the Sigismund Tower and the Sigismund Bell which became operational in 1520. This bell is tolled when there are solemn occasions like when Pope John Paul II died in 2005.

Magical Energy

It is evident that there is some magical energy in this location. The activities that have taken place in the cathedral for so many years indicate that this is an extraordinary place. While common Poles may consider Wawel Castle a great part of their heritage, followers of lord Shiva prefer to see it as the dwelling place of the seventh chakra. The latter claim that there is verifiable evidence that this place has mystical power and divine energy, which that radiate to all who visit the chapel. Lord Shiva is considered the transformer and this energy point is meant to give people vitality to live better lives.

It is no wonder that pagan worship was practiced on Wawel Hill a long time ago. Worshippers sacrificed to idols and engaged in pagan mythology along River Vistula. The fact that the castle later became a religious centre for Catholics is evidence of the magnetic nature of the place. This is attributed to the seventh chakra that many, even tour guides at the site, are unaware of.


Royal Castle On Wawelu.Poland

Is The Chakra In The Entire castle?

No. As we observed earlier, the seven energy stones were scattered all over the world and one fell at Wawel Castle. The real chakra is found in the Castle which is in the courtyard on the eastern side. Remember, you will not see the energy but you will feel it. It is located in the depths of the earth from where it radiates towards the surface.

Challenges Posed By Other Religious Beliefs

As you travel to Poland to visit the seventh chakra, you need to remember that not everybody shares these beliefs. In fact, there are very many Poles that have no idea about the chakra in their land. You need to appreciate the Catholic and Christian background of Wawel Hill and the Cathedral. Not many people will share in your excitement and desire to find energy in this place. Even when you think you have evidence of the manifestation of chakra, people may consider you a lunatic of some sort.

Screen shot 2015-09-11 at 19.02.25

In Eastern Europe, a religion that does not correspond to Roman Catholicism is not highly regarded. Unlike other parts of the world where Catholics have incorporated the mysticism and relics of local religions, Catholicism in Eastern Europe is still the orthodox variety. The fact that majority of the citizens of these countries are Catholics makes it even harder for them to understand chakras.

This combination of factors may make your experience unpleasant especially if you engage locals in discussions about the seventh chakra which is supposed to be in their land. Anything you say that is not connected to the religious beliefs they are used to will be greeted with sarcasm and skepticism. Others may even refuse bluntly to discuss anything like chakras with you.

Know Your Mission

During your visit, ensure you enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of Wawel Hill. As you imbibe the rejuvenating energy of the seventh chakra, do not bother so much with what the hosts or other tourists say. Remember what has brought you to Wawel Castle is to enjoy the energy that emanates from deep down the earth. All other issues should be relegated to the periphery.

When all is said and done, you will do yourself a big favour if you take this important pilgrimage to the place where lord Shiva placed the seventh energy stone. You will return home energised and also having visited a place whose significance only few people understand.

Wawel hill at night

Wawel Hill At Night

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Our Top 10 Meditation Apps!

One of my favourite distractions for meditation ahead of a busy day or if I simply need to calm down before going to sleep are meditation Apps! I often have streams of thoughts running through my mind at the end of a long day and pushing thoughts out of your head requires a lot of skill and practice! I always find it helpful to have another person guiding me through my meditation sessions and in this case a calming voice from a meditation app works amazing! I always find it helps me unwind and find my calm quickly with ease!

1. Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak

One of my absolute favorites! The 21-day meditation experience program with Oprah & Deepak! Only 20 minutes a day for us busy bees! It is a great app for beginner and advanced meditators…

2. Simply Being

I love this app’s calming voice, it will guide you through your meditation and help you to find your calm quickly with ease!

3. Get Some Headspace!

Get some Headspace is Great for beginners! You don’t even have to be spiritual to practice this meditation! Really cool for guys and girls!


You can use the calm app anywhere and anything from 2 to 30 minutes! You can even use it at your office or before a meeting! I also love to use its library of beautiful relaxing scenes with sounds and check out the basic mediation guide!

5. Breathe2Relax

I will let you guys & girls be the judge of this one! Just try out… Leave me a comment, let me know what you think?

6. Buddhist Meditation Trainer

I love the Enlightening quotes and daily reminders on this app it always helps me to progress!

7. Self Healing

I love to try new elements with meditation and this app is great for guided meditation with a choice of self-healing methods like crystals, prayers, and mantra … Choose your own Mediation…

8. Omvana

Meditation has so many directions and when I came across the Omvana app and its Library of guided meditations I thought it was amazing! Something for everyone – Wealth, forgiveness, love, sleep, weight loss….

9. Buddhify

I love the custom designed meditations on Buddhify! They help to to increase your wellbeing and will teach you on the go… Perfect Prep for a busy day!!

10. Smiling Mind

For Mindfulness Meditation! All of the programs have been developed by expert psychologists and is great for all ages from children to adults!

Get focused, relieve your stress and fall asleep faster!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Who Is The Real Winner?

The desire to be first and to receive praise is the undoing of many of us. For some strange reason, we tend to believe that we are competing with one another. It is a fact that human beings are similar in many ways, but they are also very different. Biologically, we function the same way and are exposed to similar challenges and illnesses. However, when we enter the social realm, all the parameters change.

Deceptive Perceptions

The world of perceptions is deceptive. We always find reasons to believe that we must strive to be like others. Granted, there is always somebody who will be more handsome or beautiful, stronger, slimmer, faster, smarter and of course younger!

Race To The Top

Life then becomes a race for the top, irrespective of how we get there. You may blame it on instincts – Charles Darwin called it survival for the fittest. You may want to attribute it to our school systems – were we not taught to be the best in our classes?

Danger Of Obsession

But did you know there is some danger in being obsessed with ‘leading while others follow?’

Think about it this way: would it not be better if you set your own goals and strived to achieve them instead of blindly competing with people whose goals you don’t know or share? It is unfortunate that many of us lose focus of what we want to achieve and instead concentrate on being better than others.

The Destination Or The Competition?

Here is one of my favourite examples: A family is taking a car trip from London to Paris! The journey is exciting; the experience unforgettable and punctuated with merry songs. Suddenly the father realises there is another car on the same route, headed to Paris. In a moment of unexplained madness, he decides to accelerate to arrive in Paris before the other driver – a perfect stranger. His concern is no longer with the destination but ‘winning.’ Only competition matters.

The journey of life has its difficulties and challenges and remaining focused on your goal is imperative. There is enough to worry about to the extent that competing with other people becomes unnecessary and useless. Beside, we are all created with different talents and abilities. Live your life and seek to be a winner against your goals not fellow travellers and strangers!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



International Yoga Day!

Wow! Today, June 21st 2015, was announced as the official International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly. Tens of thousands of people were motivated and guided by India’s prime minister Narendra Modi in a yoga session on Rajpath in New Delhi to celebrate the first International Yoga Day and cheer a ‘new era of peace’ to ritualise the ancient Indian practice.

International Yoga Day - Grace Guru

As you may know already, Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice or you can call it discipline that originated in India 5000 years ago. Suggesting June 21, which is the summer’s longest day of the year within the Northern Hemisphere, it has special significance in many parts of the world.

From the viewpoint of yoga, the Summer Solstice (the sun rises over the longest day of the year) marks the transition to Dakshinayana (the six-month period between Summer solstice and Winter solstice). The first full moon after Summer Solstice is known as Guru Poornima. According to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Lord Shiva, the first yoga practitioner is said to have begun imparting the knowledge of yoga to the rest of mankind on this day.

Crowds of people doing yoga - why? - Graceguru.netThe Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed to the UN General Assembly on September 27, the following:

 “Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. This tradition is 5000 years old. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change. Let us work towards adopting an International Yoga Day.”

—Narendra Modi, UN General Assembly

Since early morning all over the world, millions of yoga fans, have been bending and twisting their bodies into multiple postures and positions to mark International Yoga Day! Yay!

Grace Guru - IYD June 21st

I think this is a great idea; Yoga has become a big part of many people’s lives across the globe. We should all definitely come up with celebrating and developing this practice next year in London!


With Love,

Your Grace Guru 



Could You Quit Sugar?

As a Sugar Addict, I need to make here and now the confession, but also to help you, and myself to fight or at least trying to quit my badass enemy SUGAR!

Life has many interesting ironies and one of them is the idea of sweet things sometimes being poisonous. Take the example of our best and well-known dear friend SUGAR.

Sugar is the most common sweetener for most food products. But behind this sweet stuff is slow, but sure death and that is why you need to know how fight the addiction and how to quit sugar.


Can you imagine life without sugar? I can’t!!! I really love the taste of the sweet “Kinder Riegel” milk chocolate or a cold coke in a hot summer day.

Think about sugarless tea or coffee, soft drinks without sugar, cakes without sugar, no chocolate and no sugar in Tiramisu Desserts; I could go on and on without stopping. The bottom line is that sugar is the single most dangerous additive to our diets! You might argue with me and claim that fat is more dangerous, but read the full story first.

How Dangerous Is Sugar?

A careful look at diabetes literature will reveal that it is called the sugar diseases in some quarters. How exactly did it come to be called the sugar disease? You know very well that diabetes of any type results from sugar imbalance in the body. More importantly, there would be fewer cases of

Let us also look at sugar from another perspective. Carbohydrates are the common forms of sugars that you consume daily. Now, what happens to the body when you eat more starch than necessary? It is converted into fat which is the standard method for storage of excessive energy. The next thing you know is that you are overweight and before you know it you are confirmed obese.

Obesity comes with its relatives – dangerous lifestyle diseases. Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular illnesses and various forms of cancer begin to crouch behind you. Excess sugar too has been blamed for infertility, impotence, depression and even acne. What else would you expect from a product that is more addictive that cocaine?

Time To Remove Sugar From Your Diet!

Granted, the body needs sugar for energy and normal functioning. However, the accumulation of sugar in the body is so dangerous that even if you stopped taking it today, the amount in your bloodstream could still harm you. You need to understand though that just like with any other forms of addiction, quitting sugar will not be a walk in the park. I tried many times….

My Guide To Quitting Sugar:

  1. Conscious Decisions 

Every major change begins with a resolution and the determination to follow through one’s decisions. Considering the amount and variety of sugar in your body, you must make a conscious effort to stop taking sugar knowing very well that the temptation to relapse will be very high. Will you keep of chocolate bars and pies? Think before you begin, but remember it is for your own benefit that you quit sugar. Make this decision now!

  1. Make A List Of Foods To Eliminate 

I have in mind your common sweetened beverages and soft drinks. They include soda, sweetened coffees and sweetened waters. Don’t forget candy bars, cookies and cakes. The list is long and you can compile it without looking referring to any sources. After all, you know what your sweet tooth craves for. At the end of this process, you should have a clear idea of the foods that you need to shun.

  1. Replace With Healthy Alternatives

Begin with pure priceless water. This is the best replacement for all the sweet beverages you have been taking. Unsweetened tea and coffee and seltzer water can also come in handy if you feel pure water is boring at the beginning. Don’t overdo drinking coffee and teas our bodies need pure water. As for the sugary snacks, invest in fresh fruits (before lunch) and nuts (limited amounts) to deal with cravings. You will be getting necessary nutrients and the right amounts of sugar without overburdening your body with this sweet toxin.

  1. Cut Down On Carbs

I am talking about refined carbohydrates such as wheat, corn, pasta and so on. Remember these carbs are absorbed into the body the same way refined sugar is – with little or no digestion. Since they are part of your food, you will need to reduce (I really mean reduce, not eliminate from your diet at all) your portions gradually. In their place, eat more lean meat or fish and green vegetables. This will avert cravings by ensuring the tummy is full most of the time.

  1. Record Your Diet

The risk of reverting to excessive consumption of sugar is very high because this is a seemingly innocent form of addiction. However, you must by all means avoid reverting to the previous state. Check the labels on food products you want to buy to know their sugar content. Eat more fresh fruits and carbs which contain fiber to aid your digestion. Always bear in mind that sugar is dangerous, particularly excessive consumption of refined sugar.

Vital Information:

  • The fact that medics have not raised the red flag and people still consume a lot of sugar should not trick you into continuing with this dangerous lifestyle.
  • You will lose nothing in terms of nutrition and general body health if you shun sugar.
  • Quitting sugar guarantees you a healthier body and beautiful skin, with a more powerful immune system to ward of illnesses.
  • Be realistic in your journey towards quitting sugar because you may relapse occasionally, but as long as you remain steadfast to your resolution you will be a winner.
  • Eat adequate protein in the morning to keep off hunger pangs and avoid incessant consumption of sugars.
  • At the initial stages of your efforts to quit sugar, you must avoid heavy starches such as sweet and Irish potatoes.
  • Remember that almost all food items contain carbs – even vegetables and fruits – and can help you to avoid sugars until your body gets used to lower quantities.
  • Use the right form of fat to help you quit sugar. Eat more of omega-3 fats, virgin olive oil avocados and coconut oil ( my favourite ).
  • Sleep adequately as this will help to curtail stress, which is one of the major reasons for accumulating weight.
  • Always remember that addiction is not easy to fight. Do not give up easily. Fight till you attain your dream.

I still have to admit that I LOVE refined sugar taste in cakes, desserts and chocolate. Once tried I will never loose or forget the taste of it, and maybe I don’t really want it. Ones in a while I do have a dessert after dinner or a soft drink during Saturday lunch ( but just one ), I mean in the end we have to enjoy life! But I did limit the amount of sugar intake in a major way. I drink only water and few cups of green tee and maybe one cup of coffee in the morning. Instead of candies and milk chocolates, I have lots of healthy snacks in my office desk drawer or in my bag, so if I am cawing for something sweet, I have some nuts or dry fruits, dark organic chocolate 80% (it taste so bitter so I don’t want more lol) or I snack on some fresh blueberries.

After cutting off so much sugar from my diet, even if I go back and sin a little, I am not able to eat as much as I used to eat before. I am much quicker satisfied and sometimes one bite of a cupcake will be enough to understand that the taste is not as great as the cupcake looks and its not worth it putting it in my body!

With love,

Your Grace Guru! 



What Is The Best Investment You Can Make?

One of the pillars of wealth-making is investment. Investment decisions often determine the type of life you and your offspring will lead. Investment experts make a lot of money doling out nuggets of information on the best way to create a secure financial future. You will come across a lot of financial advice on where to put your money but none is more powerful than to invest in yourself.

We all go to work to make a living and ensure we have a secure future, which also includes our offspring. So the first pillar of building wealth is to work and get some income. That is why you sacrifice sleep and other luxuries as you toil for a living. There is a lot of joblessness in the world today. Not many people have the luxury of having the kind of job you have. So when you get a job, you need to give it your best.

You only earn an income by waking up in the morning and availing yourself at work on time. You must also learn to follow instructions from your bosses. With time, you will move up the ladder to positions of higher responsibility. This should be your goal because the need to progress is deeply ingrained in each one of us. However, in the contemporary workplace, progress does not only come from the number of years you have served in a firm.

That is why you need to consider investing in yourself.

To begin with, you need to invest in your education. You must identify the best courses that can make you a better professional. I know you would like to build a house and live comfortably. But education is one investment you can never go wrong with. Even if you lose your job or become broke, the knowledge you have accumulated through education will give you another. It is an investment that no one can steal from you. Your promotion depends on how well you progress on the educational ladder. Even if it means studying after work or through email, consider it an investment worth putting your money into.

While working, you need to think about another important investments. There is one important person that will never leave you – yourself. How important is it for you to earn as much money as you can yet not have the health to enjoy it? Invest in your health. Don’t overwork your body for money that will be in your life for a short moment. In the busy materialistic world we live in it is possible to believe that when you take time off work, your life will become a cropper. That is a lie.

Create time for exercises that will stretch out your body and rejuvenate it. Don’t allow obesity to become your lot. Seek the help of a fitness expert who can prescribe the best workout routines for your situation. In addition, eat a balanced diet and particularly a lot of fruits and vegetables inaddition to taking a lot of water. Invest in fresh fruit juices and smoothies instead of soft drinks and carbonated beverages.

Your mental and emotional health is another crucial area of self-investment. Surround yourself with people who love and value you. Create time for your partner or spouse. If you have children, invest in quality time with them. There is nothing that will bring fulfillment in your life than to see your offspring growing up into responsible men or women. To know that you played an important role in bringing up another human being responsibly surpasses many other investments or achievements.


Investing in yourself also implies having time for your soul. I know this may sound unusual for some people but your spiritual life is as important as your physical and mental faculties. The good news is that you need no material resources to build your spiritual life. Whichever religion you subscribe to, make time for communion with the Supreme Being. You can also delve into yoga and meditation to make your spiritual experience even better. Spirituality makes you a well-rounded person who can interact well with other people. More importantly, it gives you tranquilityand contentment thus making it a worthy investment.

Woman meditating in side balance yoga position on the top of a mountainsInvestment in yourself also depends on how much you save – another important pillar of wealth-making. When you save, you create a reserve that will help you to further invest in yourself especially by travelling around the world. It has been said that life is not a rehearsal. You will only live once. Take time to give your life a treat. Visit those places that you only read in travel magazines. Make time to visit iconic places in the world! If you love wild animals, go on a safari in one of the best parks in the world. If you love sports, why don’t you visit one of those overseas teams that you support on a day when they are playing and watch their match live?

There is no better investment than the one geared towards making yourself a better person. I suggest that you learn a new language. When you visit people in their country and locality and they realise that you can speak their language yet you are not a native speaker, you make them appreciate you more. You can begin by enrolling in an international language that you have never spoken. How about French, Arabic, German, Chinese and any other language you deem important. Today you can learn an entire language through online means, which means you don’t have to spend time in a physical classroom.

When all is said and done, the best investment is in yourself.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru